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  • Show
  • Mystery
  • Hindi
  • Seasons : 2
  • Release Date : 01-12-2018

Lead investigator (Priya Verma) is struggling with her failing marriage as she tries to solve a serial killing case. If things weren't already stressful enough, her colleagues refuse to cooperate with her, leaving her to face her problems on her own. The serial killer is dangerous, has attacked, tortured, raped and killed women, and has now made Priya and one of her colleague, his next targets. Will she be able to catch the killer before he gets to her? Will she be able to overcome her relationship problems and team indifferences?

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    Unafraid: What Should You Know?

    • ?What is the release date of Unafraid?
    • aThis TV show was first released on 01-12-2018.
    • ?How many seasons does the Unafraid TV show consists of?
    • aThis TV show is aired over 2 seasons.
    • ?How many episodes does the Unafraid TV show consists of?
    • aAll 2 seasons include 28 episodes.


    • Episode 1 : Episode 1

      A woman is attacked in her apartment at night. Bade and Chitre debates in a restaurant, when a woman sitting on the side laughs and Bade assumes she is mocking them. Bade provokes Chitre to tell how will he avenge his insult.

      Release Date - 01-12-2018

    • Episode 2 : Episode 2

      Chitre unleashes his maniac side on the captive girl. Piya Verma is assigned the case of the serial killer. In a flashback, Bade uses extreme manipulation to instigate Chitre to take revenge on the girl who mocked him at the restaurant.

      Release Date - 08-12-2018

    • Episode 3 : Episode 3

      Devdutt Raj and his team refuse to co-operate with Piya Verma in the serial killer case. Facing a hostile, DCI Piya Verma uses the media to turn things in her favour. Chitre continues his sick game of torturing his female victim.

      Release Date - 15-12-2018

    • Episode 4 : Episode 4

      Piya Verma goes through the case file of the serial killer. The file reveals the details of the first two murders by the killer. It also shows the honest attempt made by the previous officer Devdutt Raj to catch the killer. The marital life of Piya worsens as Rahil gets more insulting to her.

      Release Date - 22-12-2018

    • Episode 5 : Episode 5

      Piya constitutes her own team to catch the serial killer. Bade manipulates Chitre to make Piya his next victim. The Killer contacts Piya Verma with a message that mocks their effort.

      Release Date - 29-12-2018

    • Episode 6 : Episode 6

      Piya decodes the message from the killer and then re-examines the last site of killing. Rahil is visited by his mom and they wait for Piya. Rahil gets physically abusive on Piya when she fails to show up at home on time.

      Release Date - 05-01-2019

    • Episode 7 : Episode 7

      Piya immerses herself into the murder case. Chitre invades Salonis house and assaults her. He injects her with neurotoxin, then rapes her before finally killing her. Chitre and Badey are rejoicing as they have taught the girl a lesson, for laughing at them. Piya returns home to find Rahil misbehaving without reason. Piya later finds Rahil talking to someone and being in good mood. She finds it upsetting. Back at office, Salonis mother comes to meet Piya.

      Release Date - 12-01-2019

    • Episode 8 : Episode 8

      Piya and her team visit Salonis house to investigate. Chitre stalks Piya as she goes about doing her job. Piya notices him but doesnt give much heed to it. Badey is upset with Chitre for changing the plan of dumping the body in the forest and instead staging it at Salonis house itself. He says its too risky, but Chitre wants to have fun. Piya makes a critical discovery and instructs her team to scout the place for CCTV footage.

      Release Date - 19-01-2019

    • Episode 9 : Episode 9

      Piya and her team are trying to solve the Salonis disappearance case. Meanwhile, Vasu, on Devdutts instruction leaks the news to the media, which forces the entire department to be on their toes to solve the murder. Piya handles Salonis mother with confession, who is distraught over her loss. Chitre and Badey figure out that Devdutt might have leaked the news to put Piya on the spot. He decides to teach Devdutt a lesson.

      Release Date - 26-01-2019

    • Episode 10 : Episode 10

      A press meet is organized for Piya to update the media about Smiley Killer case. Piya handles herself well despite being new to the job. The Home Minister and DCI chief are pleased that their plan worked to find someone to take charge of the risky case. Piya gets to meet the investigation team. When she returns home from work, Rahil doesnt let her in. Piya is forced to go back to her office to spend the night. Meanwhile Chitre and Badey are plotting to get Devdutt out of their way. Piyas instinct pays off and the team finds a clue to track down the killer.

      Release Date - 02-02-2019

    • Episode 11 : Episode 11

      Release Date - 09-02-2019

    • Episode 12 : Episode 12

      Release Date - 16-02-2019

    • Episode 13 : Episode 13

      Release Date - 23-02-2019

    • Episode 14 : Episode 14

      Release Date - 02-03-2019

    • Episode 15 : Episode 15

      Release Date - 09-03-2019

    • Episode 16 : Episode 16

      Release Date - 16-03-2019

    • Episode 17 : Episode 17

      Release Date - 23-03-2019

    • Episode 18 : Episode 18

      Release Date - 30-03-2019

    • Episode 19 : Episode 19

      Release Date - 06-04-2019

    • Episode 20 : Episode 20

      Release Date - 13-04-2019

    • Episode 1 : Episode 1

      With the pressure building up from the Home Minister, Piya is on her toes to solve the Saloni disappearance case.

      Release Date - 21-01-2020

    • Episode 2 : Episode 2

      Inspite of her personal and domestic issues with her husband, Piya manages to get an important clue which will take the case to another level.

      Release Date - 28-01-2020

    • Episode 3 : Episode 3

      The Blackmailer threatens Devdutt to stay away from Piya and the case. Will he succumb to the threats?

      Release Date - 04-02-2020

    • Episode 4 : Episode 4

      Devdutt and Piya agree to keep their differences aside and work together to catch the Smiley Killer. While Chitre and Piya's encounter end up in a tussle, Piya manages to dig her nails into his neck.

      Release Date - 11-02-2020

    • Episode 5 : Episode 5

      Piya finds out some dirty truth about Rahil which might ruin their married life forever.

      Release Date - 18-02-2020

    • Episode 6 : Episode 6

      With the DNA results out, Piya is quite convinced about the Smiley Killer. Meawhile, Chitre is taking the game to a whole new level.

      Release Date - 25-02-2020

    • Episode 7 : Episode 7

      Piya and Devdutt plot an elaborate strategy to nab Chitre. Will Chitre fall for the trap?

      Release Date - 03-03-2020

    • Episode 8 : Episode 8

      Devdutt and team scout the entire city to track down Piya. Will Piya and Shalini manage to fight against Chitre and put an end to Chitre's brutality?

      Release Date - 10-03-2020

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  • Unafraid Full Details

    S. No.Show NameUnafraid
    2Release Date01-12-2018
    4Number of Seasons2
    5Total Episodes28