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Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke

  • Show
  • Drama, Family
  • Hindi
  • Seasons : 1
  • Release Date : 18-03-2019

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke (transl.These Relationships Are Of Love) is an Indian drama television series that premiered on 18 March 2019 on Star Plus and streams on Hotstar It is a spin-off of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai.The story follows the journey of Mishti Agarwal and Abir Rajvansh as they question age old concepts of arranged marriages and relationships.

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Where to Watch Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke?

  • Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke is currently streaming online on Hotstar.

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke: What Should You Know?

  • ?What is the release date of Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke?
  • aThis TV show was first released on 18-03-2019.
  • ?How many seasons does the Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke TV show consists of?
  • aThis TV show is aired over 1 seasons.
  • ?How many episodes does the Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke TV show consists of?
  • aAll 1 seasons include 55 episodes.

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke

  • Episode 1 : Meet Mishti and Abir

    Know About This?

    Release Date - 18-03-2019

  • Episode 2 : Mishti's Emotional Performance

    Ketki's mother creates a scene at the Kutch Utsav while Mishti gets emotional during her stage performance. Later, Kuhu spots Mishti's long-lost father.

    Release Date - 19-03-2019

  • Episode 3 : Abir Tricks Mishti

    Meenakshi declares the annulment of Ketki's engagement after facing stiff opposition from Abeer. Later, Abir pranks Mishti when he spots her at the temple.

    Release Date - 20-03-2019

  • Episode 4 : Naman Threatens Rajeshri

    Naman blackmails Rajeshri and threatens to take Mishti away from her. Later, Kuhu and Mishti's dance makes Varsha emotional.

    Release Date - 21-03-2019

  • Episode 5 : Abeer Bumps into Mishti

    A disguised Mishti snatches the money bag from Naman, which he swindled by blackmailing Rajeshri. Later, Abeer bumps into her in an attempt to confront her.

    Release Date - 22-03-2019

  • Episode 6 : The Maheshwaris to Visit the Raajvanshs

    The Maheshwaris and the Raajvanshs plan to get their children married. Meanwhile, Naman decides to spoil the Maheshwaris' Holi celebrations.

    Release Date - 25-03-2019

  • Episode 7 : Naman's Evil Intentions

    Kunal acts weird after drinking a cup of spiked coffee. Later, Naman secretly follows Mishti to the Holi party with an evil plan in mind.

    Release Date - 26-03-2019

  • Episode 8 : Rajshri's Shocking Revelation

    Abeer and Mishti have fun playing Holi with each other. Later, Rajshri reveals the truth about Naman's wicked deeds to Vishambar.

    Release Date - 27-03-2019

  • Episode 9 : Abeer Thrashes Naman

    Abeer thrashes Naman at the party and labels him as a criminal. Later, Vishambar and his family learn some shocking truths.

    Release Date - 28-03-2019

  • Episode 10 : Mishti Meets Abeer

    Abeer lectures Kunal about moving on and starting over. Later, Mishti shares a moment with Abeer while Meenakshi calls a family meeting.

    Release Date - 29-03-2019

  • Episode 11 : Kunal to Marry Kuhu

    Kunal agrees to marry Kuhu while Rajshri remembers Naman's actions during Holi party. Later, Meenakshi finds a vital clue in Kuhu's picture.

    Release Date - 01-04-2019

  • Episode 12 : Meenakshi Shocks the Maheshwaris

    Vishambar is told about Naman's release while Abeer suspects Meenakshi. Later, she visits the Maheshwari's and makes a shocking announcement.

    Release Date - 02-04-2019

  • Episode 13 : Abeer Is Heartbroken

    Abeer is heartbroken after learning that Meenakshi wants to get Mishti and Kunal married. Meanwhile, an infuriated Kuhu vents her anger on Mishti.

    Release Date - 03-04-2019

  • Episode 14 : Mishti Meets with an Accident

    Abeer apologises to Mishti after leaving the Raajvansh mansion. Later, he carries her to the hospital after she meets with an accident.

    Release Date - 04-04-2019

  • Episode 15 : Abeer Gets Suspicious

    Abeer is concerned about Mishti while Rajshri assumes Kunal is the reason for her well-being. Later, he gets suspicious seeing Naman at the hospital.

    Release Date - 05-04-2019

  • Episode 16 : Kuhu Is Baffled

    Meenakshi is shocked to learn that Kunal is in Gujarat while Mishti refuses to believe that Kunal saved her. Later, Rajshri's unexpected decision baffles Kuhu.

