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  • Action, Adventure, Mystery, Fantasy
  • Hindi
  • Seasons : 5
  • Release Date : 01-11-2015

Naagin (shape shifting female snake) is a story of love and revenge. Naagin delves into the life of Ritik. Shivanya is stuck between two extreme emotions -- love and vengeance. Shivanya's friend, Sesa is her support system, but she has an ulterior motive that no one knows about. The constant conflict between love and revenge drive these protagonists together as their lives clash in a coming together of their past histories.

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Where to Watch Naagin?

  • Naagin is currently streaming online on Jio and Zee5.

Naagin: What Should You Know?

  • ?What is the release date of Naagin?
  • aThis TV show was first released on 01-11-2015.
  • ?How many seasons does the Naagin TV show consists of?
  • aThis TV show is aired over 5 seasons.
  • ?How many episodes does the Naagin TV show consists of?
  • aAll 5 seasons include 153 episodes.


  • Episode 1 : Episode 1

    Hrithik wakes up from a bad dream and is asked by his Tanvi as to what did he dream about. Elsewhere, Yamini asks her husband to take off his black suit and then he is asked by his niece to come soon for the prayer service. On the other hand, a pandit tells Yamini that her son needs to get married before the age of 25 or otherwise his life will be in trouble. Later, Hrithik hits an old man with his car and decides to take him to the hospital. In the meantime, Hrithik and his relatives joke around about ghosts being in the haveli but Yamini interrupts their ...

    Release Date - 01-11-2015

  • Episode 1 : Episode 1

  • Episode 2 : Episode 2

  • Episode 3 : Episode 3

  • Episode 4 : Episode 4

  • Episode 5 : Episode 5

  • Episode 6 : Episode 6

  • Episode 7 : Episode 7

  • Episode 8 : Episode 8

  • Episode 9 : Episode 9

  • Episode 10 : Episode 10

  • Episode 11 : Episode 11

  • Episode 12 : Episode 12

  • Episode 13 : Episode 13

  • Episode 14 : Episode 14

  • Episode 15 : Episode 15

  • Episode 16 : Episode 16

  • Episode 17 : Episode 17

  • Episode 18 : Episode 18

  • Episode 19 : Episode 19

  • Episode 20 : Episode 20

  • Episode 21 : Episode 21

  • Episode 22 : Episode 22

  • Episode 23 : Episode 23

  • Episode 24 : Episode 24

  • Episode 25 : Episode 25

  • Episode 26 : Episode 26

  • Episode 27 : Episode 27

  • Episode 28 : Episode 28

  • Episode 29 : Episode 29

  • Episode 30 : Episode 30

  • Episode 31 : Episode 31

  • Episode 32 : Episode 32

  • Episode 33 : Episode 33

  • Episode 34 : Episode 34

  • Episode 35 : Episode 35

  • Episode 36 : Episode 36

  • Episode 37 : Episode 37

  • Episode 38 : Episode 38

  • Episode 39 : Episode 39

  • Episode 40 : Episode 40

  • Episode 41 : Episode 41

  • Episode 42 : Episode 42

  • Episode 43 : Episode 43

  • Episode 44 : Episode 44

  • Episode 45 : Episode 45

  • Episode 46 : Episode 46

  • Episode 47 : Episode 47

  • Episode 48 : Episode 48

  • Episode 49 : Episode 49

  • Episode 50 : Episode 50

  • Episode 51 : Episode 51

  • Episode 52 : Episode 52

  • Episode 53 : Episode 53

  • Episode 54 : Episode 54

  • Episode 55 : Episode 55

  • Episode 56 : Episode 56

  • Episode 57 : Episode 57

  • Episode 58 : Episode 58

  • Episode 59 : Episode 59

  • Episode 60 : Episode 60

  • Episode 61 : Episode 61

  • Episode 62 : Episode 62

  • Episode 63 : Episode 63

  • Episode 64 : Episode 64

  • Episode 65 : Episode 65

  • Episode 66 : Episode 66

  • Episode 67 : Episode 67

  • Episode 68 : Episode 68

  • Episode 69 : Episode 69

  • Episode 70 : Episode 70

  • Episode 71 : Episode 71

  • Episode 72 : Episode 72

  • Episode 73 : Episode 73

  • Episode 74 : Episode 74

  • Episode 75 : Episode 75

  • Episode 1 : The revenge saga begins

    Ichadhari Naag and Naagin, Vikrant and Ruhi are about to be united in marriage after a wait of 100 years . But their story takes a dark turn when they cross paths with some murderous hooligans. After being publicly shamed by the cast of Veere Di Wedding for harassment, this group of hooligans is in a vengeful mood and they take it out on Ruhi and Vikrant.

