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Una mattina mi sono alzato; O bella ciao, bella ciao, bella ciao, ciao, ciao!!!

Money Heist Release Date

Dear professor, for as long as we hear this song, we will always remember your fight for political reformation. You heard it, right people! Everybody’s favorite show, Money Heist is finally coming to an end. The fifth and final season of this amazing show is going to be releasing this year and then it’s a goodbye. Officially titled La Casa De Papel, the last ten episode of this series will be released on September 3 & December 3. The makers have decided to divide the last season into two volumes with 5 episodes each to give the fans the best ending possible.

Money Heist Season 5 Cast

The Professor has always been the hero of this show. But the hero behind this hero is Álvaro Morte. And in case you miss his dulcet tones, you can catch him in The Wheel Of Time on Amazon Prime, in November 2021.

Cast Character Cast Character
Álvaro Morte The Professor Jaime Lorente Denver
Úrsula Corberó Tokyo Esther Acebo Stockholm
Itziar Ituño Lisbon Enrique Arce Arturo
Miguel Herrán Rio Darko Peric Helsinki
Hovik Keuchkerian Bogotá Luka Peros Marseille
Belén Cuesta Manila Fernando Cayo Coronel Tamayo
Rodrigo de la Serna Palermo Najwa Nimri Inspector Sierra
José Manuel Poga Gandía Pedro Alonso Berlín

Money Heist Season 4 plot

The last we saw of our favorite thieves, the gang had already spent 100 hours shut inside the bank of Spain. With Gandia on the loose, everyone scurries to save each other’s lives. Even then Nairobi is lost to this heist. Racquel is also in trouble, but using his presence of mind, the professor saves her and rejoins the gang in the bank. But as we are about to rejoice, Alicia finds out about the professor’s hideout and now holds him at gunpoint. Will the professor be able to escape one more time before the heist ends? Or will this heist finally end him?


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Money Heist Season 5 Watch Online

There’s no way of knowing an answer to these questions without watching the new season. But we might have an idea in the form of this new trailer released by Netflix. Watch Money Heist season 5 trailer, right here!


We know you are just as excited as we are. After all, maybe this time the makers will fulfill their fans’ wishes and give Arturo Román exactly what he deserves. A hard punch and a killing blow on the head!

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