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Whether it be the older generation or the newer ones, we all can agree on one thing; Parenting is hard. Understanding what your kids need is tough but even tougher is to make a new parent understand the right way to raise a child. There are books, videos, and even Google articles on the subject. But this time we have a movie for you!

The Guide to the perfect family Story

The Guide to the perfect family is built on the premise of modern parenting. Living in a competitive world where every single step by you is measured against someone else’s success, a couple is still discovering the best way to parent their kids. If they become completely overbearing and try to micro-manage everything in their kids’ life that is their therapist’s business. Struggling between how their parents used to do it and how their kids actually need it, the couple stumbles, falls, and gets up before they figure out how to be the perfect family.`

The Guide to the perfect family Cast

The Guide To The Perfect Family Watch Full Movie Online

Catherine Chabot, Louis Morissette, Xavier Lebel, Emilie Bierre, and Isabelle Guerard are the lead star cast of The Guide To The Perfect Family. Shot in Canada in the French language, this movie was produced by Felize Frappier and Louis-Philippe Drolet under KO24. Its original name is Le guide de la famille parfaite in French. This dramatic comedy was directed by Ricardo Trogi and written by François Avard, Louis Morissette, and Jean-François Léger. Trogi is confident that the modern parenting manual will resonate with parents all around the world.

The Guide to the perfect family Release Date

You can watch this movie on 14th July 2021 on Netflix. You should watch this Netflix film as it is the perfect family movie where both parents and children can learn something from The Guide to the Perfect Family.

The Guide To The Perfect Family Trailer

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