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  • Show
  • Action, Adventure, Family
  • Hindi
  • Seasons : 4
  • Release Date : 27-11-2017

The story of Indian warrior Porus and his life especially the Battle of the Hydaspes with the Great Alexander.

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    Porus: What Should You Know?

    • ?What is the release date of Porus?
    • aThis TV show was first released on 27-11-2017.
    • ?How many seasons does the Porus TV show consists of?
    • aThis TV show is aired over 4 seasons.
    • ?How many episodes does the Porus TV show consists of?
    • aAll 4 seasons include 247 episodes.


    • Episode 1 : The Epic Story Of A Warrior

      Set in 350 BC, Porus is an untold story of the most spirited defender of India. The story traces the time when Porus was born to the time he becomes one of the greatest warriors of the world. He is the first defender of India who fought the greatest

      Release Date - 27-11-2017

    • Episode 2 : Welcome With a Fight

      Darius presents glass and actuate Amatya Shiv Dutt to kill the person who disrespected him. Queen Anusuya notices her brother wounded in a fight

      Release Date - 28-11-2017

    • Episode 3 : Anusuya Stays in Poravs

      Queen Anusuya is deserted on the sides of Jhelum river and asks Jhelam what she should do now after everything.

      Release Date - 29-11-2017

    • Episode 4 : Olympia Prays For A Child

      Philip enters Olympia's room to warn and force her to accept defeat against Macedonia. Olympia prayer Zeus to give her a child and not from Philip's son.

      Release Date - 30-11-2017

    • Episode 5 : The Prediction

      Anusuya learns from a seer about the future of her unborn son. The seer informs her that she will give birth to a son, who shall fulfill her dream of united country.

      Release Date - 01-12-2017

    • Episode 6 : Olympias' Quest

      Anusuya sees Darius among people and follows him. She almost catches him but he disappears into the crowd.

      Release Date - 04-12-2017

    • Episode 7 : For Honor

      Anusuya meets her brother, the Taxila King. She is forced to take revenge for the humiliation that her brother had to face because of Bahmani, who is unaware of the plan brewing between them. What will Anusuya do? Will she obey her brothers command?

      Release Date - 05-12-2017

    • Episode 8 : Anusuya’s Revenge

      Anusuya wants to take revenge from Bamni as she is furious about what he did to her.

      Release Date - 06-12-2017

    • Episode 9 : The Threat

      Bamni is carried to safety as Taxila army enters the fort. Anusuya puts a knife on her brothers throat and orders him to halt his army. When she sees an ailing Bamni, his brother threatens to kill her.

      Release Date - 07-12-2017

    • Episode 10 : The Birth of Two Warriors

      Anusuya manages to hide from her attackers and delivers her son. On the other side of the world, Olympias also delivers her child, who will become Alexander. Meanwhile, Anusuya is caught and faces threat not only to her life but also to her child.

      Release Date - 08-12-2017

    • Episode 11 : Rescued in Time

      Anusuya sees her newborn child falling off the cliff. She goes into a state of shock believing that her son is dead. She is then pushed off the cliff by Bhamnis brother

      Release Date - 11-12-2017

    • Episode 12 : Destiny’s Child

      Bhamnis men who are searching for Anusuyas newborn child, follow a ship and manage to find the child. When Anusuyas trusted aid puts up a fight, he is attacked.

      Release Date - 12-12-2017

    • Episode 13 : The Rise of Porus

      Bahmni gets married to Kadika on the advice of his brother. On the other side of the world, Olympias is teaching Alexander all the things he needs to be a future conqueror. Meanwhile, Porus is growing up and is being trained by the pirates.

      Release Date - 13-12-2017

    • Episode 14 : Saviour Porus

      Porus brutally trashes Darius Farsi aide and his soldiers and rushes to save slaves. He lifts heavy pole and engraving it in the ship, making a hole in it.

      Release Date - 14-12-2017

    • Episode 15 : Diamond Quest

      Dasyu raja asks Sajjan Singh/Ripu Daman to take slaves out of Dasyu Land and kill them.

      Release Date - 15-12-2017

    • Episode 16 : Protector

      Sajjan Singh/Ripu Daman takes salves to the grave yard and ties them to a tree. Hasti informs Puru that baba/Sajjan Singh went to drop slaves to Pourav rastra.

      Release Date - 18-12-2017

    • Episode 17 : Decision To Visit Pourav Rastra

      Sajjan Singhs wife tells Hasti that he will not go to Pourav rastra, let Puru go instead. Hasti says he has got a great opportunity.

      Release Date - 19-12-2017

    • Episode 18 : Confidence Building

      Alexander warns king Satishia to run away if he wants to save his life. Satishia laughs and says he will be killed easily. Alexander throws knife on the soldier in a split of second and kills him

      Release Date - 20-12-2017

    • Episode 19 : Threatening Punishment

      Puru stops Hasti and says he cannot go to Pourav rastra. Hasti warns him not to interfere as he promised already. Puru gets adamant that he will not let him go and holds his hand.

      Release Date - 21-12-2017

    • Episode 20 : Vision To Attack Bharat

      Puru with his team reaches river shore. A man hiding behind tree asks to give his identity.

      Release Date - 22-12-2017

    • Episode 21 : Alexander's Punishment Practice

      Philips returns from the battlefield and seeing Shah Thesias skeleton tied to a horse asks who did this.

      Release Date - 25-12-2017

    • Episode 22 : A Position In The Army

      Farsi soldier misbehaves with Anusuya calling her mad and asks to go away. Anusuya insists to give food to her child. He asks where is her child. Spectators laugh at her.

      Release Date - 26-12-2017

    • Episode 23 : Fight In Paurav Rashtra

      Puru takes Anusuya to a hotel where Farsi soldiers are enjoying the feast. Soldiers angrily pull swords

      Release Date - 27-12-2017

    • Episode 24 : Kanishk's Insult

      Kanishk with soldiers enters the hotel and sees Farsi soldiers on falling on the floor injured. He sees Puru and says they are meeting again.

      Release Date - 28-12-2017

    • Episode 25 : Bamani Want Porus

      In Macedonia, Alexander and his friend enjoy liquor and dance and play a liquor throwing game on target.

      Release Date - 29-12-2017

    • Episode 26 : Mothers Request

      Chintan Kumar asks Puru to think if he wants to go tomorrow or not, his duty was to get him here, he is leaving now.

      Release Date - 01-01-2018

    • Episode 27 : Escape Day

      Moses asks Darius that he is worlds most powerful country Faras king, then why he is behind Bharat.

      Release Date - 02-01-2018

    • Episode 28 : Face Off

      Puru sees Chintan hanged on the road and a message for the Dasyus. One of the Dasyu tells that everyone will die just like Chintan.

      Release Date - 03-01-2018

    • Episode 29 : Darius’s Intentions

      As Puru are about to leave, he is stopped by the guards. Fearing that he will be caught, Puru turns towards the guard.

      Release Date - 04-01-2018

    • Episode 30 : Puru’s Confrontation

      Puru and the Dassius find it hard to get out of the highly guarded palace. During the celebrations, Puru gets into a confrontation with Bamnis son.

      Release Date - 05-01-2018

    • Episode 31 : The Secret Of Porus

      Porus is in disguise. He is asked to greet the Persian princess. The princess asks Porus to show his real face. Will Porus be able to keep his secret? Find out.

      Release Date - 08-01-2018

    • Episode 32 : Porus Escapes

      Porus escapes the Paurav kingdom. While his mother is on the verge of being executed.

      Release Date - 09-01-2018

    • Episode 33 : Porus Rescues His Mother

      Porus is successful in rescuing his mother. On his way out, he demolishes the stage. The King of Persia insults King Bamni for letting Porus escape.

