The New Eternals Trailer: The Future Of MCU


The Marvel Cinematic Universe dropped the much-awaited movie Eternals‘ first trailer back in May 2021. It showed the existence of ancient beings who had settled on the planet Earth thousands of years ago. Even though many a tragedy struck mankind during that time, these beings never interfered. Only watching from afar as humans beings progressed and achieved to their heart’s content. But now something has forced these celestial beings to come forward, something bigger than ever before. All anyone could ask was, what could be more dangerous than the alien warlord Thanos?

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Now we have the answer in the new and Final Eternals Trailer. In this trailer, it becomes clear that these alien beings were ordered to only intervene in the workings of the planet when the Deviants arrived. Deviants are a race with an unstabilized DNA that makes them powerful but dangerous. Who ordered the Eternals to do so is still a secret. Eternals also tell us that the sudden emergence of Deviants was caused by the infamous snap that brought everyone back in Avengers: Endgame. An incident that produced enough energy on Earth for the Deviants to gather their power from.

Eternals Review

Awarded an Academy Award for her work in Nomadland, Chloe Zhao has directed this movie of Marvel. Her talent shows in the trailer itself. It is obvious that Eternals is completely different from the other Marvel movies; fewer action sequences and a wider outlook on time and Earth from its infancy. As far as the cast is concerned, you all already know that two very popular Game of Thrones actors has been hired to play significant roles in the film. But the other characters of the movie are also being played by some big names.

Eternals Cast list

Characters that are Eternals Actors who are playing it
Ajak Salma Hayek
Ikaris Richard Madden
Sersi Gemma Chen
Thena Angelina Jolie
Phastos Brian Tyree Henry
Kingo Kumail Nanjiani
Druig Barry Keoghan
Makkari Kauren Ridloff
Sprite Lia McHugh
Gilgamesh Don Lee
Characters that are Non-Eternals Actors who are playing it
Dane Whitman/ The Black Knight Kit Harrington
Not Disclosed Gil Birmingham

Eternals OTT Release Date

This movie is all set to release on November 5, 2021. Although anything is not certain in these covid times, seeing that Marvel successfully released Black Widow in the theaters, there’s a very good chance that Eternals won’t be postponed. It will have a worldwide theatrical release and will be released on Disney+ later. Disney might even go for the hybrid release strategy yet again, releasing the movie both in theatre and the OTT platform simultaneously.

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