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How many of you still secretly watch cartoons even though you are no longer a kid? Don’t worry, we do it too! There’s something so soothing about cute little animations moving and lecturing us about the basic moral lessons of life. So for all those people who haven’t lost the kid inside them, for all those parents who have no option but to watch it, and for all the kids in the world; we have some good news! Peppa Pig Season 6 is coming very very soon and with even more interesting stories than before.

Peppa Pig story

For those who don’t know, Peppa Pig is a children’s British television program about Peppa, an anthropomorphic female pig. She is cute, she is pink and she is fun. Peppa also has family and friends just like us. All her friends are different species of mammal. Each animal in the show lives like a human being, with clothes and a house and a car. Although everyone exhibits at least some characteristics of the animal they are like Peppa snorts like a pig even though she talks in English. Each episode is nine to eighteen minutes featuring everyday activities like swimming, visiting their grandparents, attending playgroups, or riding their bicycles.

Peppa Pig Full Series Watch Online

Peppa Pig Cast and Crew

Much like the last two seasons, Peppa Pig will probably have 7 episodes of 9 to 18 minutes on Netflix. This feel-good show stars Lily Snowden-Fine, John Sparkes, Richard Ridings, and Morwenna Banks. It was created by Neville Astley and Mark Baker. Peppa Pig has won several awards at the British Academy Children’s Awards and Bradford Animation Film Festival. It initially faced trouble when Peppa and her family traveled in a car without using seat belts but that was later changed and corrected by re-animating the first two episodes.

Peppa Pig Season 6 Release Date

Peppa Pig is a favorite among the children and their parents because of the creator’s genuine effort to make good children appropriate tv show that teaches them good things. It is releasing on 15th July 2021 on Netflix. We hope you and your kids can enjoy your mornings with these new episodes of Peppa Pig. In case you don’t have a subscription to Netflix you can watch Peppa Pig on Amazon Prime also. Oink, Oink!

Here’s a glimpse of the adorable show


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