      Release Date - 10-01-2018

    • Episode 34 : Alexander's Campaign

      Porus is returning to the land of the Dasyus. While Alexander is planning a great military campaign. However in the kingdom of Paurav, King Bamni refuses to sit on his throne till the Dasyu who humiliated him is caught.

      Release Date - 11-01-2018

    • Episode 35 : Porus Hides His Mother

      King Bamni is still reeling from his humiliation. Meanwhile the Dasyus are preparing for war against the Paurav kingdom. But Porus returns and is able to calm them.

      Release Date - 12-01-2018

    • Episode 36 : Ripudaman Confronts Porus

      Sajjan Singh talks to Porus.

      Release Date - 15-01-2018

    • Episode 37 : Sumer Is Discovered

      Sumer gets in trouble in the Paurav kingdom.

      Release Date - 16-01-2018

    • Episode 38 : Alexander Returns To Macedonia

      Alexander returns to Mcedonia after his battle.

      Release Date - 17-01-2018

    • Episode 39 : The Interrogation Of Sumer

      King Bamni and King Darius are readying for a battle between their fighters

      Release Date - 18-01-2018

    • Episode 40 : Memories

      Porus sees that the hut in which Anusuya was in has caught fire. He rushes to her rescue and successfully accomplishes the task. Then, Anusuya comes face to face with her past. Will she regain her memory? Watch this episode to find out.

      Release Date - 19-01-2018

    • Episode 41 : Sumer Agrees To Call Puru

      Anusuya identifies Ripudaman/Sajjan Singh, reminiscing all the incidents happened in the past.

      Release Date - 22-01-2018

    • Episode 42 : Anusuya Back To Pourav Rastra

      Puru decides to go to Paurav rastra to find Anusuyas family and reunite her with them and get back Sumer.

      Release Date - 23-01-2018

    • Episode 43 : Puru Returns To Save Sumer

      Puru decides to go to Paurav rastra to find Anusuyas family and reunite her with them and get back Sumer.

      Release Date - 24-01-2018

    • Episode 44 : Porus At Sea

      Porus is taking Anusuya back to the Paurav kingdom.

      Release Date - 25-01-2018

    • Episode 45 : Plan to Kill Alexander

      Alexander enters the bath house unaware that someone has poisoned the water with an intent to kill him. But, to the killers dismay, Alexander gets out of the bath house alive.

      Release Date - 26-01-2018

    • Episode 1 : Alexander Defeats Aredius

      Alexander faces off against Aredius and defeats him.

      Release Date - 29-01-2018

    • Episode 2 : The Prince Enters The Arena

      The last Indian champion is defeated.

      Release Date - 30-01-2018

    • Episode 3 : Porus Enters The Arena

      Porus puts on a mask and enters the arena.

      Release Date - 31-01-2018

    • Episode 4 : Aredius Is Becoming Weak

      Olympias observes Aredius. She makes him weaker and weaker. Alexander too gets suspicious of what Olympias is doing. Meanwhile Porus defeats the final Persian champion and reveals himself.

      Release Date - 01-02-2018

    • Episode 5 : Porus Wins

      After winning the fight, Porus reveals himself to the crowd.

      Release Date - 02-02-2018

    • Episode 6 : Shivdutt warns Puru

      Shivdutt warns Puru not to forget that he is in Pourav Rastra and if he does not submit Anusuya to him, he will kill Sumer.

      Release Date - 05-02-2018

    • Episode 7 : Shivdutt Tries To kill Anusuya

      Shivdutt lets Sumer go in exchange for Anusuya and captures her. He decides to end her life for once and for all.

      Release Date - 06-02-2018

    • Episode 8 : Anusuya’s Memory

      Porus enters the highly guarded palace. He faces Bamnis guards and neutralizes the threat. Meanwhile, Darius comes face to face with Anusuya. Seeing Darius, Anusuya remembers that he is from Persia. Watch this episode to find out what happens next.

      Release Date - 07-02-2018

    • Episode 9 : Kanishk Stabs Puru

      Puru warns Shivdutt to return Anusya and pulls a sword on him.

      Release Date - 08-02-2018

    • Episode 10 : Phillip's Legal Heir

      Sumer returns back to Dasyu lok and Lachi is angry that he left Puru behind who went to Pourav Rastra to save him.

      Release Date - 09-02-2018

    • Episode 11 : Zeus’ son

      Olympias tells Alexander that Philip came to know about him being Zeus son and not his, so he will not make him the king.

      Release Date - 12-02-2018

    • Episode 12 : Barsin Misleads Puru

      Puru finds Anusuyas locket and asks Barsin if she can take him to that woman and Barsin agrees.

      Release Date - 13-02-2018

    • Episode 13 : Anusuya is Captured

      Anusuya nearly comes face to face with Bamni. A few men barge inside and take Anusuya hostage. Bamni is not able to see Anusuya but she catches a glimpse of him and remembers a few brief moments she spent with him. Will Anusuya regain her memory?

      Release Date - 14-02-2018

    • Episode 14 : Barsin’s Intentions

      Olympia tells Alexander he should win the crown at any cost. Alexander takes an oath. Puru defeats Barsin again.

      Release Date - 15-03-2018

    • Episode 15 : Puru Is Devastated

      Puru with Barsin reaches the prison and sees soldiers carrying Anusuyas body and is shattered to see her lying still. Puru determines to kill Bamni and Shivdutt.

      Release Date - 16-02-2018

    • Episode 16 : Puru’s Challenges Bamni

      Puru takes Laachi to river shore and asks her to return back to Dasyu Lok. Puru walks away taking an oath to kill Bamni

      Release Date - 19-02-2018

    • Episode 17 : Bamni And Puru’s Fight

      Puru walks into the Maha Shivratri celebration and alleges that Bamni is a monster king who killed his wife Anusuya.

      Release Date - 20-02-2018

    • Episode 18 : The Truth Unveiled

      Porus engages in a duel with Bamni. Meanwhile, a few men attack Anusuya, who is saved by Ripudaman. Anusuya learns that Puru is her son. Darius learns of Anusuyas presence when she arrives in the nick of time to stop Puru from harming Bamni.

      Release Date - 21-02-2018

    • Episode 19 : Puru’s Identity

      Anusuya arrives when Puru defeats Bamni in the combat. When Puru is about to slay Bamni, Anusuya reveals that he is Bamnis son. Bamni is overjoyed to meet Anusuya and Puru after many years.

      Release Date - 22-02-2018

    • Episode 20 : Ripudaman’s Last Words

      Bamni unleashes the sword to kill his brother but is stopped by Anusuya who does not want blood to be spilled. As Puru is about to hug his father, Bamni, he learns that Ripudaman has been badly injured.

      Release Date - 23-02-2018

    • Episode 21 : Alexander's Journey

      Olympias takes Alexander to meet a lady to get answers to his questions. Puru is devastated after Ripudaman's death and blames Bamni for everything.

      Release Date - 26-03-2018

    • Episode 22 : Anusuya Confronts Darius

      Alexander learns from the lady that in future he is going to be a great conqueror and to become a great conqueror he has to start from Bharath in the west.

      Release Date - 27-02-2018

    • Episode 23 : Hasti’s Conspiracy

      Puru leaves Pourav Rastra with Anusuya to take Ripudaman's body to Dasyu Lok. Bamni is not happy to see them leave. Cleopatra gives birth to a girl child and Phillip is furious.

      Release Date - 28-02-2018

    • Episode 24 : Seeds of Treason

      Porus lights Ripudamans funeral pyre. While his loyalty is being questioned, Dassiu are unaware that their homes are under attack. Meanwhile, Darius meets Shivdutt and plants the seed of treason. Watch this episode to find out what happens next.

      Release Date - 01-03-2018

    • Episode 25 : Dasyu Burns

      While people question Puru's loyalty, Faarsi soldiers enter Dasyu Lok and burn it to the ground. Hell broke loose and everyone is running for their lives.

