Disha Encounter Trailer; RGV’s Film Showcases the Real-life Events Behind the Rape and Murder Case in Hyderabad

Disha Encounter Trailer

Ram Gopal Varma, aka RGV, needs no introduction! The director regularly makes movies based on sensational real-life incidents. His latest project, “Disha Encounter,” brings to light the sequence of events that led to the rape of a veterinary doctor in Hyderabad. The incident near Shamshabad sparked a nation-wide outrage, which is followed by four accused encounters.

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The two minutes 44 seconds trailer starts with Disha character parking the scooty on the side of the road. The four men then spot her and start to think of a plan. The next moment they remove air from her bike and puncture it. When she approaches them for help, they kidnap her and take turns to rape her. They then carry her to an isolated place and burn her using petrol. The trailer ends with the patrolling vehicle passing by during the incident. Directed by Anand Chandra, Disha’s character is portrayed by Sonia Akula. Srikanth Iyengar also plays a vital role in the movie. The film will release on November 26, 2020, on the eve of Disha rape and murder.


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