    Release Date - 02-06-2018

  • Episode 2 : Vish out to avenge Vikrant's death

    Andy Sehgal organises his son's wedding at the same place where Vikrant was murdered six months back. As the Sehgal family rejoices, a mysterious character named Vish Khanna intrudes their lives. But little do they know that Vish is here for a secret mission that involves avenging Vikrant's death. Will the entire family fall prey to her yearning for revenge?

    Release Date - 03-06-2018

  • Episode 3 : Episode 3

  • Episode 4 : Episode 4

  • Episode 5 : Episode 5

  • Episode 6 : Episode 6

  • Episode 7 : Episode 7

  • Episode 8 : Episode 8

  • Episode 9 : Episode 9

  • Episode 10 : Episode 10

  • Episode 11 : Episode 11

  • Episode 12 : Episode 12

  • Episode 13 : Episode 13

  • Episode 14 : Episode 14

  • Episode 15 : Episode 15

  • Episode 16 : Episode 16

  • Episode 17 : Episode 17

  • Episode 18 : Episode 18

  • Episode 19 : Episode 19

  • Episode 20 : Episode 20

  • Episode 21 : Episode 21

  • Episode 22 : Episode 22

  • Episode 23 : Episode 23

  • Episode 24 : Episode 24

  • Episode 25 : Episode 25

  • Episode 26 : Episode 26

  • Episode 27 : Episode 27

  • Episode 28 : Episode 28

  • Episode 29 : Episode 29

  • Episode 30 : Episode 30

  • Episode 31 : Episode 31

  • Episode 32 : Episode 32

  • Episode 33 : Episode 33

  • Episode 34 : Episode 34

  • Episode 35 : Episode 35

  • Episode 1 : Manyataa on the run!

    The shape-shifting Naagin, Manyataa agrees to give up her magical powers to marry her soulmate, Keshav, who is a human. This decision comes back to haunt Manyataa as she is left helpless when Keshav and his entire family is massacred by his enemies, but she somehow manages to run away with her daughter. What does the future hold for Manyataa and her child?

    Release Date - 14-12-2019

  • Episode 2 : Manyataa-Nayantara's quest for revenge!

    Twenty-five years have passed since Keshav's killing. However, the fire of vengeance is still burning in Manyataa's heart, and now her daughter, Nayantara has grown up to become a powerful Naagin. The two plan an act of slow but painful revenge for the Parekh family and select their first victim. Who are they going to attack first?

    Release Date - 15-12-2019

  • Episode 3 : Nayantara lays a wicked trap!

    After managing to successfully lure Dev away from the party, Nayantara takes him along with her to a secluded location. Will Dev be able to escape Nayantara's grasp before it is too late?

    Release Date - 21-12-2019

  • Episode 4 : Nayantara plans to expose Dev!

    After her unsuccessful attempt to kill Dev, Nayantara gets another opportunity to at vengeance from the Parikhs as she decides to kill Dev's grandmother and expose his real identity as an Icchadhari Naag! Will her vicious plan be successful?

    Release Date - 22-12-2019

  • Episode 5 : Manyataa awaits her vengeance!

    Manyataa is delighted as the day draws nearer for her to show her wrath and attain the revenge that she has been planning for twenty-five years. With Nayantara soon to gain the powers of the Icchadhari Naagin, what does the mother and daughter duo have in mind?

    Release Date - 28-12-2019

  • Episode 6 : A dilemma for Manyata

    After twenty-five long years it is finally the night Manyata expects her daughter, Nayantara, to get the powers to become an Icchadhari Naagin. But fate has a different plan for Manyata as Nayantara fails to get her powers. Will Manyata find the answers and resolve the obstruction to her path of vengeance?

    Release Date - 29-12-2019

  • Episode 7 : Manyata struggles for answers!