      Release Date - 02-03-2018

    • Episode 26 : Puru Confronts Darius

      After the attack on Dasyu Lok, Puru tortures the Faarsi infiltrator that he captured during the attack to get the truth out of him. Anusuya tries to adjust again in Pourav Rastra as a Queen. Dasyu Raaj who was supposed to be dead, survives.

      Release Date - 05-02-2018

    • Episode 27 : Puru's Masterplan

      Puru tells Bamni that they should punish the one who is guiding Faroos and that is none other than Faroos King Darius. Puru makes Darius apologise to Anusuya for the inconvenience his battle commander created in Dasyu Lok.

      Release Date - 06-03-2018

    • Episode 28 : Signs Of War

      Anusuya is worried about if Puru has taken the right decision to rebel against Darius. Puru manipulates Darius to make him share his plans and then challenges him that he will kick the Faarsi soldiers out of Bharath.

      Release Date - 07-03-2018

    • Episode 29 : The Prince Who Was Promised

      Bamni introduces Puru as Pourav rastras prince. Alexander tells Olympia that Philip is going to attack Farus and it is the perfect time to play with his mind. Darius decides to wind up all his wealth and send it back to Farus.

      Release Date - 08-03-2018

    • Episode 30 : The First Step

      Puru after becoming the Prince, addresses the common people. Puru tells Darius that he wants to see his Farsi market so Darius sends Barsin to give him a tour of the market.

      Release Date - 09-03-2018

    • Episode 31 : Darius Is Furious

      Darius is furious as he believes that Puru had something to do with the fire in Faarsi market.

      Release Date - 12-03-2018

    • Episode 32 : Bamni Confronts Puru

      After Puru takes his revenge on Darius by setting the Faarsi market on fire, Bamni confronts him about the fire and asks him if he had anything to do with it.

      Release Date - 13-03-2018

    • Episode 33 : Revenge

      Dassiu believe that Puru has betrayed them and seek revenge. They plan an attack with an intent to destroy the food reserves. Meanwhile, going against the tradition, Puru wants his mother to have supper with him and his father.

      Release Date - 14-03-2018

    • Episode 34 : Puru Brainwashes Barsin

      Thatus tries to provoke Phillips' body guard to fight him. Puru tells Anusuya that he'll never accept Bamni as his father. Hasti's actions make Laachi a bit confused and worried.

      Release Date - 15-03-2018

    • Episode 35 : Hasti's Plan

      Hasti has sided with Darius out of his hatred for Puru and has decided to kill Puru and King Bamni on Holi. Lachi and other Dasyus don't have any idea about it.

      Release Date - 16-03-2018

    • Episode 36 : Plan to Kill Porus

      The assassins sneak into the palace and try to kill Puru. Laachi is informed by her mother that Puru should not find out about their plan. Meanwhile, Olympias is planning to kill Philip. Will her plan be successful? Watch this episode to find out.

      Release Date - 19-03-2018

    • Episode 37 : The Assassination Attempt

      In search of answers, Puru arrives at a desolated spot, unaware that he is being watched by Laachi. Meanwhile, the assassination attempt on Philip fails.

      Release Date - 20-03-2018

    • Episode 38 : The Hideout

      Puru finds out the Faarsi hideout and is shocked to see so much gold there. Darius is still raged and wants to take revenge on Puru for the fire in Faarsi market.

      Release Date - 21-03-2018

    • Episode 39 : Puru's Plan

      Puru and Laachi fight off the Faarsi soldiers and play a game of who kills more? to decide who is a better fighter. Barsin confronts Darius as to why he would fix her marriage with a Bharati and that too Bamni's son Kanishk.

      Release Date - 22-03-2018

    • Episode 40 : Philip’s Assassin

      Philip while unveiling his statue reveals his intention to attack Persia. The assassin sent by Olympia is about to kill Philip.

      Release Date - 23-03-2018

    • Episode 41 : Hasti's Lies

      Puru spots Hasti in the Holi celebration and tries to find him in the crowd. Posenius attacks Phillips and stabs him in the stomach which makes Phillip collapse.

      Release Date - 26-03-2018

    • Episode 42 : Puru Is Surrounded

      King Phillips is dead and Alexander being his son, completes his last rites. Laachi tries to convince her mother that Puru and King Bamni are innocent and had nothing to do with the destruction of Dasyu Lok.

      Release Date - 27-03-2018

    • Episode 43 : Hasti Attacks Kanishk

      Holi celebrations are going on in Pourav Rastra and Anusuya gets worried as Puru is nowhere to be seen. Darius's men get Kanishk extremely drunk and let Hasti in his room.

      Release Date - 28-03-2018

    • Episode 44 : Darius’ Revenge

      Bamni is informed that Dassiu have made away with the valuables stolen from the treasury. Then, Bamni sees an unconscious body of his son, Kanishl, being carried by Puru to his chamber.

      Release Date - 29-03-2018

    • Episode 45 : Puru Takes The Blame

      Puru takes the blame for the attack on Kanishk to save Hasti. Darius's plans work perfectly as Kanishk also blames Puru for the attack as he saw Puru standing behind him right after he was stabbed in the back.

      Release Date - 30-03-2018

    • Episode 46 : Darius Reveals His Plans

      Puru recieves 50 lashes in captivity and is not allowed to sleep or eat anything. Darius visits Puru in the cell and calls his a traitor multiple times and evokes anger in Puru with his works. Watch the episode to find what Darius said.to Puru which made his regain his resolve.

      Release Date - 02-04-2018

    • Episode 47 : The Merciless Juggernaught

      Alexander's almighty assault leaves nothing standing in his path. The King who dared to oppose him kneels in front of him, as he realized that Alexander and his army are a force not to be reconed with. Meanwhile, Puru is suffering in the prison due to Darius's heinous plan.

      Release Date - 03-04-2018

    • Episode 48 : Traitor's Blood

      Olympia stops Alexander from going to India. Alexander doesn't listen to her and Olympia warns Alexander that if he goes to India, he may never come back. Bamni accuses Puru for stabbing Kanishk and looting the Pourav and Faarsi ships and declares Puru a traitor and orders his execution.

      Release Date - 04-04-2018

    • Episode 49 : The Day Arrives

      Puru is sentenced to death by King Bamni after he is found guilty of attacking Kanishk and then looting the Pourav and Faarsi ships.

      Release Date - 05-04-2018

    • Episode 50 : Chase

      Puru, Lachi and Maharani Anusuya run away from Pourav Rastra after Puru refuses to serve the sentence. King Bamni and Darius send their forces to search for them and bring them back to Pourav Rastra.

      Release Date - 06-04-2018

    • Episode 51 : Takshashila

      Maharani Anusuya challenges Darius that if he thinks that she was involved in Puru's escape, he should prove it rather than making accusations.

      Release Date - 09-04-2018

    • Episode 52 : Puru’s Fight

      Puru fights a caged bear and ends up slaying the animal. Meanwhile, Anusuya fears for Puru. Bamni forgives Hasti much to Anusuyas relief. Now that Puru has emerged victorious in the battle, what challenges await him, watch this episode to find out.

      Release Date - 10-04-2018

    • Episode 53 : Alexander's Plan

      In Macedonia, Alexander's plan to invade Bharath is almost set in motion after Alexander gets a world map and mark his targets. As told by the Oracle, Alexander is to confront Bharath's protector and Alexander is eager to meet him

      Release Date - 11-04-2018

    • Episode 54 : The Conquest Begins

      Darius orders his soldiers that the night if Kanishk and Barsin's wedding should be the last night of Pourav's royal family and that they should kill them all.

      Release Date - 12-04-2018

    • Episode 55 : A Request

      After Puru saves Ambhi Raj's life, he is impressed. In return Puru requests him to return the favor by providing him his army support to help him build the bridge.

