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  • Show
  • Crime, Action, Adventure
  • Hindi
  • Seasons : 2
  • Release Date : 22-12-2018

Shiv Prakash Shukla a 25 year age boy from Gorakhpur becomes the deadliest gangster of Uttar Pradesh in 1990s. He works for powerful politicians and involves in organised crimes. The state government felt danger from him and form STF to get him killed in a police encounter by tracking his mobile phone location.

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Where to Watch Rangbaaz?

  • Rangbaaz is currently streaming online on Zee5.

Rangbaaz: What Should You Know?

  • ?What is the release date of Rangbaaz?
  • aThis TV show was first released on 22-12-2018.
  • ?How many seasons does the Rangbaaz TV show consists of?
  • aThis TV show is aired over 2 seasons.
  • ?How many episodes does the Rangbaaz TV show consists of?
  • aAll 2 seasons include 18 episodes.


  • Episode 1 : Gangster ka Mobile

    Shiv Prakash Shukla, a regular college going kid, has his destiny changed drastically over the period of one fateful night. One hot blooded act, and the protection of one of the most dangerous men in Gorakhpur puts him onto a collision course that would someday intersect with the path of Siddharth Pandey, a cop with only one target on his radar Shiv Prakash Shukla.

    Release Date - 22-12-2018

  • Episode 2 : Coming-of-Age

    Shiv Prakash Shukla is now more than a blip on Siddharth Pandeys screen; he is a voice on a phone call. But who is the girl he is talking to? Is she their key to getting to him? And how did Shiv turn into this feared gangster from that sweet, innocent boy who just made a mistake?

    Release Date - 22-12-2018

  • Episode 3 : Bhiksha, Shiksha aur Diksha

    Siddharth Pandey uses every means at his disposal to take the next step to getting closer to Shiv while Shiv and Babita continue their phone conversations. Shiv remembers the day he had returned from Bangkok, the incidents that set his fate in stone.

    Release Date - 22-12-2018

  • Episode 4 : Naam Hai Ram Shankar Tiwari!

    With the political turn of events in the region, Shiv meets a new personality who offers him a new avenue of work. Tiwari isnt pleased when he hears of this and begins having concerns about Shivs changing demeanor. Shivs family grows more distant from him and makes him desperate enough to contemplate an earlier offer made by Chandrabhan Singh. Siddharth Pandeys force manages to track Shivs location and decide to strike without support from Delhi Police.

    Release Date - 22-12-2018

  • Episode 5 : Shiv Prakash Kiske Saath Hai?

    Siddharth Pandey tries to handle the morale of the team after Bhagwan Mishras death and decides to change his strategy. In the past, Tiwari gives Shiv an important mark to hit. Shwetas wedding preparations are going on in Shivs absence while he is making plans of his own. Tiwari learns of Shivs affiliation with Chandrabhan Singh and is displeased after a botched hit and decides to take drastic action.

    Release Date - 22-12-2018

  • Episode 6 : Mata Ka Jagrata

    Siddharth Pandeys team is determined to find Babita so they can get to Shiv through her. Few years ago, Rashmi had asked Shiv of her decision to marry Tiwaris nephew which made Shiv hate them, leading to the two locking horns in a fight for supremacy. Shivs phone conversation with Babita gives Pandeys team some solid leads. Tiwari sends Ranjan to weigh Chandrabhans position.

    Release Date - 22-12-2018

  • Episode 7 : Apaharan

    Tiwari tightens his hold over Gorakhpur, egging the police force to start a manhunt for Shiv while Ranjan gets Chandrabhan to arrange a meeting with Shiv. Here, Siddharth Pandey faces pressure to capture Shiv and starts exploring new options. Babita senses danger. Tiwari commands Ranjan to use Kuberchands ransom exchange to get rid of Shiv.

    Release Date - 22-12-2018

  • Episode 8 : National Level ka Criminal

    Tiwari plays his master move and supports the formation of a Special Task Force to hunt down Shiv, making it impossible for him to attend his sisters wedding. Tanuj convinces Shiv not to act impulsively and take the danger seriously.

    Release Date - 22-12-2018

  • Episode 9 : Climax

    Climax of the dramatic story; past and the present finally merge. Shiv struggles with his regrets and misses his family while Siddharth Pandeys force acts on their lead.

