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“Love is like heaven, but hurts like hell” and “Maut toh naam se hi barbaad hai, Varna asli takleef toh pyaar hi deta hai” is a portion of the popular trades we have gone over, right? Yet, we don’t trust it until we break up with our accomplices, isn’t that so? Gosh!!! That pains.

However, given these trades, the forthcoming homicide-mystery spine-chiller film Haseen Dillruba has concocted a grasping storyline. Any suppositions? Well, Haseen Dillruba spins around the statement, “Kabhi mila toh kabhi bichhda, ishq ne diya hai yeh haseen dard”. Already getting goosebumps?


Are you guys ready for an exciting journey coming your way? Indeed, who doesn’t? Haseen Dillruba, a blend of genres and feelings – humor, drama, sentiments, and sensuality, takes you to the happening life of Rani Kashyap. Rani Kashyap, a self-fixated minimal narcissist, is a devoted fanatic of Dinesh Pandit, the writer of thick fiction in Hindi, while Rishu is a typical man but has more to him than meets the eyes. Rishu succumbs to Rani the moment he sees her. Both get hitched and continue with a merrily-hitched life. Contemplating whether the film is finished? C’mon. Indian motion pictures are about delight, shocks, expectation, masalas, and significantly substantially more. So, how can the staggering film Haseen Dillruba fall behind?

Haseen Dillrubba’s story conveys with it a love triangle. Rani Kashyap is certifiably not a typical desi young woman, however has an extra-intimate illegal relationship with Neel Tripathi, a sharp and vigorous individual. While Rani stays quiet about her affair, her better half passes in a blast. Gosh!!! That hurts. Rani transforms into the main suspect of the police, that vouches to demonstrate her as a criminal. How did the blast take place? What led Rani to end up as the prima-facie? How many layers Rani’s character has? Does Dinesh Pandit is moreover drawn in with the effect? There are various inquiries, in any case, the suitable solutions will be available very soon. Stay tuned for more.


OMG!!! Wasn’t the trailer just extraordinary? Stacked with certain astonishing trades, such as ‘Pagalpan ki hadse naa guzre voh pyaar kesa’, ‘Har kahani ke bahaut pehlu hote hai, fark bas yeh hota hai ki kahani sunata kaun hai’, and ‘Amar prem wahi hai jis mein khoon ki halki cheetein pade taaki usee nazar na lage’ is unquestionably a tip of the iceberg



Dil Melt Karda is a sweet-heartfelt song planned to communicate the sprouting romantic tale of Rani Kashyap and Rishu. The music gives us fairly bright energy, close by showing how the two knock themselves up for an arranged marriage. From first taking a gander at each other to their gradually building friendship, and finally the two falling for each other. How charming, right? From its brilliant and lively shots to its pulsating rhythm, Dil Melt Karda is a gonna be a blockbuster at wedding playlists, isn’t it?


The relieving and pleasant track Phisal Jaa Tu highlights a love triangle about enticement and traversing prohibited love. The snappy tune is about the fascination that arranges two individuals and how sanity assumes a lower priority in the issue of the heart. Taapsee and Harshvardhan’s accord is something that makes the melody so great! Although there is so little discussion, the energy is unmistakably apparent. Likewise, they wonderfully cause the crowd to see how it is so unique with what Rani imparts to her better half! The melody thoroughly goes with the energy of adoration and affection. However, it must be emphasized that this melody isn’t about first love!


While the melody is heart-contacting, the verses soften your spirit, right? The first run through its unmistakable line, “Milaa yun jaise bichhda na tu” plays, it’s anything but a sensation of sentiment. In any case, when you hear it towards the end, it passes on the agony of a shattered heart. The lovely tune takes you from a heartfelt scene to a passionate closure. A maturing sentiment is seen developing between the love birds toward the start, and then, spending quality moments. Be that as it may, then, at that point Rani sees Rishu with another young lady, and dilemmas start arising. Indeed, one can feel the pain of Rani. Heartbreaking, isn’t it?




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Well, guys the teaser for Haseen Dillruba’s next song Lakeeran is already released. The song will be out shortly on July 1, 2021. Stay tuned till then.


Wanna check out some BTS recordings of Haseen Dillruba’s melody? Well, the producers got you covered. Yeah!!! The producers have released the BTS recordings, particularly for you folks. From Taapsee rehearsing her saree falling, Vikrant’s hilarious jokes, shooting an awe-inspiring adventurous rafting scene to Taapsee’s funny antics, the BTS recordings have everything. Go and check them out now.


  • Did you know Vikrant Massey, and Harshvardhan Rane looked exceptionally frightened on recording cozy scenes with Taapsee Pannu? Yes, you read that right! However, Taapsee being Taapsee used to complain to Vinil so that the boys could get back to work. Unbelievable, na?
  • In an interview, Taapsee uncovered that after all the choices were ceased, she was welcomed on board to portray the role of adroit, and cunning Rani Kashyap. Aren’t we grateful to the makers for casting her? Well, we surely are.
  • The film has been taken shots at different areas from the coldest days in Haridwar to hot blistering days in Mumbai ​this film has presumably encountered all seasons and human feelings conceivable under the sun including the Pandemic. Debilitating, right? Caps Off to the groups for a particularly astonishing commitment.
  • To shoot the rafting scene, the crew even put their life at risk by holding the camera with one hand, and their life with another.


Finally, time to reveal the phenomenon star cast of Haseen Dillruba. Helmed by Vinil Mathew, written by Kanika Dhillon, and produced by Color Yellow Productions in a joint effort with Eros International, the film features Taapsee Pannu and Vikrant Massey as leads alongside Harshvardhan Rane, Hansika Motwani, Harsh Chhaya, Aditya Srivastava, Ashish Verma, Yamini Das, Daya Shankar Pandey, and Taher Shabbir in supporting roles. The Music and Cinematography credits are taken by Amit Trivedi and Jaya Krishna Gummadi, respectively.

How To Watch Haseen Dillruba on Netflix Free

Want to know how to watch Haseen Dillrubba’s full movie or Haseen Dillruba’s release date? Well, no worries. Haseen Dillruba will be streaming soon on Netflix. Ahha!!! Wanna know the date also? Of course, you guys want to. Watch Haseen Dillruba online on Netflix from July 2, 2021, onwards. To watch Haseen Dillruba Full Movie watch online free or Haseen Dillruba full movie download, you can subscribe to Jio at a minimum price and a Netflix subscription comes along with it!

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