Full OTT Guide To What To Watch This Weekend


Another weekend coming our way, and we have so much engaging content-packed up for you. Wondering what to watch this weekend in Hindi in India?

Make yourselves a few bites, get cushy in the couches, and check out all the recent movies and shows recorded beneath.


Wanna know what to stream on tonight or what to watch this weekend on Amazon Prime Video? Let’s begin with Cold Case.

Cold Case is a hybrid sort of film about an intricate homicide case set in the flawless backwaters of Kerala. A diligent and energetic cop ACP Satyajith embarks to follow out the homicide that happened a year ago. As he pursues the secret, the case takes a turn with the development of metaphysical powers. Tossed into the wreck is insightful columnist Medha Padmaja, who is additionally out to uncover mysteries. Wanna discover more? Check out the complete film premiering on Amazon Prime Video now.


What to stream on Netflix this weekend? Portrayed by the makers as ‘The Ultimate Kaunspiracy’ Haseen Dillruba – a crime secret spine chiller film is a mix of sorts and sentiments – sensuality, notions, murder, humor, and erotic nature. The film takes us to the eventful life of Rani Kashyap. While the three essential characters appear to be trapped in a romantic tale – Rani, her spouse Rishabh, and her affection interest Neel Tripathi; Rishabh’s alarming passing in an explosion leaves everybody shook. Rani is addressed regarding the suspected, uncovering her baffling connection with Neel Tripathi to the world. What thumps Rani to be the suspect? Is Rani honest? Watch Haseen Dillruba on Netflix to discover what transpired.


Young Royals, a Swedish imperial and illustrious drama series is a profound show dependent on the existence of the Swedish Prince Wilhelm. When the Prince appears at Hillerska, a famous all-inclusive school in Sweden away from the illustrious life, he gets an opportunity to investigate his real self and find what kind of life he genuinely needs.

After a precarious start, he makes real allies and encounters energetic affections for someone who loves him for what he is. He starts yearning for a future far away from his majestic responsibilities. However, sadly, reality hits him sufficiently hard. Before he makes a choice, Wilhelm startlingly gets next in line to the seat. This infers that he needs to make a choice: love or obligation. What will he pick? What are you all hanging tight for? Watch Young Royals on Netflix quickly.


Missing some action-packed movies? No worries!!! Currently premiering on Amazon Prime Video, The Tomorrow War spins around the time when a few people show up from the future to save humankind from the lethal alien groups. The solitary expect troopers and ordinary folks from the present to be shipped to the future and join the battle. Dan Forester, the secondary school teacher resolves to save the world for his little girl. He collaborates with a splendid researcher and his repelled father in an urgent mission to rework the destiny of the planet. Will the two be able to save the world? Many questions, but one answer – Watch the series on Amazon Prime Video now.


The Fear Street Trilogy airing on Netflix depends on RL Stine’s well-known book series. Fear Street Part 1: 1994 starts in 1994 with a gathering of young people researching a creepy series of occasions in Shadyside of Ohio town. After a progression of ruthless killings, a youngster and her companions choose to take on the underhanded power that has tortured their town for more than 300 years. The gathering of teenagers finds that a progression of shocking occasions that have tormented their town probably won’t be irregular and that they might be the following casualties.


Netflix’s Mortel Season 2 possessed by Obé, who just shows up around evening time is fostering a greater client base by rating individuals. His allies need to give up Reda to give Obé the authority of his body and develop more predominant. However, the teenagers will have to rely upon the need to endeavour unanimously to beat Obé once and for all and secure Reda. However, Luisa is additionally resolved to use more persuasive voodoo, so allies could see her develop all the more remarkable.

Have a sneak peek into the trailer:




More than 2500 years prior, some bizarre creatures tortured people who were later secured up in coffins by a considerable force. For them to accept their structure, they should invade seven weak human hosts. Hundreds of years after, Monk Ha-Jung, the defender of one of the coffins, comprehends that one of the creatures has stirred. The latter arranges his kindred priest Chung-Seok to look for Jin-soo, who was destined to stop these creatures. Realizing completely well what this being is preparing to do, Jin-soo starts the chase to discover the being with Chung-Seok to stop it for the last time. The 8th Night is currently airing on Netflix.


Created by former President Barack Obama, and Michelle Obama, We The People describes huge loads of extraordinary crossroads in American history that lastingly affect our general public today. From tunes about how to do your expenses to tunes about the pride that accompanies being an American resident, this series has everything. One can hear a portion of their favourite singers like Janelle Monae, Adam Lambert, Daveed Diggs and some more. The series is amazingly engaging and instructive simultaneously.

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Well, we got you covered with some amazing stuff to watch this weekend. Quickly check out all the above shows and movies. Meanwhile, for more such entertaining blogs, subscribe to 24reel.

Happy Binge-Watching!!!