      Release Date - 13-04-2018

    • Episode 56 : Puru is Injured

      Anusuya is worried as Darius is nowhere to be seen. Darius is in a confrontation with Puru, who is helpless as Laachis life is under threat. Darius attacks Puru, who is injured.

      Release Date - 16-04-2018

    • Episode 57 : The War

      The forces of Taxila attack Pauravrastra and Bamni and his forces are caught off-guard. Laachi helps Puru regain consciousness. Bamni finally learns that Darius is behind the attack.

      Release Date - 17-04-2018

    • Episode 58 : The Truth Is Out

      Darius's truth is out in front of everyone and Bamni regrets his decision of not trusting Anusuya and Puru. Darius tells Bamni that he killed Puru with his own hands.

      Release Date - 18-04-2018

    • Episode 59 : The Fight Continues

      After Maharaj Ambhi turns against Puru and Anusuya, an epic battle takes place between the Pourav Rastra forces and Faarsi & Takshashila alliance.

      Release Date - 19-04-2018

    • Episode 60 : Face the Defeat

      The battle continues and Puru is devastated to see the Takshashila Naresh and Maharaj Bamni fighting each other instead of banding together and fighting against Darius.

      Release Date - 20-04-2018

    • Episode 61 : The Battle

      Darius reveals his true face and threatens Puru that he will wipe out the entire kingdom. Puru, not the one to back out, puts up a fight. The armies of Darius battle the forces of Pauravrashtra.

      Release Date - 23-04-2018

    • Episode 62 : Atelus' War Gear

      Pourav Rastra's forces emerge as the winner of the battle against the Faarsi forces. King Bamni announces Puru as his successor. Alexander reaches Faaras to take Atelus' war gear.

      Release Date - 24-04-2018

    • Episode 63 : Shivdutt's Plan

      Alexander takes a step towards conquering Faaras. Darius comes to know about the threat and informs his soldiers to buckle up as they need to teach a lesson of war to the children that are Puru and Alexander.

      Release Date - 25-04-2018

    • Episode 64 : Puru’s Destiny

      Puru expresses his undying love to Laachi. Later, Bamni names Puru as the Prince and asks him to take his vows. The priest informs Puru that his destinty is tied to a man who will soon march towards their homeland with his army.

      Release Date - 26-04-2018

    • Episode 65 : Puru Learns About Alexander

      Alexander wins a major war. When Alexanders commander is about to slay the remaining enemy forces, Alexander stops him. Alexander allows the remaining enemy forces to become a part of his army.

      Release Date - 27-04-2018

    • Episode 66 : Puru's Request

      After learning about Alexander attacking Faaras, Puru asks King Bamni to let him go to Faaras and take a measure of Alexander and his army and strategize to defend Bharath against him but King Bamni rejects his proposition to leave Pourav Rastra.

      Release Date - 30-04-2018

    • Episode 67 : Alexander's Plan

      Alexander meets Darius's sister and tries to persuade her to help him go up against Darius by offering her the Faarsi throne. Kin Bamni announces that Prince Puru will go to Faaras to collect information about Alexander but he will not go alone.

      Release Date - 01-05-2018

    • Episode 68 : The Gordian lock

      Puru receives a letter from Barsin saying that Alexander has already won two battles in Faaras and in the next battle Darius plans to face him himself. Puru decides to help Barsin and get her out of Faaras

      Release Date - 02-05-2018

    • Episode 69 : Declare The War

      Alexander decides to solve the Gordin's lock and sends Ephastian to give it a try but he fails. Alexander then uses his brain and cut the rope with his sword.

      Release Date - 03-05-2018

    • Episode 70 : Vishkanya

      As it turns out, the woman that Puru saved in Faaras and took her on his ship is actually a vishkanya given the task of killing Puru by one of his many enemies. Darius believes that letting Barsin be free was the reason for his loss

      Release Date - 04-05-2018

    • Episode 71 : Plan Your Moves

      Vishkanya sends two snakes into Puru's room. Darius plans his next move by sending a dozen infiltrators in Alexander's army who kill dozens of Alexander's men. Alexander decides to take his revenge.

      Release Date - 07-05-2018

    • Episode 72 : Marching Into The Battle

      Puru tries to get familiar with the kid that he rescued from Faaras in order to gain his trust and get the truth about Vishkanya out of him.

      Release Date - 08-05-2018

    • Episode 73 : Alexander Battles Darius

      Porus manages to escape before the ship sinks into the depths of the ocean. Vishkanya's plan to kill Porus fails. Meanwhile, Alexander prepares for battle against Darius.

      Release Date - 09-05-2018

    • Episode 74 : Ruins Of War

      Puru, Laachi, Ambhi, and Hasti save Vishkanya and Moloy from the ship and all of them get stranded on an island. Puru unmasks Vishkanya and tells everyone her truth.

      Release Date - 10-05-2018

    • Episode 75 : Set In Stones

      Barsi suggests to his father Darius to settle his disputes with Alexander, as she fears her powers are far more than what they envisions. Hasti holds a sword to Vishkanyas throat as they fight over their differences.

      Release Date - 11-05-2018

    • Episode 1 : Face To Face

      Puru saves Vishkanya from getting killed by the Macedonian soldiers. Alexander conquers Faaras but spares Barsin, her mother and her sister as his fight was with Darius and not with them.

      Release Date - 14-05-2018

    • Episode 2 : Instigated

      Alexander addresses the people of Faaras and tells them that they are a part of Macedonia now and he'll make sure that they see better days under his rule. Puru is instigated by Alexander after he takes Barsin, her mother and, her sister

      Release Date - 15-05-2018

    • Episode 3 : The Mystery Unfolds

      Ambhiraj is presented with a ring in the royal court, he identifies it as Ambhi Kumars. Barsine consoles her fellow queens and talks about faith and hope, to their despair Alexander ruins their hope for anything new.

      Release Date - 16-05-2018

    • Episode 4 : Plans For The Great Escape

      Alexander and Ephastian are awaiting for Dariuss reply, while they enjoy the celebration at the royal court. Barsine comes face to face with Porus. They get a message by Ambi Kumar. Alexander threats Barsine not to escape the royal palace.

      Release Date - 17-05-2018

    • Episode 5 : Alexander’s Target

      Porus and Lachi are convinced that Alexander is solely trying to find and lock Darius down. Porus consoles Lachi that Alexander will not let any harm come upon Barsine and her family. Kanish is furious that Puru will take over the throne.

      Release Date - 18-05-2018

    • Episode 6 : Alexander’s Sick Demand

      Alexander is making everyone in his kingdom kiss his feet as a sign of showing respect. Porus and Lachi is in the midst of the crowd and Porus plans to rebel. Ephesian spots Porus and a fight breaks in.

      Release Date - 21-05-2018

    • Episode 7 : Locked Up

      Porus is taken as a prisoner by Alexander. Ephastian taunts Porus about his status resulting Porus to get furious with Ephastian and Alexander. Kanishk and Shivdutt drink to Porus being in prison. Porus is dragged for a Gladiator fight.

      Release Date - 22-05-2018

    • Episode 8 : Gladiator

      Porus tied in chains is brought to the arena. He faces one of the strongest gladiator of the empire. He fights and wins but finally lends a helping hand to his enemy. Alexander watch as Porus wins. Lachi makes a new plan. Watch the full episode!

      Release Date - 23-05-2018

    • Episode 9 : Arrows To The Chest

      The Gladiator fight continues as Porus defeats the first set of Alexanders soldiers. Ephastian announces that the fight will go on. Porus wins again with the enemy down to their knees.

      Release Date - 24-05-2018

    • Episode 10 : One Man Army

      Porus regains his strength and gets up. The arrows cant kill Porus. He defeats the Alexanders army and holds a sword to his neck. The whole empire is shocked to see Poruss power. Watch to find out!

