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Babbar Ka Tabbar

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  • Comedy
  • Hindi
  • Seasons : 2
  • Release Date : 14-06-2018

Babbar Ka Tabbar is a ZEE5 Original web series starring Manu Rishi, Ayesha Raza, Bhavin Bhanushali, Avneet Kaur and Anshuman Jha. The story revolves around the Babbar family, who struggle to bridge the generation gap with their millennial kids. The parents and kids try their best to cope up with each other's lifestyles which often gets them in hilarious situations.

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Where to Watch Babbar Ka Tabbar?

  • Babbar Ka Tabbar is currently streaming online on Zee5.

Babbar Ka Tabbar: What Should You Know?

  • ?What is the release date of Babbar Ka Tabbar?
  • aThis TV show was first released on 14-06-2018.
  • ?How many seasons does the Babbar Ka Tabbar TV show consists of?
  • aThis TV show is aired over 2 seasons.
  • ?How many episodes does the Babbar Ka Tabbar TV show consists of?
  • aAll 2 seasons include 24 episodes.

Babbar Ka Tabbar

  • Episode 1 : Frierents

    Mr. Babbar proudly coins a new term Frierents that implies a friendship between parents and kids. Later, a mark on Nikkis neck, which seems like a hickey, creates panic in the Babbar household. Her parents think Nikki is dating Ranjit, a friend of hers they met earlier in the day. Jamia suggests that Mr. Babbar stalk Ranjits activity on Facebook. Meanwhile, Kittu gets beaten up by his father for copying a clients signature on his cheque.

    Release Date - 14-06-2018

  • Episode 2 : Rose Ki Kahani

    When a flower bouquet mistakenly gets delivered to the Babbar house, Nikkis parents assume that Ranjit has sent it for her. Jamia tells Mr. Babbar that he should invite Ranjit home for lunch. Nikki doesnt like the fact that Ranjit is getting too friendly with her parents and expresses her displeasure to him. Besides, she is also expecting a courier from an Australian university, the seriousness of which her parents fail to understand.

    Release Date - 14-06-2018

  • Episode 3 : Male Milaap

    Nikki is fed up of the rumours of her dating Ranjit and blames him for spreading misinformation. Meanwhile at the Mandolin class, Kittu gets attracted to a student. Later on, taking Ranjits advice, he decides to try his hand at fashion designing. When Mr. Babbar visits his client Phoenix Punjabi, a fashion designer, Kittu gets inspired by the designers effeminate personality. This bothers Mr. Babbar.

    Release Date - 14-06-2018

  • Episode 4 : Crisis Management

    The parents are worried that Kittu might be gay and they decide to put him through a test. Jamia suggests that Mr. Babbar get an adult film DVD featuring Sunny Leone or Mia Khalifa and see Kittus reaction. However, a funny surprise awaits Mr. Babbar when he reaches the DVD store.

    Release Date - 14-06-2018

  • Episode 5 : Kiss Se Kismat tak

    When Mr. Babbar returns home with devotional film DVDs instead of adult films, Jamia decides to help him out. But just as the two are checking Jamias collection of adult films, the kids return home. The duo is now embarrassed and must find a way to hide their activity.

    Release Date - 14-06-2018

  • Episode 6 : Lunch Tantra

    Ranjit comes over for lunch and tries to impress Nikkis mother. Meanwhile, Mr. Babbar cant get over the thought that his son is possibly gay and tries his best to keep Kittu away from Ranjit. Later, Nikkis work gets hampered as her laptop is damaged and Mr. Babbar must find a way to fix it.

    Release Date - 14-06-2018

  • Episode 7 : Porny Porny Yes Papa!

    After immense coaxing by the kids, Mr. Babbar finally agrees to buy a new computer. Once it arrives, Jamia sneaks in unnoticed and copies an adult film on to it. Things take an interesting turn when Kittu plans to watch the adult film at night but is caught red-handed.

    Release Date - 21-06-2018

  • Episode 8 : Embrace Se Embarrass Takk

    Nikki confronts Jamia whom she suspects to be the real culprit for the adult film on the computer. While an embarrassed Kittu is unable to face Nikki, a family debate competition allows the siblings to talk to each other and overcome the awkwardness. Later, Nikki is surprised when she finds Rahul sitting with her father and gets very curious to know what they are up to.

    Release Date - 28-06-2018

  • Episode 9 : Nirodh Ka Virodh

    Nikki soon learns that Rahul is her fathers friends son. Meanwhile, Kittu encounters Sandy, the beautiful new girl who has just moved into the neighbourhood, and is instantly smitten by her. Later, when the parents learn about prom night and find condoms in the pockets of both the kids jeans, they resolve to find a way to stop them from doing anything wrong.

