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Gandii Baat

  • Show
  • Crime, Drama
  • Hindi
  • Seasons : 5
  • Release Date : 03-05-2018

Unraveling complexed relationships, closet issues, shocking truths, bizarre myths and unexplored space of men and women through a series of thrilling and exciting stories from the rural part of India. Each story is distinct from other but weaved with the thread of eccentricities which will leave you with unexpected twists and turns.

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Where to Watch Gandii Baat?

  • Gandii Baat is currently streaming online on Jio and Zee5.

Gandii Baat: What Should You Know?

  • ?What is the release date of Gandii Baat?
  • aThis TV show was first released on 03-05-2018.
  • ?How many seasons does the Gandii Baat TV show consists of?
  • aThis TV show is aired over 5 seasons.
  • ?How many episodes does the Gandii Baat TV show consists of?
  • aAll 5 seasons include 22 episodes.

Gandii Baat

  • Episode 1 : Threesome

    Doodhnath's favourite pastime is checking out his beautiful neighbour Gunja. Moreover, he is a master of his own free will and is not afraid of anyone, except Namvar - Gunja's rugged husband. Despite the danger of Namvar, Doodhnath continues to pursue Gunja. But the closer he gets, the more he learns of the shocking truth about Gunja and Namvar's marriage.

    Release Date - 03-05-2018

  • Episode 2 : Tharki Buddha

    Technology brings not only convenience and comfort, but it also brings a promise of extreme pleasure to Rajendra. His wife, son, and daughter-in-law find it difficult to handle Rajendra's thirst for something more. The age old traditional boundaries are crossed, and new ones are created in their place.

    Release Date - 03-05-2018

  • Episode 3 : Vasu Nag

    In this Indian village, women increasingly feel neglected by the men in their lives. Their hopes, desires, and concerns find no expression. But where men disappoint, a mysterious snake fills the void in these women's lives. What will the men do to re-gain the dominance over their womenfolk?

    Release Date - 03-05-2018

  • Episode 4 : Preeto Rani

    Preeto is a powerful woman. She not only rules her household but also the hearts of the men around her. Preeto is no one's property, but Gogi thinks otherwise. As he tries to lay claim on her womanhood, the result will not be something he can handle.

    Release Date - 03-05-2018

  • Episode 1 : Bai-Sexual

    Neeta is shocked to learn about her husband Vaibhav's affair with Sajili. Her life takes a turn when Sajili makes an impossible demand from Vaibhav.

    Release Date - 07-01-2019

  • Episode 2 : Jadui Mahal

    The entire village is curious about the Jadui Mahal, as no one has ever dared to go inside. Everything changes when the village Sarpanch decides to explore the mystery inside it.

    Release Date - 07-01-2019

  • Episode 3 : Gibraltar

    Bhushan is desperate to get married to Seema. But Seema is intimidated by her fianc. Unable to handle any more humiliation she decides to teach him a lesson.

    Release Date - 07-01-2019

  • Episode 4 : Love Sex and Betrayal

    Dugga, Sachi, Heera, and Soma will learn the difference between love and lust through an age-old tradition.

    Release Date - 07-01-2019

  • Episode 5 : Season Finale: Gudiya Rani

    Kishan Chand is a womanizing truck driver. One day he wakes up in a strange room and is not ready for what happens next.

    Release Date - 07-01-2019

  • Episode 1 : Rajkumar

    Lakhan and Ramiya are married unhappily. The entire village is shocked when Lakhans sister marries a boat. Erotic Thriller

    Release Date - 27-07-2019

  • Episode 2 : Harpreet Weds Harpreet

    A chance meeting with a mysterious girl leaves Joginder under her spell. He is desperate to find out more about her. Erotic Thriller

    Release Date - 27-07-2019

  • Episode 3 : Sonam Chadh Gayi

    Sumitra is a simple housewife whose life changes when she signs up on an online dating website. Erotic Thriller

    Release Date - 27-07-2019

  • Episode 4 : Honeymoon On Wheels

    A bus with honeymoon couples on board risks vanishing into thin air. What is the mystery behind such yearly disappearances in this village? Erotic Thriller

    Release Date - 27-07-2019

  • Episode 1 : Betaab Dil Ki Tamanna

    Will the society accept this strange love triangle between two men and woman?

    Release Date - 07-01-2020

  • Episode 2 : Woh Saat Din

    According to an old custom all the men and women switch their respective genders for seven days each month.

    Release Date - 07-01-2020

  • Episode 3 : Mera Pyaar Paan Nahi, Jisme Tum Chuna Laga Do

    An advertisement selling almirah unravels a dark secret.

    Release Date - 07-01-2020

  • Episode 4 : 5 Star Pati Mera

    This village is a popular agro tourism destination among the city folks. One day a group of beautiful women from the city arrive in the village.

    Release Date - 07-01-2020

  • Episode 5 : Meetha Meetha Pyara Pyara

    Kusum, a young small-town girl, is soon to be married. Her fear of sex leads her to explore an uncharted path.

    Release Date - 07-11-2019

  • Episode 1 : Erotic Tales of Madhosh Madan

    Chandans friends believe that he is Madhosh Madan, popular writer of an erotic magazine series. But he insists that he is not. Life takes an unexpected turn when Chandan lands himself in trouble due to his mistaken identity.

    Release Date - 08-10-2020

  • Episode 2 : Game of Love

    Priyanka is looking for a man to ignite her love life but when she meets Nandini and Santosh, she discovers her true desire and her rose-tinted idea of love is shattered.

    Release Date - 08-10-2020

  • Episode 3 : Happy Valentine’s Day

    Meera decides to find a date on a dating app to take revenge on her cheating boyfriend. Little does she know that her act of vengeance is going to land her into trouble.

    Release Date - 08-10-2020

  • Episode 4 : Pintu's 5 Million Followers

    Pintu, a delivery boy, becomes an overnight celebrity in his small town due to a viral video. To impress his girlfriend, he gets into bodybuilding and comes across Dev, a professional bodybuilder, who misleads him, throwing his life out of gear.

    Release Date - 08-10-2020

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  • Gandii Baat Full Details

    S. No.Show NameGandii Baat
    2Release Date03-05-2018
    4Number of Seasons5
    5Total Episodes22
    6Streaming OnJio and Zee5