    Release Date - 08-04-2019

  • Episode 17 : Abeer, Mishti on an Adventure

    Meenakshi tries her best to track Kunal's location while Kuhu approves of Rajshri's decision. Later, Mishti and Abeer have an amazing paragliding experience.

    Release Date - 09-04-2019

  • Episode 18 : Mishti's Dilemma

    Devyani supports Rajshri's decision while Mishti shares her concerns with Kartik and Naira. Later, the Maheshwaris struggle to convince Mishti for marriage.

    Release Date - 10-04-2019

  • Episode 19 : Mishti Said Yes?

    The Maheshwaris visit the Raajvanshs during Ketki's sangeet ceremony, leaving Meenakshi confused. Later, Abeer is disheartened to learn that Mishti agreed to marry Kunal.

    Release Date - 11-04-2019

  • Episode 20 : Raajvanshs have a Get-together

    Meenakshi gets a vital clue from Abeer's room while Kuhu and he engage in a friendly conversation. Later, the Raajvanshs and Maheshwaris have a dance-off.

    Release Date - 12-04-2019

  • Episode 21 : Meenakshi's Cunning Ploy

    The police are after Kuhu and Mishti while Meenakshi looks on with a smirk. Later, Abeer learns a shocking truth about the incident.

    Release Date - 15-04-2019

  • Episode 22 : Abeer Apologises to Meenakshi

    Kuhu and Mishti are delighted to receive a special gift from Vishambar. Later, Yashpal and Kunal take a bold step while Abeer apologises to Meenakshi.

    Release Date - 16-04-2019

  • Episode 23 : Ketki's Haldi Ceremony

    Mishti puts forth a condition to Kunal after he and Yashpal invite the Maheshwaris to Ketki's haldi ceremony. Later, Abeer and Mishti share a moment.

    Release Date - 17-04-2019

  • Episode 24 : Mishti, Kunal's Marital Courtship

    Meenakshi is furious to learn that Mishti wants to do a marital courtship with Kunal. Later, Rajshri tries to convince Meenakshi during Ketki's Haldi ceremony.

    Release Date - 18-04-2019

  • Episode 25 : Mishti Is in a Dilemma

    Rajshri urges Mishti to drop her plans of having a conditional marriage while Meenakshi comes up with an odd tactic to stop Kunal from accepting Mishti's condition.

    Release Date - 19-04-2019

  • Episode 26 : Abeer Supports Mishti

    Kunal meets Kuhu to know about Mishti's concerns while Abeer supports her decision. Later, Mishti suspects foul play when she spots Ved.

    Release Date - 22-04-2019

  • Episode 27 : Mishti to Expose Ved

    While the Raajvanshs welcome Ved and his family at the wedding, a tensed Mishti struggles to inform Abeer about Ved's misdeeds.

    Release Date - 23-04-2019

  • Episode 28 : Mishti Has a Plan

    Meenakshi locks Mishti in a room when she fails to prove her accusations. Later, a disguised Mishti executes an ingenious plan to expose Ved.

    Release Date - 24-04-2019

  • Episode 29 : Mishti Exposes Ved!

    Mishti ingeniously tricks Ved and exposes him in front of the guests at the wedding. Later, Meenakshi slaps him while Abeer consoles Ketki.

    Release Date - 25-04-2019

  • Episode 30 : Meenakshi Is Confronted

    The Maheshwaris are shattered to learn about Meenakshi's conspiracy. Later, the family confronts her for her misdeeds.

    Release Date - 26-04-2019

  • Episode 31 : Mishti Consoles Abir

    Mishti secretly meets Abir while Mrs Parekh spots them together. Later, Mrs Parekh visits the Maheshwaris and creates a scene.

    Release Date - 29-04-2019

  • Episode 32 : Vishambar Warns Abir

    Vishambar spots Abir and Mishti together at midnight and gives him a stern warning. Later, Meenakshi meets with an accident at the temple.

    Release Date - 30-04-2019

  • Episode 33 : Meenakshi Agrees to Mishti's Terms

    Meenakshi agrees to Mishti's terms while the Maheshwaris are glad about her changed behaviour. Later, Abir saves Mishti from a mishap.

    Release Date - 01-05-2019

  • Episode 34 : Mishti Meets Kunal

    Mishti meets Kunal to know him better. However, he asks her to coordinate with his secretary. Later, Abir plans their date.

    Release Date - 02-05-2019

  • Episode 35 : Mishti, Kunal Go on a Date

    Mishti and Kunal go on a date while Meenakshi puts her plan into action. Later, Ketki gets kidnapped in front of Abir and the others.

