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Prithvi Vallabh

  • Show
  • Family, Drama
  • Hindi
  • Seasons : 1
  • Release Date : 20-01-2018

The story follows the life journey of two kings: Prithvi Vallabh, king of Avantipur, a kind and peaceful man, and Tailap, the neighboring king, who is very cruel.

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    Prithvi Vallabh: What Should You Know?

    • ?What is the release date of Prithvi Vallabh?
    • aThis TV show was first released on 20-01-2018.
    • ?How many seasons does the Prithvi Vallabh TV show consists of?
    • aThis TV show is aired over 1 seasons.
    • ?How many episodes does the Prithvi Vallabh TV show consists of?
    • aAll 1 seasons include 45 episodes.

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    • Prithvi Vallabh - Itihaas Bhi, Rahasya Bhi - First Look

      Prithvi Vallabh - Itihaas Bhi, Rahasya Bhi - First Look

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    Prithvi Vallabh

    • Episode 1 : The Storm Is Here

      The India of 10th Century Era was divided by a small estate. They used to fight with each other often and this enmity was not limited to two Rajyas. India was divided into two parts, Malwa in North and Manyakheta in South. There was a mission to rule, the soldiers are brought from Africa and China to fight the wars and for one such war, a ship loaded with rented soldiers departed from Africa.

      Release Date - 20-01-2018

    • Episode 2 : Attack on Prithvi

      Mrinalvati is surprised by Prithvi Vallabh's skills after they are caught off-guard on the Battlefield. Prithvi apologizes for the lives he couldn't save during the battle. There's an unexpected attack on Prithvi.

      Release Date - 21-01-2018

    • Episode 3 : Mrinal Secretly Goes To Malwa

      Malwas neighboring king Gohil enters Malwa with an excuse. Tailap tells Mrinal that she shall not go Malwa and says it is dangerous. Sulochana tells Mrinal that Malwa has organized Rangutsav where big poets will come and they can enter easily. King Gohil tell his soldier to get a 1000 girls for his entertainment.

      Release Date - 27-01-2018

    • Episode 4 : Mrinal Enters The Palace

      Mrinal plans a bomb attack on the palace wherever there is less public and says she will only kill Singhdant. Rasniti asks Mrinal her to play her instrument-Veena. Prithvi consoles Mrinal and asks her to share her pain with him.

      Release Date - 28-01-2018

    • Episode 5 : Prithvi Thrown Out Of Malwa

      Mrinal kidnaps Singhdant and takes him to some place. Prithvi takes responsibility of the blast.

      Release Date - 03-02-2018

    • Episode 6 : Another Attack on Prithvi

      Maha Kay asks Sindhu to get Prithvi killed. Kosha dances in the palace in front of Tailap and Maharani Jakkave. Mrinal gets restless hearing the song. Prithvi is in the jungle when someone attacks him. Mrinal tells Tailap that she will leave the political life after she conquers Malwa.

      Release Date - 04-02-2018

    • Episode 7 : Mrinal's Hatred

      Guru Aditya asks Mrinal to promise him something. Singhdant tells Maharani that he has hidden the fact of Mrinals hatred towards him from Prithvi. A fire breaks out at Koshas brothel. Prithvi seeks an old woman in the jungle.

      Release Date - 10-02-2018

    • Episode 8 : Prithvi Seeks Some Answers

      Prithvi is finally able to find the old lady in the jungle and seeks some answers from her. Mrinal tells Gurudev that she has decided to live her entire life without a man. The old lady in the jungle gives answers to Prithvi's questions.

      Release Date - 11-02-2018

    • Episode 9 : The War Is Here

      Tailap and Sindu fight in the war place. Prithvi wants to join the war but the old woman stops him and tells him not to go. Sindu defeats Tailap and keeps him captive. Mrinal reads Malwas letter. Prithvi saves Malwa and defeats Tailap in war.

      Release Date - 17-02-2018

    • Episode 10 : Prithvi's Promise

      Tailap is welcomed back by his people after winning the war. Singhdant asks Prithvi to end the enmity between Malwa and Manyakheta. Sulochna reaches Africa with Mrinal and they both are surrounded by African soldiers. Mrinal faints after being surrounded by the soldiers.

      Release Date - 18-02-2018

    • Episode 11 : Signs of War

      Mrinal is determined to attack Malwa once again in order to exact revenge. She informs Tailap to prepare for battle with Malwa. Meanwhile, in Malwa, Prithvi is advised by Kalari to keep aside his feelings as it might prove detrimental, not only for him but also to Malwa, in the war to come. Then, the old Woman, who had the vision of Gajkesari, informs Prithvi that he has Gajkesari's blood in him.

      Release Date - 24-02-2018

    • Episode 12 : The War Begins

      Once again, the forces of Malwa and Manyakhet face-off on the battlefield. Mrinal is determined to win in this war and attacks Malwa with full force. In an attempt to put an end to the war, Prithvi tries to propose a peace treaty to Mrinal but she declines to consider peace with Malwa. Prithvi decides to fight Mrinal one-on-one to prevent thousands of their men from dying on the battlefield. Who will emerge victorious on the battlefield?

