Iconic Movies of The Tragedy King: Dilip Kumar


The aphorism ‘Old is gold’ envelops numerous stars from Bollywood. Yet, one actor that reflects it in the most genuine sense is the evergreen cinematic legend, Dilip Kumar. His seething power, his capacity to possess any character, was always a delight to watch. His almost six-decade vocation includes exceptional motion pictures and remarkable moments that still make us go gaga over him.

However, his death on Wednesday has made us dismal he’ll stay in our hearts through his blockbuster motion pictures. How about we go down the world of fond memories to see his all-time best movies?


For ages, we have frequently heard the expression ‘love conquers all, but it’s not always the case. Sometimes, it’s the ego that ravages everything, including love. Well, this was the film that procured the legendary Dilip Kumar, the title of Tragedy King. The portrayal of Devdas in every bit has left us all teary-eyed. Wanna know what left our souls heartbroken?

The descendant of a well-off landowner family goes to liquor and self-indulgence and gradually falls to pieces after class contrasts compel him to sever his relationship with his love interest Paro. However, he recollects the promise he made to Paro of coming to see her before he bites the dust. What do you think will he be able to fulfill his promise?

Want some sneak peek of the film Devdas? Here you go.


Mughal-e-Azam, the epic ancient, drama is perhaps the most famous movie in India. An enormous film with enchanting allure and elegant greatness is set in the sixteenth century AD. The film rejuvenates the story of the bound relationship between the Mughal Crown Prince Saleem and the delightful, doomed court artist, whose enthusiasm and force executes a conflict between the ruler and his dad, the incomparable Mughal Emperor Akbar. The latter takes steps to push a realm to the edge of total collapse.

Dilip Kumar, the symbol of Indian Cinema and its first hotshot also, has delivered total reverberation to the libertine persona of sovereign Saleem. The film was an achievement of its sort and broke all film industry records of its time.


Dilip Kumar, known for his exceptional performances in serious roles, amazed the crowd with his fantastic comic timing in Ram and Shyam. Featuring in a twofold role Ram, and Shyam are twins yet are unique in demeanor and standpoint. Ram is a peaceful and calm guy, while Shyam is enthusiastic, brimming with fun, and lives in consistent dread of his possessions. Ram escapes from his home when he discovers that his evil brother-in-law intends to kill him. Equity dispenses when Shyam, Ram’s tragically missing twin, unintentionally takes his spot. The film turned into the most elevated grosser of 1967.


Set against the post-Independence India, the heir of a property manager chooses to modernize his business by supplanting the tongawalla with transports to make easy gains and jeopardizes the harmony and occupation of neighborhood ranchers and laborers. Dilip Kumar plays a longshot tongawalla, who chooses to challenge how things run in his town as for transportation and the shamefulness and persecution tongawallas face. Naya Daur fetched Dilip Kumar his third continuous Filmfare Award.


In the pretense of a hardboiled thrill ride, Madhumati is a story of the incomplete love. It’s additionally a purposeful anecdote for the results of infringement of private enterprise in the place where there are tribals and of men into ladies’ spaces. Anand takes cover in a house when an avalanche obstructs his course to the rail line station. It is here that he will get some answers concerning his past birth, his genuine affection, Madhumati, their disastrous, and heartbreaking sentiment, and how occasions in his past birth will impact him in this lifetime. The film based on a paranormal romance went on to win 9 Filmfare Awards.


After Ganga and Jumna’s mom Govindi dies, Ganga works for her ex-boss Hariram. In the interim, Jumna goes to the city to turn into a cop. Throughout his studies, he auctions every one of his effects when Gungaram is unable to furnish him with any assets. He proceeds to study, and after finishing them, turns into a cop. His first task includes standing up to his convict sibling. Will the brothers turn into enemies? What will Jumna do with his brother – protect or punish?


Carrying on with a helpless way of life with his bereaved mother, Shankar sells toys professionally. Being the solitary provider of the family, he can’t address even the basic needs. His obligation begins rising when he gets dependent on liquor. His sweetheart Parvati also suffers from the same financial crisis. Shankar withdraws to the city, quits any pretense of drinking, brings in a great deal of cash, and gets back to time to take care of his home loan. Notwithstanding, even after he starts over and becomes rich, his life gets demolished when he tracks down a stunning truth. Any guesses? Watch the film to know more. Dilip Kumar took The Best Actor Award for his exhibition in this film.


Getting independence for India was not an easy task. Freedom was the consequence of a long and wicked fight. The story is set in the pre-autonomy period and features the battle of political dissidents Sanga, Bharat, and Kareem. However, things take a turn when Sanga finds that the British are taking out gold from India he revolts to free India and structures a gathering of progressives who call themselves Kranti. The film was a blockbuster alongside being a golden jubilee hit.

These were some of our favorite Dilip Saab movies. Comment down your favorite one.

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