    A distraught Manyata seeks the answers to her unanswered questions before the idol at the Lal Tekdi Temple. She soon learns that she has to go to the Mayaavi Registaan or the Enchanted Desert where a magical book called Saprkosh will give the answers to all her questions. How does Manyata plan on completing this task?

    Release Date - 04-01-2020

  • Episode 8 : Manyata gets access to the Sarpkosh!

    Manyata traverses through hills and plains to reach the Mayaavi Registaan or the Enchanted Desert to get access to the Sarpkosh. After her perilous journey, Manyata successfully gets access to the Sarpkosh, which contains the answers to her unanswered questions. Will she finally get the answers about the identity of her daughter?

    Release Date - 05-01-2020

  • Episode 9 : Nayantara vows to destroy Brinda!

    Nayantara is shocked when she realizes that Brinda is the Icchadhari Naagin and quickly rushes to tell Manyata. Meanwhile, the gods send a sign to Manyata telling her about her real daughter, but she fails to see it. Out of jealousy, Nayantara decides not to tell her mother and plans to end Brinda's life! To what extent will Nayantara go to destroy Brinda?

    Release Date - 11-01-2020

  • Episode 10 : Will Nayantara's plan bear fruit?

    Nayantara plays her flute, which compels Brinda to transform into her Naagin avatar. As Nayantara has full control over Brinda, she leads her into a raging fire, but soon Dev enters the scene. Will Nayantara's plan to terminate Brinda be successful? Tune in to find out.

    Release Date - 12-01-2020

  • Episode 11 : Brinda's heartfelt request to Dev!

    Brinda is left humiliated after she is caught red-handed locked in a hotel room with Dev by the media. With Vrushali and Rajat against her actions, Brinda resorts to convince Dev to marry Nayantara in order to fix the situation. Will Dev succumb to her request?

    Release Date - 18-01-2020

  • Episode 12 : Brinda turns Icchadhari Naagin!

    When the Parekh family's attempt to kill Manyata fails miserably, she furiously vows to wreak havoc upon them. However, Brinda arrives at the temple to rescue the Parekh family, but to her surprise, she mysteriously turns into an Icchadhari Naagin! Will she attack Manyata and save the Parekh family from their doom?

    Release Date - 19-01-2020

  • Episode 13 : Brinda to help Manyata!

    Manyata is astounded after learning that the Parekhs have come to know about Nayantara and her mother-daughter relationship, as they can go to any extent to hurt her. Finding no other way to get her daughter out of danger, she pleads to Brinda for help! Though Brinda agrees to help Manyata, will she be able to pull off an almost impossible task?

    Release Date - 25-01-2020

  • Episode 14 : Nayantara on the run!

    Manyata urges Nayantara to go away from Dev and the Parekh family, to which Manyata adheres. However, the Parekh family tracks her down to a remote train station and attacks her. But Nayantara manages to run from them. Will they track her down, or will Nayantara successfully escape from their clutches?

    Release Date - 26-01-2020

  • Episode 15 : Nayantara falls off the cliff!

    Brinda snaps out of the wrong impression that she had of Dev and his family when his brothers push Nayantara off a cliff. Despite her efforts to save Nayantara, she loses her sister to the deadly fall. As a result, an enraged Brinda vows to avenge her sister's murder! What does Brinda plan to do now?

    Release Date - 01-02-2020

  • Episode 16 : Brinda seeks an eye for an eye!

    Dev lends a marriage proposal to Brinda as he intends to marry his best friend and love. While he puts forward his request with pure intentions and feelings, Brinda, on the other hand, is hungry for revenge against Dev's family as they have harmed her family. However, will Dev and Brinda's family be convinced for the marriage?

    Release Date - 02-02-2020

  • Episode 17 : Nayantara eyes the Naagin powers!

    To defeat Brinda once and for all, Nayantara seeks Vish's assistance to acquire the powers of a Naagin. Accordingly, Vish instructs her to get hold of the Naagmani for attaining the same. Will Brinda be successful in her pursuit for power?

    Release Date - 08-02-2020

  • Episode 18 : A deceitful trap for Brinda!

    Brinda is put in a fix as she has to choose between her life and Swarama's. Meanwhile, Vishaka comes to Brinda's rescue. Vishaka tries to play a well-knitted game to earn Brinda's trust as she tells that she will help her find Manyata. But little does Brinda know that Vishaka is the one who got Manyata trapped. Will Brinda fall for Vishaka's game?

