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Mission Breaking News

  • Show
  • Action, Adventure, Crime, Mystery
  • Hindi
  • Seasons : 1
  • Release Date : 05-10-2019

Murder of Vidya Naik, a prominent and honest journalist, has shocked the nation. Her son, Nischal Naik together with his friends risks it all to investigate the murder and find the killer. But all they do is get into deeper trouble with danger looming around them!

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    Mission Breaking News: What Should You Know?

    • ?What is the release date of Mission Breaking News?
    • aThis TV show was first released on 05-10-2019.
    • ?How many seasons does the Mission Breaking News TV show consists of?
    • aThis TV show is aired over 1 seasons.
    • ?How many episodes does the Mission Breaking News TV show consists of?
    • aAll 1 seasons include 12 episodes.

    Mission Breaking News

    • Episode 1 : Episode 1

      Vidya Naik, an honest and prominent journalist is mudered. The killer is at large and the media circus jumps at the opportunity to milk the situation and get TRP.

      Release Date - 05-10-2019

    • Episode 2 : Episode 2

      Dhiraj is fabricating news to misguide the people. Nischal is trying to follow up with the police reagrding his mother's case but is left disappointed and humiliated by Inspector kamble. Nischal looks for his mother's laptop but can't find it anywhere!

      Release Date - 05-10-2019

    • Episode 3 : Episode 3

      Vidya's laptop was hacked and all her important files leading to exposng a huge scam were encrypted. Nischal has to find the hacker who had encrypted the files!

      Release Date - 05-10-2019

    • Episode 4 : Episode 4

      Ejaz and Nischal catch Walter who hacked Vidya's laptop. Scared and ashamed, he gives them the password for Vidyas documents. Ejaz and Nischal go through Vidyas laptop and discover some shocking evidences!

      Release Date - 05-10-2019

    • Episode 5 : Episode 5

      Simone, a corporate lawyer and Nischals ex girlfriend, visits Nischal. Ejaz convinces her to help them with legal matters. Walter shows up as he wants to set the record straight and wants to help them with any technical stuff they need. Later that night, Nischal is haunted by blank calls!

      Release Date - 05-10-2019

    • Episode 6 : Episode 6

      Upendra knows about the four trying to start Kranti again. Nischal, Ejaz, Walter and Simone are going through video and audio files on Vidyas laptop. They suspect something fishy going on in that village. At that moment warning shots are fired at his house!

      Release Date - 05-10-2019

    • Episode 7 : Episode 7

      Walter is unconscious and is in the ICU. Inspector Kamble, arrests Ejaz and takes him to the lock up and manhandles him. Nischal is on his way to the airport to fly back to Canada, Ejaz is behind bars, Simone is back to desk job. The Kranti team has fallen apart!

      Release Date - 05-10-2019

    • Episode 8 : Episode 8

      Nischal, Ejaz and Simone decide to investigate the case and expose the real killers. They travel to the village but no one is ready to speak to them. Chakuli, a villager gives them some important information but then they are caught by Upendra's goons!

      Release Date - 05-10-2019

    • Episode 9 : Episode 9

      As Nischal, Ejaz and Chakuli are caught by Upendras goons, while searching for evidence against him, he orders his men to test new batch of medicines on them.

      Release Date - 05-10-2019

    • Episode 10 : Episode 10

      Nischal and Ejaz after a fight they manage to escape, meanwhile frustrated Upendra tries to cover up the damage and calls Dhiraj to start a smear campaign against Nischal, Ejaz, Walter and Simone.

      Release Date - 05-10-2019

    • Episode 11 : Episode 11

      As the News gets published on Kranti portal, Upendra is now behind bars and asks his PA to get him out, while Nischal, Ejaz, Walter, Simone visits Upendra him.

      Release Date - 05-10-2019

    • Episode 12 : Episode 12

      After hearing about Upendras death, Nischal gets a call from Mr. Iyer who offers him to buy the Kranti news portal.

      Release Date - 05-10-2019

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  • Mission Breaking News Full Details

    S. No.Show NameMission Breaking News
    2Release Date05-10-2019
    4Number of Seasons1
    5Total Episodes12