    Release Date - 03-05-2019

  • Episode 36 : Mishti Dreams about Kunal

    Mishti scolds Abir for fighting with Ved and injuring himself. Later, she fantasises about Kunal after she receives a bouquet from him.

    Release Date - 06-05-2019

  • Episode 37 : Mishti Is Excited

    Mishti is excited about her interview, unaware that Kunal is the director of the company. Later, Meenakshi comes across a shocking fact.

    Release Date - 07-05-2019

  • Episode 38 : Meenakshi Confronts Vishambhar, Rajshri

    Kunal asks Mishti to reject the job offer. Later, Meenakshi confronts Rajshri and Vishambhar for hiding the truth about Mishti's identity.

    Release Date - 08-05-2019

  • Episode 39 : Good News for Kuhu

    Kuhu is delighted after getting a job in Kunal's company while Meenakshi comes across a shocking fact. Later, Mishti coincidentally visits Abir's NGO for an interview.

    Release Date - 09-05-2019

  • Episode 40 : Meenakshi's Twisted Ploy

    Kuhu is excited about her first day at the office while Meenakshi meets Mishti and manipulates her. Later, Abir finds himself in an awkward situation.

    Release Date - 10-05-2019

  • Episode 41 : Who Is Abir's Dream Girl?

    Abir paints a stunning picture with his eyes closed. Later, Meenakshi provokes Kunal against Mishti and creates a misunderstanding between them.

    Release Date - 13-05-2019

  • Episode 42 : Meenakshi Is Tensed

    Meenakshi panics when an important courier goes missing. Elsewhere, Abir tries to pacify a stressed Kunal.

    Release Date - 14-05-2019

  • Episode 43 : Abir Gets Restless

    While Kunal seeks Abir's help to impress Mishti, the latter struggles to avoid her. Elsewhere, Meenakshi comes up with a dreadful plan.

    Release Date - 15-05-2019

  • Episode 44 : Kunal, Mishti Team Up

    Kunal and Mishti make arrangements for the exhibition. Later, Abir hides Mishti's portrait from Kunal, but a surprise awaits him.

    Release Date - 16-05-2019

  • Episode 45 : Mishti Is in Danger

    As the exhibition hall is on fire, both Abir and Kunal risk their lives to save Mishti. Will it be too late?

    Release Date - 17-05-2019

  • Episode 46 : Yashpal Doubts Abir

    The Raajvanshs are annoyed with Kunal and Mishti's newspaper articles. Later, Yashpal gets suspicious of Abir's feelings.

    Release Date - 20-05-2019

  • Episode 47 : Kunal's Unexpected Announcement

    Kunal agrees for the Goddhana ceremony and decides to tie the knot with Mishti. Elsewhere, Abir wakes up from a strange dream.

    Release Date - 21-05-2019

  • Episode 48 : Kuhu Is Anxious

    Mishti talks about her feelings with Naira while Abir gets her a thoughtful gift. Later, a furious Kuhu is jealous of Mishti.

    Release Date - 22-05-2019

  • Episode 49 : Kunal to Surprise Mishti

    Kunal plans a surprise for Mishti while he and Abir get into an argument. Later, Kunal learns a shocking truth.

    Release Date - 23-05-2019

  • Episode 50 : What Will Mishti Decide?

    A confused Mishti contemplates over her surgery. Elsewhere, Meenakshi visits the Maheshwaris with a plan.

    Release Date - 24-05-2019

  • Episode 51 : Kunal Gets Arrogant

    Kunal behaves rudely with Mishti while Abir defends her actions. Irritated by Kuhu's actions, he fires her from the job.

    Release Date - 27-05-2019

  • Episode 52 : Kuhu Berates Mishti

    An angry Kuhu asks Mishti to leave the house. Later, Mishti agrees to help Kuhu but gets doubtful of her own disinterest in her relationship.

    Release Date - 28-05-2019

  • Episode 53 : Abir Makes His Decision!

    Rajshri fears Meenakshi's wrath. Later, before the Goddhana Rasam, Abir plans his final meeting with Mishti while Meenakshi resolves to ruin it.

    Release Date - 29-05-2019

  • Episode 54 : A Shocker for Mishti

    Mishti is displeased as she finds out about Kunal's past relationship. Elsewhere, Abir makes a decision after reading Mishti's diary.

    Release Date - 30-05-2019

  • Episode 55 : Mishti Takes a Tough Stand

    During the Goddhana ceremony, Meenakshi and Parul execute their secret plan as Naman makes a surprise entry. Later, Mishti does the unthinkable during the ritual while Abir joins the ceremony.

    Release Date - 31-05-2019

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    4Number of Seasons1
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