    Release Date - 09-02-2020

  • Episode 19 : Brinda manipulated by Vishaka!

    Vishaka misleads Brinda into thinking that Dev and his family have captured her mother and are responsible for her absence. Will Brinda fall for Vishaka's deceitful words and end up harming Dev? Tune in to find out.

    Release Date - 15-02-2020

  • Episode 20 : Brinda gets a divine vision!

    Brinda gets a vision and is left shocked when she notices that Manyata is imprisoned at the Lal Tekdi temple. After sneaking her way to there on a pretext, Brinda and the priest finally discover and enter the room where Manyata is imprisoned, only to find her missing! Who is it that is stopping Brinda from meeting Manyata?

    Release Date - 16-02-2020

  • Episode 21 : Naagin ka sach aaya bahar!

    Dev gets furious after Vishaka falsely convinces him that Brinda invited Rajat to the reception. Later, a vengeful Brinda furiously attacks Dev's cousin to begin her mother's revenge. Unfortunately for her, Dev notices her during the act. How will Brinda face an already angry Dev this time?

    Release Date - 22-02-2020

  • Episode 22 : Vishaka's diabolic plan!

    Vishaka manipulates Brinda into believing that Manyata is imprisoned at the Lal Tekdi Temple. While Brinda frantically attempts to search for her mother, Vishaka shapeshifts into Brinda and interacts with Rajat, thus leaving Dev both jealous and furious! What exactly is Vishaka planning to do?

    Release Date - 23-02-2020

  • Episode 23 : Vishaka to end Dev's life?

    To acquire the highly coveted Nagmani, Vishaka maliciously manipulates Dev into believing that Brinda has feelings for Rajat. Falling prey to her vicious plan, Dev fumes with anger and starts to lose his control, providing Vishaka with the right opportunity to kill him and extract the Nagmani. However, will Brinda rescue Dev before it's too late?

    Release Date - 29-02-2020

  • Episode 24 : Dev defends Brinda's honour!

    Brinda refuses to keep Dev's family in the dark and gathers everyone to reveal the truth about the child in her womb. However, Vishaka transforms into a man and claims that he is the father of the child and shocks everyone including Brinda. How will Dev and the family react to the shocking turn of events?

    Release Date - 01-03-2020

  • Episode 25 : Brinda to the rescue

    Dev gets kidnapped by Vishaka's goons, with Brinda on their hot pursuit. She encounters the kidnappers and prepares to take them on single-handedly. Will she be able to fight off the goons and save her husband?

    Release Date - 07-03-2020

  • Episode 26 : Brinda loses Manyata!

    Brinda assumes that Dev is behind the disappearance of the Naagmani and rushes to save Manyata from him. Vishaka uses the opportunity to turn Brinda against Dev by taking his form and stabbing Manyata in front of her. But will Brinda figure out who the real enemy is?

    Release Date - 08-03-2020

  • Episode 27 : Nayantara becomes Shalakha!

    Brinda realises that she has to become the most powerful Naagin in the world in order to defeat Vishaka. On the other hand, Vishaka uses magic to give a new face to Nayantara and joins hands with her to destroy Brinda. What does the future hold for Brinda and Nayantara?

    Release Date - 14-03-2020

  • Episode 28 : Brinda returns to Dev!

    As the Parekh family celebrates the festival of Holi, they are shocked when Brinda makes a surprise entrance into the party and announces her return. She tells Dev that his marriage with Shalakha is illegal as he is already married to her and that it has only been a year since she left. How will Dev react to the whole situation?

    Release Date - 15-03-2020

  • Episode 29 : Brinda threatens to kill Nayantara!

    Brinda is surprised to see Nayantara enter her bedroom and help Dev, thereby completely ignoring her. When Nayantara doesn't back out upon being confronted, Brinda threatens to get rid of her and throws her out of their bedroom. Was this Nayantara's plan all along to provoke Brinda?

    Release Date - 21-03-2020

  • Episode 30 : Shalakha honey-traps Dev!

    Vishaka tells Shalakha that she has to get Dev away from Brinda if she wants to make a place in his life and replace Brinda. So Shalakha behaves very romantically with Dev and convinces him to go on a honeymoon with her. Will Brinda find out about Shalakha's plan and foil it?

    Release Date - 22-03-2020

  • Episode 31 : Vishaka's identity gets exposed!

