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It's Not That Simple

  • Show
  • Drama
  • Hindi
  • Seasons : 2
  • Release Date : 06-10-2016

An urban housewife is stuck in an unhappy marriage, until she's invited for a school reunion and meets two of her ex-almost-boyfriends.

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    It's Not That Simple: What Should You Know?

    • ?What is the release date of It's Not That Simple?
    • aThis TV show was first released on 06-10-2016.
    • ?How many seasons does the It's Not That Simple TV show consists of?
    • aThis TV show is aired over 2 seasons.
    • ?How many episodes does the It's Not That Simple TV show consists of?
    • aAll 2 seasons include 13 episodes.

    It's Not That Simple

    • Episode 1 : Committed to Complicated

      Meera's life is going to change in the next few minutes and along with that, her marital status. What's got married Meera contemplating an affair? A chauvinist husband, the return of an old flame, or a journey of self-discovery? It's Not That Simple.

      Release Date - 06-10-2016

    • Episode 2 : Crossing the Line?

      Meera's married life is an apology of a relationship. She is a silhouette of her past until she meets her two school crushes - the Harley-riding Rajiv and Mr. Nice Guy, Sameer. Does she really need a man to start loving herself again? Watch the start of Meera's metamorphosis.

      Release Date - 06-10-2016

    • Episode 3 : Meera learns to say NO!

      From her first Harley ride to the first refusal for non-consensual sex with Jayesh, Meera is daring to be assertive and speak her mind. When her husband takes off on a business trip, Meera has time on her hands and Sameer and Rajiv on her mind. A little harmless flirting never really hurt anyone, right?

      Release Date - 06-10-2016

    • Episode 4 : Flirting with Fire

      After the temptation and tough choices comes the tricky decision. Meera has mulled over the pros and cons of having an affair, and it looks like she's finally made her decision. Who's it going to be?

      Release Date - 06-10-2016

    • Episode 5 : I Know That You Know

      They say the whiff of an affair never goes unnoticed. What does Meera do when her husband Jayesh finds out about her little adventure? Will their marriage survive this or was it over before it all began? The questions are piling up and Meera needs an answer now.

      Release Date - 06-10-2016

    • Episode 6 : It's Never That Simple, Nor Will It Ever Be

      Meera has made her choice, but is she really ready to face the repercussions? Will it all be out in the open? And what happens when her husband finally meets the two men who he suspects she's had an affair with?

      Release Date - 06-10-2016

    • Episode 1 : Machhli Ki Aankh

      A woman, a mother, a professional... on a collision course with a friend, a partner and a love interest. She's heading straight into the ultimate betrayal. Welcome to Mira's life!

      Release Date - 14-12-2018

    • Episode 2 : War Cry Trolls

      Desperate housewife? Confused Feminazi? The trolls have made Mira go viral for all the wrong reasons! The crossfire between Angad and Mira is trending on Twitter and the chemistry between Dev and Mira is sizzling up the office.

      Release Date - 21-12-2018

    • Episode 3 : Risky Chemistry

      What happens when Mira's first kiss soon turns into a hot and heavy boardroom make-out session? Things get out of control. Mixing personal and professional is a heady concoction and we hope Mira is ready for a bad hangover!

      Release Date - 28-12-2018

    • Episode 4 : Clash Of The Egos

      Unflinching chemistry, unabashed ambition and egos that skyrocket! On one side, Mira inches closer to her dream project, while on the other, she gives in to forbidden desires. But soon desire turns to disaster with Dev slut-shaming her in full public view! Will she fight back?

      Release Date - 04-01-2019

    • Episode 5 : Boardroom Vs Bedroom

      Her trust is shattered; her reputation is at stake! With boardroom games and bedroom secrets intertwining, Mira is on the verge of losing everything. Can she withstand the public humiliation and still hold her head high?

      Release Date - 11-01-2019

    • Episode 6 : Hell Hath No Fury

      Abandoned by her best friend, her business partner and her boss-turned-lover, Mira is all alone and burning with rage. But when life slams several doors in your face, it's telling you something.

      Release Date - 18-01-2019

    • Episode 7 : Rise Of The Phoenix

      Give in or fight back? That's the only choice staring Mira in the face! Will she bow down to the men in her life and their manipulative mind games? Or will we see Mira rise from the ashes like a phoenix? Find out in this dramatic series finale.

      Release Date - 25-01-2019

    It's Not That Simple - Cast

    Swara Bhaskar


    Sumeet Vyas


    Purab Kohli


    Neha Chauhan


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    S. No.Show NameIt's Not That Simple
    2Release Date06-10-2016
    4Number of Seasons2
    5Total Episodes13