      Release Date - 25-02-2018

    • Episode 13 : Mrinal Is Imprisoned

      Never in her wildest dreams, Mrinal would have thought that the place she despises the most: Malwa, will provide her shelter, albeit momentarily. Prithvi carries an injured Mrinal to treat her. Thinking that Mrinal is unconscious, Singhdant arrives in the chamber only to be stabbed by Mrinal. Before Mrinal can slay Singhdant, Prithvi arrives and imprisons Mrinal. What will happen now that Mrinal has tried to kill Singhdant? Will Prithvi succumb to the pressure and order her execution?

      Release Date - 03-03-2018

    • Episode 14 : The Masked Man

      Prithvi disguises himself by wearing a mask and saves Mrinal and sneaks her out of Malwa before anyone kills her. He fights off Muni Raj and his men and also cuts off Muni Raj's hand when he tries to touch Mrinal. Then, Prithvi treats Mrinal by preparing some medicines.

      Release Date - 04-03-2018

    • Episode 15 : Prithvi's Plan

      Mrinal is still in chains with Prithvi in disguise. Prithvi plans to get the truth out of Mrinal about the traitors in Malwa who were sending information to Mrinal. Tailap is worried as he didn't get any news about Mrinal after she went to the war with Malwa. Will Prithvi be able to get the truth out of Mrinal?

      Release Date - 10-03-2018

    • Episode 16 : Attack on Mrinal

      Mrinal sends Prithvi to meet her infiltrator in Malwa, Sulochna to get her help and sends a letter with him. Moolraj informs Sindhuraj that he has found Mrinal and they should kill her and put the entire blame on Prithvi. Moolraj's soldiers attack Mrinal and Prithvi in the cave.

      Release Date - 11-03-2018

    • Episode 17 : Kallari Is Captured

      Sindhuraja tells Maha kay that they need a proof of Prithvi and Mrinal's death so they go to the cave only to find out that Prithvi and Mrinal have already escaped. They get frustrated and capture Sena Adhyaksh Kallari with Mool Raj's men. Meanwhile, Mrinal gets to know that the masked man is actually Prithvi Vallabh and gets furious.

      Release Date - 17-03-2018

    • Episode 18 : Tensions Arise

      Prithvi takes Mrinal to Rasnidhi and Princess Amrusha and tells them to take care of Mrinal at any costs before he takes her to Malwa. Prithvi gets worried about Sena Adhyaksh Kallari as there are no whereabouts of him. King Tailap is attacked in his room and is killed. Will King Tailap's death add to the already risen tensions between Malwa and Manyakhet?

      Release Date - 18-03-2018

    • Episode 19 : Prithvi and Mrinal Arrested

      King Singhdhant is dead and Mrinal is arrested as a suspect in his murder. Guru Aditya informs Jakala about Mrinal's defeat in the war. Prithvi and Kalari are arrested on their way back to Malwa by Malwa soldiers. Tailap recovers from his wounds and comes to know about Mrinal's defeat and decide to gather his army and attack Malwa.

      Release Date - 31-03-2018

    • Episode 20 : Episode 20

      Release Date - 01-04-2018

    • Episode 21 : Episode 21

      Release Date - 07-04-2018

    • Episode 22 : Episode 22

      Release Date - 08-04-2018

    • Episode 23 : Episode 23

      Release Date - 14-04-2018

    • Episode 24 : Episode 24

      Release Date - 15-04-2018

    • Episode 25 : Episode 25

      Release Date - 21-04-2018

    • Episode 26 : Episode 26

      Release Date - 22-04-2018

    • Episode 27 : Episode 27

      Release Date - 28-04-2018

    • Episode 28 : Episode 28

      Release Date - 29-04-2018

    • Episode 29 : Episode 29

      Release Date - 05-05-2018

    • Episode 30 : Episode 30

      Release Date - 06-05-2018

    • Episode 31 : Episode 31

      Release Date - 12-05-2018

    • Episode 32 : Episode 32

      Release Date - 13-05-2018

    • Episode 33 : Episode 33

      Release Date - 19-05-2018

    • Episode 34 : Episode 34

      Release Date - 20-05-2018

    • Episode 35 : Episode 35

      Release Date - 26-05-2018

    • Episode 36 : Episode 36

      Release Date - 27-05-2018

    • Episode 37 : Episode 37

      Release Date - 02-06-2018

    • Episode 38 : Episode 38

      Release Date - 03-06-2018

    • Episode 39 : Episode 39

      Release Date - 09-06-2018

    • Episode 40 : Episode 40

      Release Date - 10-06-2018

    • Episode 41 : Episode 41

      Release Date - 16-06-2018

    • Episode 42 : Episode 42

      Release Date - 17-06-2018

    • Episode 43 : Episode 43

      Release Date - 23-06-2018

    • Episode 44 : Episode 44

      Release Date - 24-06-2018

    • Episode 45 : Episode 45

      Release Date - 30-06-2018

    Prithvi Vallabh Full Details

    S. No.Show NamePrithvi Vallabh
    2Release Date20-01-2018
    4Number of Seasons1
    5Total Episodes45