10 Brilliant and Blockbuster Shows You Should Not Miss to Watch Online on Netflix

A documentary like show that showcases how detectives and lab technicians use brilliant ways to solve the crime mysteries

As an alien artifact enters the earth and a group of astonauts try to find the source of it and what happens to them is the rest of the film

Heron, who is the son of Zeus tries to save the world and olympus from the evil army the show is all about the battles between Heron and evil army

The show takes you to 1795, when there was a clash between British and French militaries

A young woman who was raped couldn't show a proper evidence to the police and the show is how she tries to prove the crime

The show is all about a group of people who are mysteriously mentally linked together tries to save themselves from people who are threat to them

It is the story of DS Stella Gibson who tries to solve the murder mystery of a young man

A science fiction show about time travelling

It is the story of a 13-year old kid who is adopted and tries to fight for independence from the relations and realizes the importance of relations and family

It is the story of a group of people and how they handles the things that they come to their life in the world where there is no internet