Watch Netflix Horror Movie Blood Red Sky Trailer


Netflix has released the trailer of ‘Blood Red Sky’ which is also known as Transatlantic 473. The audience is thrilled by the trailer of this horror film. Let’s know more about what to postulate from this film.


Blood Red Sky- A Netflix Creation

Blood Red Sky is a horror action film made by Netflix studios in Germany. The trailer shows Nadja just needs to get where she’s going with her son. They settle down into their seats. Then some guys take over the plane, they threaten the safety of all on-board in order to get a ransom. But the hostage-takers don’t know what’s on the plane with them.

When a group of extremists captures an overnight intercontinental flight, a strangely ill woman unleashes an outrageous secret to protect her young son. It is one of the 71 creative films that Netflix releases this year.


The film will show scary and creepy scenes of killings with mind capturing storyline. This is the tremendous performance of lead actress Peri Baumeister after the Netflix series Skylines. Depicting a dark side of a mother who tries to save her son from terrorist hijackers. Peri was also seen in ‘The Last Kingdom’ as Lady Gisela in seasons 2 and 3.

Blood Red Sky- Cast and Crew

Apart from actress Peri Baumeister the cast include more talented and brilliant actors. Starring Chidi Ajufo, Graham McTavish, Roland Møller, Dominic Purcell, Rebecca Dyson-Smith, Petra Michelle Nérette, Sinead Phelps, Kais Setti, Kai Ivo Baulitz, Jamie Marshall, Jim High, Leonie Brill, Rutger Lysen, Booda, Roy McCrerey, Gordon Brown, and Alexander Scheer in lead roles. The film is directed by Peter Thorwarth, who co-authored the scenario with Stefan Holtz. The producers of the film are Christian Becker and Benjamin Munz. The film is bagged by Rat Pack Filmproduktion. Watch the trailer of the movie below:

When and Where to Watch

The movie Blood Red Sky is subjected to release on Friday, 23rd July 2021. This Horror-Thriller film will be released on the digital platform Netflix.

Netflix has created hype in the audience by releasing the trailer and some posts on social media. Sharing the glimpses of terror in the film.

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