    Release Date - 22-12-2018

  • Episode 1 : Power Game

    The CM of Rajasthan asks Amarpal Singh to surrender to the police, in exchange for a ticket for the next elections. Amarpal accepts the offer. We go back in time and see a young college-going Amarapal, who wins his college elections after being coaxed by his friends to contest the same. In an unexpected incident, Amarpal finds a new friend in Jairam Godara, a Jatt from a rival community.

    Release Date - 20-12-2019

  • Episode 2 : Sabki Samadhi Yahi Banegi

    After four months of torture in jail, Jairam comes to Amarpals rescue and bails him out. Upon reaching home, Amarpals wife, Rukhmini, tells him that he has cleared the UPSC exam. However, Amarpal is disheartened as he knows he will be rejected for the IPS post due to his criminal record. He seeks revenge on Raviram and his boss Raja Phogat and starts attacking Phogats illicit liquor business.

    Release Date - 20-12-2019

  • Episode 3 : Dhande Ka Ganit

    Back in jail, Amarpals life is in danger. But his friend Balram sacrifices his life to save Amarpal. During Chikus birthday party, Amarpals home is attacked. The family manages to escape it but sends Chiku to a hostel to keep him safe. Later, Amarpal joins hands with Anupriya, a market trader.

    Release Date - 20-12-2019

  • Episode 4 : Over and Out

    Savitri Devi's campaign begins and she senses Sundar Singhs discomfort. A fixer comes to meet Sanjay Singh Meena and facilitates a meeting between him and Sundar Singh. Anupriya is assigned a new taskto lure Karan Chadda, Raja Phogats supplier, and steal his consignmentwhich she completes successfully. Meanwhile, Amarpal escapes from a fake police encounter.

    Release Date - 20-12-2019

  • Episode 5 : Savdhani Hati , Durghatna Ghati

    Amarpal meets Madan Singh, and the two discuss ways to re-establish the power of the Rajputs in the state. Amarpal arrives at a Jatt rally with Jairam and throws a grenade in the crowd. This unexpected act jeopardizes Jairam and Amarpals friendship leading to Jairams murder.

    Release Date - 20-12-2019

  • Episode 6 : Chakravyuh Hai, Phans Jaayega

    While Sanjay Singh Meenas team raids Amarpals hideout, Raja Phogats men attack his home. But both parties return empty-handed. Amarpal ignores Anupriya's warnings against Sundar Singh and goes all out to ensure his victory in the elections. However, a bigger surprise awaits him. Meanwhile, Chiku is shocked when she discovers that her father killed her uncle Jairam.

    Release Date - 20-12-2019

  • Episode 7 : Girgit Rang Birang

    In the aftermath of their victory, Sundar Singh meets with Savitri Devi to speak about dropping the charges against Amarpal. But Savitri convinces him that Amarpal is now a threat and that they should get rid of him. Sundar Singh then meets Sanjay Singh Meena and hints at killing Amarpal in an encounter. He then goes to meet Raja Phogat and expresses his worry that Amarpal may have seen them together. Raja brushes aside this concern saying they are now in power and need not worry. However, Amarpal has already hatched a plan to kill Raja Phogat. But will he succeed?

    Release Date - 20-12-2019

  • Episode 8 : Do aur Do Paanch

    Sundar Singh gets the news that Raja Phogat has been killed by Amarpal who is now preparing to leave the country. However, when he goes to meet Chiku one last time, she refuses to meet him saying she hates him. Amarpal then has a change of heart and decides to surrender to the police. Savitri devi meets with Sanjay Singh Meena and asks him to kill Amarpal in an encounter. Sanjay Singh Meena then stumbles upon Amarpal's name on the same sheet of paper where his name had appeared in the UPSC exam results.

    Release Date - 20-12-2019

  • Episode 9 : Surrender

    On his way to execute Amarpals encounter, Sanjay Singh Meena reminisces his college days and his admiration for Amarpal. Meanwhile, Amarpal is preparing to surrender to the police. But as he hears gunshots, he realises the real intent of the cops and calls Chiku to apologise to her for all his wrongdoings. As Sanjay Singh Meena shoots him, Amarpals life flashes before him. After his death, Rukmini demands a CBI probe into the fake encounter. But the probe never happens.

    Release Date - 20-12-2019

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Rangbaaz - Cast

Jimmy Shergill

Amarpal Singh

Gul Panag


Sushant Singh

Jairam Godara

Sharad Kelkar

Raja Phogat

Spruha Joshi


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  • Rangbaaz Full Details

    S. No.Show NameRangbaaz
    2Release Date22-12-2018
    4Number of Seasons2
    5Total Episodes18
    6Streaming OnZee5