      Release Date - 25-05-2018

    • Episode 11 : The Truth

      Porus holds a sword to Alexanders throat and threats hin for his life. He makes a butf escape but Hephaestion follows him throughout on horseback. Anusuya confides in Bamni that Shivdutt was trying to kill her and Malay. Bamni gets furious.

      Release Date - 28-05-2018

    • Episode 12 : Dethrone

      Porus has escaped Alexandes empire and now Alexander and his soldiers are on the look out. Poruss father is being dethroned, its a shame for him to bear. Alexander captures Lachi. Watch what happens next!

      Release Date - 29-06-2018

    • Episode 13 : On The Run

      Porus has escaped Alexanders rule. He is on horseback and riding his way back to home, but what he doesnt know is at home, his father is dethroned and put in prison.

      Release Date - 30-05-2018

    • Episode 14 : Tortured

      Bamni and his wife is in captive and being tortured. Porus is not there to fight for his parents. He and Lachi are on a boat across the ocean. Alexander mistreats Barsine. Watch how the story unfolds.

      Release Date - 31-05-2018

    • Episode 15 : Power Play

      Kadika pleads to Kanishk not to lose himself in sake of gaining more power. In Bactria, Alexander with Hephastian and Olympa is greeted by Bessus. But Alexander kills Bessus in the most shocking way possible.

      Release Date - 01-06-2018

    • Episode 16 : A Mother's Request

      Anusuya requests Kanishk to reconsider his decision but before Kanishk can give it a thought, Shivdutt intervenes. Porus arrives just as a sword is about to take the life of Bamni and Anusuya.

      Release Date - 04-06-2018

    • Episode 17 : The Tables are Turned

      Porus turns the tables around and defeats Kanishk. But, Shiv Dutt deceives Anusuya and captures her. While capturing Anusuya, Shiv Dutt stabs Bamni, leaving him severely injured.

      Release Date - 05-06-2018

    • Episode 18 : Wounded Father

      Porus carries his wounded bleeding father on horse back. He tries to keep his father conscious as they go travel to a safe zone. On the other side, Kanishk is threatening Poruss mother and has held a sword by her throat.

      Release Date - 07-06-2018

    • Episode 19 : Sense Of Responsibility

      Puru gets to know about the threat when he is informed about Alexander reaching Bharath so he decides to stop Alexander on his way rather than going after Shivdutt and Kanishk to save Anusuya.

      Release Date - 08-06-2018

    • Episode 20 : Time Is Running Out

      Porus gets involved in the strategies of how to stop Alexander from infiltrating his kingdom. Porus mother is being held accountable for all the misfortune.

      Release Date - 11-06-2018

    • Episode 21 : Taint The Honor

      Puru makes strategies to stop Alexander's forces and defeat him on the battlefield and on the other side, Anusuya is being tortured continuously by Shivdutt in front of the people of Pourav Rastra.

      Release Date - 12-06-2018

    • Episode 22 : Prepare For The Worst

      Anusuya assures the Pourav Rastra's people captured by Shivdutt that they will take their revenge on him soon. Acharya Vishnugupt talks to Alexander and teaches him lessons of the Indian ways.

      Release Date - 13-06-2018

    • Episode 23 : Betrayal

      Puru prepares for the great war to come and gives Laachi a secret errand to run for him. Acharya Vishnugupta takes his leave from Alexander and wishes him good fortune in the wars to come.

      Release Date - 14-06-2018

    • Episode 24 : On The Battlefield

      Puru with the Takshashila forces reach the battlefield and witness Alexander coming towards them with a large armada. But when Alexander reaches the field, he is greeted by a group of rage-filled elephants.

      Release Date - 15-06-2018

    • Episode 25 : Puru's Courage

      Puru's plan with the elephants work and he is successful in destroying almost half of Alexander's armada but somehow Alexander is able to get back on his feet and take control of the situation. Ambhi Kumar urges his father to fight for Puru

      Release Date - 18-06-2018

    • Episode 26 : Alexander Vs. Porus

      It s time that Porus and Alexander come face to face, the war is on. As thousands of soldiers try to fight Porus, he somehow survives it all. Finally in a hand to hand battle, Porus falls into the ocean.

      Release Date - 19-10-2018

    • Episode 27 : The Betrayal Of Takshashila

      Puru after faking his death comes back and is greeted by Bamni. Acharya Vishnugupt also reaches there and discusses the further plan with Puru. He also states that he was disheartened after Takshashila's betrayal.

      Release Date - 20-06-2018

    • Episode 28 : Acharya's Words Of Wisdom

      Puru takes the blessings of Jhelum and promises that he won't let a foreign invader rule his golden bird Bharath. The news of Puru's demise reaches Anusuya in Pourav Rastra but she still believes that Puru will return to save her.

      Release Date - 21-06-2018

    • Episode 29 : Return Of A King

      Puru returns to Pourav Rastra disguised as an old man with Laachi and plans on ending Shivdutt's reign and save Anusuya once and for all. Alexander's wife makes him realize that Porus might not have actually died while crossing the bridge.

      Release Date - 22-06-2018

    • Episode 30 : Optimistic Approach

      Porus and Lachi disguise themselves to enter enemy territory. Shivdutt gets furious once he gets to know about Porus infiltrating in his empire. Alexander is convinced that Porus is still alive.

      Release Date - 25-06-2018

    • Episode 31 : Price Of Freedom

      Puru is raged after seeing Shivdutt and wants to kill him right then but Acharya Vishnugupt stops him and says that the time will come. Maharaj Bamni comes back to Pourav Rastra and bands with his soldiers secretly.

      Release Date - 26-10-2018

    • Episode 32 : The Real Fight

      Maharaj Bamni comes face to face with Shivdutt and engages in a combat with him. Alexander finds the dead body of a man in the river which Puru planted himself with his own ring on it to make Alexander believe that it was his.

      Release Date - 27-06-2018

    • Episode 33 : Trial And Execution

      Puru comes face to face with Shivdutt and holds his trial with everyone in sight as judges. He makes Maharani Anusuya execute him in front of everyone and burns him alive.

      Release Date - 28-10-2018

    • Episode 34 : Kanishk's Trial

      Kanishk find Shivdutt's dead body and is filled with rage and decides to get his revenge on Puru. Alexander's mother decides to return to Macedonia now that the biggest threat to her son is no more.

      Release Date - 29-06-2018

    • Episode 35 : The Game Begins

      Alexander in his fury takes over all of his ministers and declares that he will be killing Porus once and for all. Porus and Lachi spend some quality time together.

      Release Date - 02-07-2018

    • Episode 36 : The Decision Is Yours

      Acharya Vishnugupt welcomes Alexander to Pourav Rastra and escorts him into the Raaj Mahal where he believes that he is to be announced as the king but gets shocked after seeing Puru alive. Now Puru has a decision to make whether kill Alexander

      Release Date - 03-07-2018

    • Episode 37 : Alexander Lives

      As Porus gets the choice to either kill Alexander or to let him go, he chooses to let him live. As the whole kingdom watches, Porus claims that the kingdom will follow the king, so he resents the bloodshed.

      Release Date - 04-07-2018

    • Episode 38 : The Coronation

      Puru's coronation takes place in Pourav Rastra after he has let Alexander leave alive. Acharya Vishnugupt believes that his decision to let Alexander leave was wrong.

      Release Date - 05-07-2018

    • Episode 39 : Chanakya's Decision

      Alexander is eager to take revenge on Porus and Olympia wants to exact revenge on Chanakya for betraying her. Meanwhile, Anusuya informs Laachi that she will be the Queen soon and warns her of the turmoil the impending war will bring on the nation.

      Release Date - 06-07-2018

    • Episode 40 : Crossing the River

      Chanakya announces that Porus will lose the war as he isn't prepared to defend his kingdom against Alexander. Porus shows Chanakya that his army is ready for battle.