    Release Date - 05-07-2018

  • Episode 10 : Im-Prom-T-You

    In their bid to stop their children from going to the prom, the parents decide to have a Satyanarayan Puja at home. However, while distributing Panjeeri to the neighbours, Kittu bumps into Sandy and cant help but fall in love with her. Later in the night, Mr. Babbar sees Nikki sneaking out of the house and getting into a car.

    Release Date - 12-07-2018

  • Episode 11 : Comple'X'Ities

    Mr. Babbar is surprised to see his college friend, Pinky, after many years. Pinkys presence leaves Mrs. Babbar and the children feeling insecure. High drama ensues when Kittu discovers a pile of money with Nikki and confronts her. When Pinky sees the money, she spreads the news to the entire family.

    Release Date - 19-07-2018

  • Episode 12 : Mitron

    When Nikki is cornered and questioned by her parents, Kittu comes to her rescue and reveals the truth. Finally, when Pinky leaves their home, the whole family heaves a huge sigh of relief. But their happiness is short-lived as they are about to stunned by the most unexpected news.

    Release Date - 26-07-2018

  • Episode 1 : Babbars vs Demonetization

    When demonetisation strikes, the Babbars panic and try to find ways to exchange their cash. The parents are specially worried about Nikki who has over Rs 5 lakh in cash with her. The money situation also impacts Kittu's love life and Jamia's relationship with Mrs. Babbar. Will they be able to find a solution to their problems?

    Release Date - 05-09-2018

  • Episode 2 : Rapper Black Money

    Jamia takes Nikki to his friend named Black Money, a self-proclaimed rapper involved in money laundering, to get her old notes exchanged. Meanwhile, Mr. Babbar has a tough time at work due to his corrupt manager and Kittu's attempt to impress Sandy with his jokes falls flat.

    Release Date - 05-09-2018

  • Episode 3 : Babbar's Promotion

    After his corrupt manager is arrested, Mr. Babbar is promoted as the manager and the family is overjoyed. Mrs. Babbar makes a special cake for her husband but Jamia misunderstands it to be his birthday cake. Meanwhile, Kittu joins a comedy class to work on his sense of humour and impress Sandy.

    Release Date - 12-09-2018

  • Episode 4 : Jamia's Birthday

    It's Jamia's birthday and he prepares a 'special' cake for himself. Trouble ensues when Kittu and Sandy eat the cake, get high and end up making out in Jamia's room. How will the youngsters save themselves from this embarrassment?

    Release Date - 19-09-2018

  • Episode 5 : The Anand Lymphoma

    Mr. Babbar thinks he has cancer and slips into a melodramatic mood. His changed behaviour confuses people and creates misunderstandings both at home and work. Meanwhile, when Kittu comes back to his senses and confronts Jamia for spiking the cake.

    Release Date - 26-09-2018

  • Episode 6 : The Youtube Star

    Mrs. Babbar and Nikki's YouTube video on hairstyling goes viral. This leads to Jamia approaching Mrs. Babbar to make more videos. Meanwhile, Kittu and Sandy go on a date and are spied on by Ranjit and Nikki.

    Release Date - 03-10-2018

  • Episode 7 : The Pregnancy Kit

    Sandy fears that she could be pregnant and starts panicking. A nervous Kittu must find a pregnancy kit for her and takes Jamia's help for the same.

    Release Date - 10-10-2018

  • Episode 8 : The Kids Are Caught

    Nikki's mother finds the pregnancy kit in Nikki's drawer and the parents confront her. Nikki must now clear the misunderstanding and reveal the truth.

    Release Date - 17-10-2018

  • Episode 9 : Tension At Babbar House

    After the parents confront Kittu about Sandy's pregnancy, they must find a way to make up to a furious Nikki for doubting her.

    Release Date - 24-10-2018

  • Episode 10 : Kittu's Marriage Proposal

    Mr. and Mrs. Babbar decide to meet Auditor Chabbra and fix Kittu and Sandy's marriage. However, Kittu seeks Jamia's help to stop the parents from meeting each other.

    Release Date - 31-10-2018

  • Episode 11 : Jamia Falls In Love With Doctor

    Jamia falls in love with the doctor he meets at the hospital where Mr. Babbar is admitted after a fall. How far will their relationship go?

    Release Date - 07-11-2018

  • Episode 12 : Australia Calling

    Finally, the day arrives when Nikki has to leave for Australia. The Babbars get tensed when they realise that a male friend will be accompanying her. Besides, Kittu and Sandy are back together. Its revealed that Jamia has been hiding a secret from the Babbars all along.

    Release Date - 14-11-2018

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  • Babbar Ka Tabbar Full Details

    S. No.Show NameBabbar Ka Tabbar
    2Release Date14-06-2018
    4Number of Seasons2
    5Total Episodes24
    6Streaming OnZee5