Narappa: Cast, Review And More


We all know Venkatesh Baggubati’s OTT movie Narappa is releasing soon on Amazon Prime. But before this Telegu film hits the screens, let’s have a look at what we know about the movie up till now.

Narappa Story

An adaptation of Poomani’s novel Vekkai, this film has been inspired by real-life events. This film reimagines the horrific incidents of 25th December 1968 that shook the whole Dalit community. The Kilvenmani massacre was the result of an ongoing feud between the Dalit laborers and their upper-caste landlords.

The laborers wanted a hike in wages but the landlords refused to budge. Eventually, the landlords ended up burning the laborers and their families by setting fire to the hut that was providing shelter to them. This heart-wrenching incident led to a change in land ownership and people’s attitude regarding caste-based prejudice. Watch Narappa trailer right here.

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Narappa Songs

Two lyrical videos from the movie Narappa have been dropped so far. Both of them are quite upbeat and happy songs, contrary to the subject of this film. Ooo Narappa was written by Anantha Sriram and sung by Dhanunjay, Varam. This is a romantic song about the love between Narappa and Kanamma.

Chalaaki Chinnammi is a heart-warming song of familial love and support. Unlike the trailer, this song has a warmer tone to it. Clearly, Narrappa has a lot more to offer than caste-based violence and this song is a reflection of that. It was sung by Aditya Iyengar and Nutana Mohan.

Narappa Movie OTT Release Date

This action-drama was directed by Srikanth Addala and produced by V.Creations and Suresh Productions. The movie Narappa is releasing on Amazon Prime on 20th July 2021. So book your calendar for this Telegu movie for this one is going to be a sure-shot hit.

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