      Release Date - 09-07-2018

    • Episode 41 : Love And War

      As Porus and Lachi are elated about their engagement ceremony, they take each other for life. The royal court joins as Lachi and Porus takes the next step. Outside in the kingdom Alexander has attacked and everything burns in the fire of his rage.

      Release Date - 10-07-2018

    • Episode 42 : The Message

      Porus and Lachi celebrate their engagement and all the members of the royal court give them their blessing. Alexander gets a message with dead bodies of his soldiers warning him about his presence.

      Release Date - 12-07-2018

    • Episode 43 : Wrath

      As Barsine is locked up by Alexander she wishes that Porus come to rescue her. Porus and Lachis engagement celebration is going on, and the empire seems to be elated.

      Release Date - 13-07-2018

    • Episode 44 : The Engagement

      As Porus and Lachi hold hands for ever, its time to set free all inhibitions and enjoy this glorious mood. But Alexander is agitated and targeting to put Porus down.

      Release Date - 16-07-2018

    • Episode 45 : The Plot to Assassinate Porus

      Porus is stung by a scorpion and the venom starts spreading throughout his body. The antivenom given by Chanakya proves handy as Porus takes it in the nick of time. It is suspected that Parsin hatched the plot to kill Porus.

      Release Date - 17-07-2018

    • Episode 46 : Conflict

      Porus finds out that his murder was plotted by none other than Barsine. Acharya Chanakya gets captured by Alexander and on his death row. More and more problems rise up, as there is a spy in Purus empire.

      Release Date - 18-07-2018

    • Episode 47 : Conspiracy

      Alexander has captured Acharya Chanakya, and he claims that killing Acharya will set an example of Alexanders power in front of all the kings and kingdoms. Poruss doubt solidify about Kanishk, that he might be the one who had set the trap.

      Release Date - 19-07-2018

    • Episode 48 : The Assassin

      While in confinement, Chanakya refuses to bow down to Alexander, who reveals to Chanakya that Porus will soon breathe his last. Meanwhile, the assassin sneaks into the palace with the help of Laachi's brother.

      Release Date - 20-07-2018

    • Episode 49 : Kanishk’s Master Plan

      Its Porus and Lachis wedding day and everyone in the kingdom is more than happy to join the celebration. In between the event, Kanishk plans his attack on Porus, and Sumer helps him through with it.

      Release Date - 23-07-2018

    • Episode 50 : Laachi Defends Porus

      Laachi stands against her mother and defends Porus' honor in front of Dassiu. The Dassiu are enraged that Laachi, who is one of their own, is now defending Porus

      Release Date - 24-07-2018

    • Episode 51 : The Trial

      The night before the trial, Laachi advises Porus to be a just king. Anusuya meets Porus and informs him that the death of Laachi's brother could have been avoided. Meanwhile, Chanakya prepares himself before Alexander sentences him to death.

      Release Date - 25-07-2018

    • Episode 52 : The Judgement

      Its time for the trial at the royal court. Lachi and Porus mother deliver their statements about the death of Laachis brother. Porus mother explains the reason for her erratic behavior.

      Release Date - 26-07-2018

    • Episode 53 : Who Will Porus Choose?

      Its time to take the final decision, and Porus has to punish the guilty. One one side its his wife Laachis family on the other its his own, what will Porus choose? Laachis sword swing at King Naresh makes Porus bleed.

      Release Date - 27-07-2018

    • Episode 54 : Seven Days

      After the grand trial Porus takes the decision that his mother is innocent, but his decision is influenced by Laachi. Laachi commands that Queen Anusuya will get seven days to prove why and how, Sumer was guilty.

      Release Date - 30-07-2018

    • Episode 55 : The Captive

      An argument between Alexander and Kanishk leads to a battle for life between the two. Kanishk manages to escape and Alexander follows him. Meanwhile, Chanakya and disciples capture Olympias and produce her before Anusuya.

      Release Date - 31-07-2018

    • Episode 56 : Kanishk Is No More

      Alexander runs behinds Kanish, and Porus follows both of them. Finally Alexander finds Kanishk and kills him on the spot. Back at Poruss Empire, Anusuya and Olympias argue about their ideologies of war and life.

      Release Date - 01-08-2018

    • Episode 57 : A New Advancement

      Porus and his father find Kanishk. Kanish is bleeding to his death, and in his last breath, he tells Porus that he had framed Poruss murder at the wedding event, and Sumer was involved in it.

      Release Date - 02-08-2018

    • Episode 58 : Unstable Circumstances

      Acharya returns to Paurav Empire to claim that Sumer was involved with Kanish, in the plotting of Poruss murder. Laachi parents get furious over their sons death and decide to leave Paurav Rashtra and take Laahi with them.

      Release Date - 03-08-2018

    • Episode 59 : Breaking All Ties

      Chanakya reveals to Porus that Olympias has been taken captive. But, Porus is reluctant to use Olympias to gain an advantage in the war.

      Release Date - 06-08-2018

    • Episode 60 : Burning The Bridges

      Alexander and Cleitus discuss their failure in building a bridge over river Jhelum that can carry Alexanders army, he learns that the Dasyus Clan live in water and they are quite efficient in the skill of building bridges.

      Release Date - 07-08-2018

    • Episode 61 : The Conspiracy

      Queen Olympias captive at Paurav Rashtra, is setting up a black-magic chamber, Porus and Laachi intervene her ritual to get negative replies from her. Alexander is setting up his army to attack Paurav Rashtra to rescue Olympias.

      Release Date - 08-08-2018

    • Episode 62 : The Battle Begins

      Porus decides to use the skills he learned from Dassiu in the war against Alexander. Meanwhile, the Dassiu are helping Alexander's army in their attempts to cross the river.

      Release Date - 09-08-2018

    • Episode 63 : The War Is On

      Porus and his father prepares for the war and charges forward. While Anusuya and Laachi give them their blessing, Olympias is still captive, but she is setting up her black-magic ritual to cast a dark cloud over Porus.

      Release Date - 10-08-2018

    • Episode 64 : Olympias’s Black-Magic

      As the war takes a more violent form, everyone is distorted in what to do next. Porus charges in and comes face to face with Barsine. Meanwhile Olympiass black magic ritual is getting a score, and obstacles are piling up in front of Porus.

      Release Date - 13-08-2018

    • Episode 65 : A New Strategy

      Hasthi escapes before Alexander can kill him. Porus returns to the palace to a rousing welcome and is hailed by Anusuya. Accompanying Porus is Parsin, who is asked by Porus to stay in the palace for 15 days.

      Release Date - 14-08-2018

    • Episode 66 : The Dark Arts

      Porus has returned from the battle after defeating Alexander. Laachi assures Porus that he is safe and sound in his own palace. Olympias continues to complete her black-magic rituals, and Poruss health deteriorates.

      Release Date - 15-08-2018

    • Episode 67 : The Secret Message

      Porus gets a message from Ambi Kumar, that Alexander is trying something across the river. Olympias casts a black-magic spell on Anusuya and she is under Olympias control now.

      Release Date - 16-08-2018

    • Episode 68 : The Ultimatum

      Porus and Laachi stumble upon the Dassiu forces who are trying to build a bridge that will help the Alexander army to cross the river.

      Release Date - 17-08-2018

    • Episode 69 : Time To Avenge

      Alexander gets a message that Barsine has escaped, he gets enraged with fury and has no time to lose. Alexander discusses with Hephaestion that their army must take full control and charge the Paurav Empire.

      Release Date - 20-08-2018

    • Episode 70 : Under The Influence

      Before going to war Queen Anusuya challenges Porus for a sword duel. Porus gets ready but what he doesnt know is that Anusuya is under the control of Olympias dark-magic. Anusuya violently injures Porus.

