Six Movies Releasing On 27th This Month


After a huge break due to Covid-19, the entertainment industry is on a roll now, releasing films left, right, and center. With so many options to choose from, we figured a proper list was in order for all the upcoming movies. So, here’s a list of all the movies releasing on 27th August 2019.


Directed by: Rumi Jaffery

Cast: Imraan Hashmi, Amitabh Bachchan, Krystle Dsouza

Release Platform: Theatres

An 80-year-old lawyer likes to play real-life games joined by his long-time friends. They all conduct mock trials and see if justice has been served by the official court. If not, they make sure to bring the accused to justice anyway. This movie is a high-intensity court drama that is led by a lawyer tired of waiting for the court of India to deliver justice. Therefore, he takes things into his own hands. When he comes across the chief of an ad agency, Mr. Khanna, he immediately gets suspicious of his involvement in a big crime. That is when things get interesting.

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Directed by: Craig Gillespie

Cast: Emma Stone, Emma Thompson, Joel Fry

Release Platform: Disney+ Hotstar

Little Estelle had always dreamt of being a fashion designer and she had the talent and ambition to achieve it. But when she becomes orphaned and penniless at the age of 12 all her dreams take a backseat. Now 10 years later, Estelle is a partner in crime with two amateur thieves also her best friends. But a chance encounter with a baroness turns her life on its head again as she is offered to design for a big company. Thrust into the world of the rich and famous, she starts to wonder whether she is destined to be more after all? Join Estelle in her journey from the streets to becoming Cruella de Vil.

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Ichata Vahanamulu Nilupa Radu

Directed by: S Darshan

Cast: Sushanth, Meenakshii Chaudhary, Priyadarshi, Venkat, Abhinav Gomtam

Release Platform: Theatres

Actor Suriya’s 2D Entertainment banner announced a talent hunt based in 2014. Hundreds of movie scripts had been submitted at the time and one of them won the competition which is now being made into a Telugu movie; Ichata Vahanamulu Nilupa Radu. The movie is based on a real incident that happened to the director and his friends in Chennai’s MMDA Colony in 2010. The whole plot of the movie takes place in a single day with pre-established friendships and relationships. It is an entertaining thriller with romantic subplots to it. The title of the film translates to ‘No Parking’ in English.

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Sridevi Soda Centre

Directed by: Karuna Kumar

Cast: Sudheer Babu, Anandhi

Release Platform: Theatres

Suri Babu is an ex-convict with a murder case and a dark past on his head. Recently out of jail, he meets Sridevi, a soda center owner, and instantly falls in love with her. But Sridevi has her own problems to deal with. They say the man who goes into the jail and the one that comes out are completely different. Has Suri Babu really changed for good, or will he go too far in his fight for his love? This commercial film is jam-packed with action and romance in equal measures. The trailer of this entertainment film was unveiled by famous Telugu superstar Mahesh Babu.

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Kasada Tabara

Directed by: Chumbudeven

Cast: Sundeep Kishan, Harish Kalyan, Shanthanu Bhagyaraj

Release Platform: Sony Liv

Kasada Tabara is a film made up of six short films that come together at the culmination and become a single story. Every story has a separate DOP, music directors, and editor. This means for the first six DOP’s, music directors, and editors are going to work in a single film. Every story will have a different genre and there are 8 main characters in this film. This film is based on the theory of vantage point which states that immersive technology can make the world more human. This Tamil anthology film was produced by Venkat Prabhu and R. Ravindran.

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The Green Knight

Directed by: David Lowery

Cast: Dev Patel, Alicia Vikander, Joel Edgerton, Sarita Choudhary

Release Platform: Theatres

Sir Gawain is the reckless and headstrong nephew of King Arthur. He sets out on the daring quest of challenging the eponymous Green Knight. He is a gigantic emerald-skinned stranger and tester of men. Gawain comes across various challenges like ghosts, giants, thieves, and schemers but he is hell-bent on proving his worth to his family and the kingdom. Whether Sir Gawain will win everyone’s trust by facing the biggest challenger of the kingdom still remains to be seen. This epic fantasy adventure movie is inspired by an Arthurian legend by the same name.

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