    After Shalaka lays out a well-knitted plan to prove Brinda a killer in Dev's eyes, she goes on to brag about her conspiracy in front of Mundika. But her sense of victory turns into a shock when she realises that Mundika is an enemy in disguise, Vishaka! Now, with the truth lying plain in front of them, will the hatred pull them to be at loggerheads?

    Release Date - 18-07-2020

  • Episode 32 : Brinda's Naagin avatar exposed!

    After learning the vicious truth about Vishaka, Brinda exposes her in front of the family and she gets arrested for murder. But things take an ugly turn for Brinda, when Shalakha exposes her Naagin avatar! With Brinda cornered, how will she bear the ordeal?

    Release Date - 19-07-2020

  • Episode 33 : Can Brinda convince Dev?

    Fed up with all the drama in the house, Dev plans to leave along with Brinda. Although she tries to convince him to stay as his family needs him, Dev refuses to pay heed and decides to go ahead with his plan. With Dev refusing to budge, Brinda decides to reveal a secret about her. Will Brinda's secret stop Dev from leaving?

    Release Date - 25-07-2020

  • Episode 34 : Shalakha manipulates Dev!

    Shalakha plans to get close to Dev at any cost and sees Brinda as an obstacle in her way. She uses the fragment of Dev's soul to manipulate his thoughts and actions so that he breaks up with Brinda. Will Brinda allow Shalakha to succeed in her evil agenda?

    Release Date - 26-07-2020

  • Episode 35 : Brinda's mother is murdered!

    Brinda is puzzled when she gets a call from her mother in a frantic state. Unaware that Dev is not himself, Brinda takes him with her to meet her mother. Upon reaching her mother's home, Brinda tries to calm her down but is aghast as Dev shoots Brinda's mother down! Will Brinda realise that Dev is being controlled by Shalakha? How will Brinda deal with her grief?

    Release Date - 01-08-2020

  • Episode 36 : Brinda swears to avenge!

    On learning that Dev has murdered her mother and about his idea to abandon her so that he can marry Shalaka, Brinda swears to take revenge on him. How will Brinda put her plan into action?

    Release Date - 02-08-2020

  • Episode 1 : Naag Rani's shocking return!

    To save Dev's life, Brinda takes him to a mysterious temple. Unwittingly, she walks into a death trap as Vishaka and Nayantara are waiting to kill them. However, things take a shocking turn when Naag Rani and Sesha and arrive to save Brinda. Will they be able to win the battle and save Dev's life?

    Release Date - 09-08-2020

  • Episode 2 : Aakesh to steal the Naagmani!

    When the Cheels attack the Naags, Lord Shiva gives Naags the power to take the human form. As a result, Nageshwari and the others manage to fend off the Cheels. However, Aakesh is undaunted and plans to attack again with more force to steal the Naagmani. Will he be successful the next time?

    Release Date - 15-08-2020

  • Episode 3 : Nageshwari is punished by Lord Shiva!

    Aakesh stabs Hriday during the catastrophic war between the Cheels and the Naags. An outraged Nageshwari unleashes her wrath upon Aakesh. Subsequently, a crestfallen Lord Shiva punishes Nageshwari and puts a curse on her. Will she be able to face Lord Shiva's fury and accept the curse?

    Release Date - 16-08-2020

  • Episode 4 : Bani faces her mortal foe!

    Bani and Jay's romantic encounter goes awry when Veer gatecrashes the wedding. After an intense brawl between Jay and Veer, the situation gets worse when Bani realises that her friend is missing. Will Bani realise that Veer is none other than Aakesh, her mortal enemy from the previous life?

    Release Date - 22-08-2020

  • Episode 5 : Bani challenges Veer!

    Bani goes to the police and shows them an incriminating video against Veer, but they delete the video to protect him. When an angry Bani comes face-to-face with Veer, she promises to do whatever it takes to bring him to justice. How will Veer respond to Bani's challenge?

    Release Date - 23-08-2020

  • Episode 6 : Bani strikes back!

    When Veer's brothers confront Noor to get rid of her for good, Bani shows up to get back at them for their misdeeds. However, they try to strike first, but when their efforts turn futile, they contact Veer for help. Will Veer show up before Bani lands the lethal blow?

    Release Date - 29-08-2020

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