      Release Date - 21-08-2018

    • Episode 71 : The Sacred Ritual

      Porus and Acharya Chanakya find out the Olympias has dark-magic powers seated deep within her. They prepare for a ritual to cleanse her soul and bring her back to consciousness. Alexander finds out that his mother is being held captive.

      Release Date - 22-08-2018

    • Episode 72 : Alexander Plans His Revenge

      After the reading the message Alexander is filled with pain and agony that his mother has been captured by his nemesis. Anusuya comes back to her senses and asks for forgiveness. Alexander plans his next step to defeat Porus.

      Release Date - 23-08-2018

    • Episode 73 : Fight For The Motherland

      Dasyu Raj and Maha Nandini decide that helping Alexander would create anarchy and put Laachis life in danger, so they take back their helping hands but Hephaestion very cleverly stabs Maha Nandini to her death

      Release Date - 24-10-2018

    • Episode 74 : The Dawn of War

      The war has dawned upon the land and the battlefield awaits the arrival of Porus and Alexander's army. To reach the battlefield, Alexander's army has to cross the river. Awaiting their arrival on the other side of the river is Porus and his army.

      Release Date - 27-08-2018

    • Episode 75 : Porus Has The Upper Hand

      As the war has come to a mid-ground, the news spread that Porus has defeated most of Alexanders army, and is finally moving forward to rescue Dasyu Raj. On reaching he learns that Laachis mother has been killed by Alexander.

      Release Date - 28-08-2018

    • Episode 1 : Alexander's Strategy

      Olympias regains consciousness and informs Anusuya that Alexander can't be killed and he has already infiltrated their land.

      Release Date - 29-08-2018

    • Episode 2 : The Time Has Come

      Dasyu Raj and Porus devise a new plan of attacking Alexanders army from underwater, and their plan gets executed successfully. Alexander takes full charge and starts attacking the Paurav empire. Olympias laments her decisions.

      Release Date - 30-08-2018

    • Episode 3 : The War Has Just Started

      Porus finds his brother at the aftermath of the war. Alexander has retreated his army and has decided to attack when they least expect it. Ambi Raj is heading Towards Paurav Empire and Laachi and Anusuya is getting ready with their swords.

      Release Date - 31-08-2018

    • Episode 4 : The Face-Off

      The battlefield witnesses intense fight between Alexander and Bamni, who seeks revenge on Alexander for the death of his son. Meanwhile, Laachi and Anusuya stop the forces of Ambhiraj from proceeding.

      Release Date - 03-09-2018

    • Episode 5 : The War Begins

      Porus battles Alexander and his army to the tune of the thousands. Assisting Porus are his mother and wife. Anusuya puts up a tough fight to defeat not only the forces of Alexander but also the army of her brother.

      Release Date - 04-09-2018

    • Episode 6 : Anusuya Against Ambi-Raj

      As the war takes an ugly turn, Laachi and Anusuya are left alone. Porus kills Alexanders horse leaving him in tears. Back at Paurav Empire Anusuya is left alone against Ambi-Raj and his numerous armies.

      Release Date - 05-09-2018

    • Episode 7 : Anusuya’s Last Fight

      As the war reaches its peak, Ambi-Raj captures Anusuya, in the midst of the raging war, Anusuya is left alone and wounded. Ambi-Raj forgets his empathy and stabs Anusuya.

      Release Date - 06-09-2018

    • Episode 8 : In His Arms

      Anusuya falls injured, Porus and his father arrive but its too late. They take her to the medic. Laachi shares her insecurities with Porus and finally Porus picks up his dagger and plans to avenge his mothers death.

      Release Date - 07-09-2018

    • Episode 9 : Revenge

      Porus seeks revenge on Ambhiraj and decides to strike a deal with Alexander. In return for Olympias, Porus asks Alexander to hand over Ambhiraj.

      Release Date - 10-09-2018

    • Episode 10 : The Trap

      Alexander has set up a trap for Porus. By agreeing to hand over Ambhiraj, Alexander wants to trap the rival forces. But, Porus finds out about the plan and retaliates. Ambhiraj makes an attempt to escape but Porus doesn't allow that to happen.

      Release Date - 11-09-2018

    • Episode 11 : Her Last Words

      Anusuya is in her death bed, and Poruss whole world has come crashing on him. Where Alexander is rejoicing with his mother, Porus is lamenting his mothers death.

      Release Date - 12-09-2018

    • Episode 12 : The Last Rites

      Porus performs the last rites of his mother, Anusuya. After the ashes are submerged at sea, Porus receives a message from Abhiraj, who wants to schedule a meeting with Porus. What is Ambhiraj's plan?

      Release Date - 13-09-2018

    • Episode 13 : The Double-Cross

      Ambi Raj plays a trick on Porus trying to bring him closer to Alexander, but things turn nasty as Alexander and Ambi Raj doesnt know that fact that Porus is already aware of what Ambi has done.

      Release Date - 14-09-2018

    • Episode 14 : Ambi-Raj Is No More

      orus and his father, find and trap Ambi-Raj, and serve him the punishment that he deserved. Ambi-Raj tries to escape and ask forgiveness, but for someone who has killed his own sister, there is no mercy.

      Release Date - 17-09-2018

    • Episode 15 : Barsine Fights Back

      After Ambi-Rajs death, Alexander has taken full charge against Porus. Barsine has taken an oath to protect and fight with Porus, and she doesnt move from her words.

      Release Date - 18-09-2018

    • Episode 16 : The Grand Plan

      After Ambi-Rajs death, his sons switches sides and claims that he will take revenge and see Poruss end. On the other side, Barsine faces a new set of difficulties while joining arms with Porus.

      Release Date - 19-09-2018

    • Episode 17 : Loyalties Change

      Ambi has swiftly tricked Alexander into thinking he is on Alexanders side, but actually, he is working towards achieving his master plan with Porus. When nothing goes accordingly Alexander thinks of how to put Porus down to his knees.

      Release Date - 20-09-2018

    • Episode 18 : Alexander's Gift

      A new epidemic is spreading and Porus army is falling victim. Unaware to Porus, Alexander has breached the walls without ever having to cross the river.

      Release Date - 21-09-2018

    • Episode 19 : The Solution

      Porus takes a tough decision in order to save the people from the epidemic and orders his men to destroy all the food stored for the future. The decision comes at a cost; the people face starvation.

      Release Date - 24-09-2018

    • Episode 20 : Commoners Before The Royals

      Poruss decision has saved the people of Paurav Empire, but there are signs of starvation coming along the way. Porus takes another decision to give away the stored food for the royals to the common people of the empire.

      Release Date - 25-09-2018

    • Episode 21 : Barsine Changes The Game

      Porus and his empire are coming to a bad ending, there is a scarcity of food and people are dying out of disease and hunger. Meanwhile, Barsine is trying her best to plant the seed of mistrust in Alexanders army.

      Release Date - 26-09-2018

    • Episode 22 : The People's King

      Porus has decided to meet Alexander but the people refuse to let him get humiliated at the hands of Alexander. The people are willing to sacrifice their lives rather than let Porus suffer humiliation.

      Release Date - 27-09-2018

    • Episode 23 : Signs Of Success

      As Porus, Laachi and the rest rejoice on their high notes, Alexander on the other hand in drowning his sorrows in liquor. Barsine tries to stab Alexander but fails miserably.

      Release Date - 28-09-2018

    • Episode 24 : The Successor

      Amidst the gloom that the war has brought along with it, Porus learns that Laachi is expecting her first child. Porus and Bamni are ecstatic to learn about the news that comes as a ray of hope amidst the turmoil that the war has left behind.

      Release Date - 01-10-2018

    • Episode 25 : The Plot to Kill The Unborn

      Ambhikumar reveals to his mother that he has always harbored feelings for Laachi. Now that Laachi is expecting, Ambhikumar wants the unborn child dead so as to separate Laachi and Porus. Ambhikumar asks his mother to kill the future successor.

      Release Date - 02-10-2018

    • Episode 26 : Another Step To Victory

      Roxane goes out from Alexanders empire, and Alexanders mother is quite aware of it. Meanwhile Barsine is still being mistreated and her unapologetic attitude is making it worse. Porus and Laachi are happy about their future.

      Release Date - 03-10-2018

    • Episode 27 : Barsine’s Death Sentence

      Barsine has been caught for Alexanders murder plotting. She will now be sentenced to her death. Roxana gets shot by an arrow on her way to Paurav Empire. Porus and his father prepare for a new war.

      Release Date - 04-10-2018

    • Episode 28 : Laachi In Trouble

      Ambi-Rajs mothers tries to poison Laachis unborn. Porus finds Roxanas wounded body, and brings her to the kingdom. Alexander gets furious once he finds Roxana missing.

      Release Date - 05-10-2018

    • Episode 29 : The Magadha Empire

      Chanakya and King Bamini seek help from the Dhananand, one of the heads of Magadha Empire. This empire has more spies than soldiers, and they are quite equipped. A helping hand becomes the new move in the game of kings and royals.

      Release Date - 08-10-2018

    • Episode 30 : Dhananand’s Decision

      When Chanakya and King Bamini enters the Magadha Empire, to delegate a negotiation with King Dhananand, its a tough call. To help or not to help, King Dhananand is stuck on his call. Meanwhile at Paurav Empire Roxane wakes up.

      Release Date - 09-10-2018

    • Episode 31 : The End Is Near

      Dhananand has captured Bamini and Chanakya, meanwhile at Paurav Empire Roxane pleads to Porus to let Alexander live and end the war. Ambi-Raj and his mother devise a new plan.

      Release Date - 10-10-2018

    • Episode 32 : The Failed Attempt

      Roxane attempts to kill Porus. Her wish to win over Alexander fails as she faces the wrath of Alexander after her return. Meanwhile, Porus intends to save his father and Chanakya.

      Release Date - 11-10-2018

    • Episode 33 : The Negotiation

      This time Porus himself and his brother arrive at the Magadha Empire. King Dhana Nanda is not happy with this. While Porus has brought produce and resources to please him, but things arent working on his favour.

      Release Date - 12-10-2018

    • Episode 34 : A Tough Choice

      Porus arrives at the Magadha Empire and is greeted by King Dhana Nanda. What Porus doesn't know is that Bamni and Chanakya are knocking on death's door. Dhana Nanda presents the scene, where Bamni and Chanakya's lives hang in the balance, to Porus.

      Release Date - 15-10-2018

    • Episode 35 : Abducted

      Ambhikumar abducts Laachi when she refuses to leave Porus. Alka tries to stop Ambhikumar but in vain. As a last resort, Alka picks up the bow and arrow and aims at her son.

      Release Date - 16-10-2018

    • Episode 36 : The New Ally

      Alka sacrifices her life in an attempt to stop Ambhikumar. Meanwhile, Porus wrestles Dhana Nanda and succeeds in winning his trust. Thus, Porus gets a new ally. Ambhikumar attempts to leave with Laachi but is stopped by Arunayak.

      Release Date - 17-10-2018

    • Episode 37 : The Defenders

      Porus feels that in his absence, Alexander might attempt to invade the land. Chanakya has already made sure the Dassiu are defending against the forces of Alexander upon arrival.

      Release Date - 18-10-2018

    • Episode 38 : The Dawn of the Great War

      Porus learns that Ambhikumar has abducted Laachi. Bamni arrives with his forces to stop Alexander's march. Before Bamni and Porus' arrival, Alexander brings an end to Arunayak, who dies defending his motherland.

      Release Date - 19-10-2018

    • Episode 39 : The Duel of the Kings

      Porus and Alexander face off against each other and go head to head. Laachi sustains injuries while defending her motherland.

      Release Date - 23-10-2018

    • Episode 40 : Alexander Beckons Seleucus

      Alexander informs his men to call Seleucus as he wants his General by his side ahead of the war with Porus. Meanwhile, Porus and Laachi lay rest to the men who have sacrificed their lives for their motherland.

      Release Date - 24-10-2018

    • Episode 41 : Dhananand Meets Alexander

      Porus sees Dhananand's army marching towards him but, Dhananand hasn't arrived with his army. Dhananand meets Alexander instead and informs him that he is fighting beside Porus.

      Release Date - 25-10-2018

    • Episode 42 : Unity is Strength

      Celebrations begin at Pauravrastra and the neighboring kings take part in the extravaganza. Dhananand's presence creates revolt among the kings but Porus makes sure the kings stand united in these testing times.

      Release Date - 26-10-2018

    • Episode 43 : The Game Changer

      Porus and Dhananads meeting isnt going so well, and Porus is left at in an undesirable position. Either he has to put his army or his people at stake. Alexanders fury to conquer Paurav Empire is slowly turning to a selfish pleasure.

      Release Date - 30-10-2018

    • Episode 44 : Seeds of Treason

      Alexander crosses the river and breaches Porus' territory. The news of the arrival of Alexander's army reaches Bamni and he decides to help Porus. When Dhananad is asked to stay back, the ruler Magadh asks for his forces to march North.

      Release Date - 31-10-2018

    • Episode 45 : The Betrayal

      Porus has pinned his hopes on Dhananand but ultimately it is the ruler of Magadh who disappoints Porus. Dhananand refuses to fight for Porus and backs out of the alliance.

      Release Date - 01-11-2018

    • Episode 46 : The End Is Near

      Poruss brother gets to face Alexander and his army all alone, resulting to his death. Now its just a matter of time. While Porus tries his best to stop this massacre, its way too late

      Release Date - 02-11-2018

    • Episode 47 : The Last Battle

      This fight seems like the last one, when Porus is faced with Alexander's great army. Porus with all his might fights his way through an takes revenge for his brother's death.

      Release Date - 06-11-2018

    • Episode 48 : The Epilogue

      The battle field has seen it all, the blood of so many armies and the rivalry of so many kings and queens. It's time that Porus needs a morale boost. The end is near, Alexander fights his last battle, and the winner will take it all.

      Release Date - 07-11-2018

    • Episode 49 : The Ultimate Stride

      While Alexander's army refuses to support him any further, the war is still not over. Bamini and Porus try their last chance by using wild elephants to their advantage, but advantage becomes a death cause pretty fast, as the poor animals suffer a cruel death. In the end, Bamini gets brutally stabbed. What will happen next?

      Release Date - 08-11-2018

    • Episode 50 : The War Is Almost Over

      The enemies at the door. Alexander comes knocking at Paurav empire. It's a fight or flight situation, the end is near and no one knows what will happen next.

      Release Date - 09-11-2018

    • Episode 51 : The Duel of the Immortals

      The walls are breached by the Macedonian army. What lies ahead is the clash of the immortals: Alexander and Porus. The two kings go one on one in an epic battle. Porus' will of steel pierces through Alexander's stern quest to conquer Pauravrastra. Alexander finally gives up and decides to embrace peace and march towards Macedonia.

      Release Date - 12-11-2018

    • Episode 52 : The Epic Will Continue

      Porus and Alexander end their animosity on good terms. While Alexander leaves India, Porus continues his happy life, but the end is unfortunate for both. Alexander dies off a fatal disease and both Porus and Laachi gets murdered, their newborn gets a chance to survive. This marks the end of a new beginning.

      Release Date - 13-11-2018

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    Porus - Cast

    Laksh Lalwani

    King Purushottam / Porus

    Rohit Purohit

    King Alexander the Great

    Aditya Redij

    King Bamni

    Suhani Dhanki


    Sourabh Raaj Jain

    Emperor Dhana Nandh

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