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Beverly Hills Bordello

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  • Seasons : 2
  • Release Date : 01-02-1996

Beverly Hills Bordello was a softcore series aired on premium cable. It was an anthology series that centered around the fictional Winston Spa located in Beverly Hills. The spa was a bordello run by Madam Veronica Winston.The only recurring character was Veronica Winston who was played by Nicole Gian, Monique Parent and Gabriella Hall during the various seasons the show ran.

Unfortunately the show is not available to stream online on your favorite apps like Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, Hulu or HBO Max.

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    Beverly Hills Bordello: What Should You Know?

    • ?What is the release date of Beverly Hills Bordello?
    • aThis TV show was first released on 01-02-1996.
    • ?How many seasons does the Beverly Hills Bordello TV show consists of?
    • aThis TV show is aired over 2 seasons.
    • ?How many episodes does the Beverly Hills Bordello TV show consists of?
    • aAll 2 seasons include 29 episodes.

    Beverly Hills Bordello - Cast

    Gabriella Hall

    Veronica Winston

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    Beverly Hills Bordello

    • Episode 1 : Teach Me

      With their relationship in trouble because their love life lacks their old spark, a couple visits the Winston Spa and gain a new understanding of each other.

      Release Date - 01-02-1996

    • Episode 2 : Forbidden Fruit

      A woman, successful in business, yearns for personal fulfillment, but she finds that the men in her life only see her as a means for career advancement. On a friends recommendation she visits Madam Victoria Winston at the Beverly Hills Bordello where she meets a man who appreciates her for her beauty and brains.

      Release Date - 08-02-1996

    • Episode 3 : The Boyfriend

      Frank, angered when he discovers that his new girlfriend Linda works for Madame Winston, starts an argument which causes Linda to leave him. Hat in hand he goes to the spa to apologize but Linda rejects him so he hires another girl, which helps Linda to understand his feelings.

      Release Date - 15-02-1996

    • Episode 4 : The Lieutenant

      A corrupt police officer uses his badge to blackmail Veronica into making her bordello and employees available to him at no cost. The Madam comes up with a plan to put him in his place.

      Release Date - 22-02-1996

    • Episode 5 : Reunion

      Jack finds his secret high school crush, Missy, working at Winston Mansion and confesses his long held feelings.

      Release Date - 29-02-1996

    • Episode 6 : Girlfriends

      Girl talk takes an erotic turn when Jane, Allison, Tracy and Nancy compare notes and reveal their innermost fantasies to and of each other.

      Release Date - 07-03-1996

    • Episode 7 : Exchange Program

      A Latina Call girl provides and eye-opening education when the establishment joins a foreign exchange program.

      Release Date - 14-03-1996

    • Episode 8 : Drawing the Line

      When an veteran call girl finds out that she is losing the business from her regular clients to younger women she decides it's time to get out of the business, but not until she pulls one last trick.

      Release Date - 21-03-1996

    • Episode 9 : Taboo

      When Jennifer finds herself having erotic fantasies about a female co-worker, she seeks advice from the Beverly Hills Bordello's on-line service and gets some friendly advice.

      Release Date - 28-03-1996

    • Episode 10 : Better Than the Couch

      When his wife leaves him, John creates a fantasy life with a loving wife and an equally passionate lover. Needing fulfillment for his fantasies John goes to the Beverly Hill Bordello. When John tells his therapist about his fantasy and reality experiences, the psychiatrist is drawn in the fantasy and goes to the spa himself.

      Release Date - 04-04-1996

    • Episode 11 : Use Your Imagination

      An Amorous couple act out a passionate fantasy of meeting in a bordello.

      Release Date - 11-04-1996

    • Episode 12 : Silence Is Golden

      A call girl is puzzled by the behavior of one of her customers who never speaks when they are together and seeks help in finding out why he behave so strangely.

      Release Date - 18-04-1996

    • Episode 13 : Wish List

      A frustrated novelist visits the Winston Spa seeking inspiration for the love scenes in his latest work.

      Release Date - 25-04-1996

    • Episode 14 : All Night Long

      A bordello veteran who specializes in the art of striptease and her protg make short work of two young sailors who come to Madam Winston's establishment.

      Release Date - 02-05-1996

    • Episode 15 : The Assignment

      While researching the bordello for a newspaper article a reporter named Dave interviews Madam Winston, receives tour of the house and an eye-opening exclusive.

      Release Date - 09-05-1996

    • Episode 16 : Witness Protection

      A witness is sequestered at the bordello.

      Release Date - 16-05-1996

    • Episode 17 : Inspiration

      A frustrated novelist visits the Winston Spa seeking inspiration for the love scenes in his latest work.

      Release Date - 23-05-1996

    • Episode 1 : Role Play

      A Hollywood starlet decides to delve deep into reality in order to research an upcoming role as a showbiz call girl.

      Release Date - 05-02-1998

    • Episode 2 : The Bachelor Party

      A soon to be bride follows her fianc to the bordello to watch his bachelor party.

      Release Date - 12-02-1998

    • Episode 3 : Love Lessons

      On the eve of their wedding soon to be bride, Delores, sends her fiance, Ralph, to the Beverly Hills Bordello for expert lessons in lovemaking techniques.

      Release Date - 19-02-1998

    • Episode 4 : Janet & the Professor

      Janet enrolls her professor friend in a private crash course for a master's degree in pleasure at Beverly Hills Bordello University.

      Release Date - 26-02-1998

    • Episode 5 : Performance

      Zena has lost her zest for enjoying and arousing her bordello clients. Madam Veronica places her with veteran Amanda for some motivation.

      Release Date - 05-03-1998

    • Episode 6 : Things Your Wife Won't Do

      A romantic anniversary celebration goes sour for Bill and Marie when he wants to spice up their sex life but she isn't as adventurous. Frustrated, Bill takes his desires to the Beverly Hills Bordello.

      Release Date - 12-03-1998

    • Episode 7 : Research

      A college coed writing an expose on prostitution struggles with objectivity during an undercover stint at that haven of eroticism known as the Beverly Hills Bordello.

      Release Date - 19-03-1998

    • Episode 8 : In the Clinches

      When a shady European customer named Otto threatens to expose the Bordello and it's cliental if Veronica doesn't give him free services, Veronica enlists the help of the local police chief foil the blackmailer.

      Release Date - 26-03-1998

    • Episode 9 : Adultery... Cyber-Style

      When they enter the Beverly Hills Bordello virtual blue room where anything is possible and everything is legal two couples engage in virtual wife-swapping.

      Release Date - 02-04-1998

    • Episode 10 : Temptations

      When Jennifer finds herself having erotic fantasies about a female co-worker, she seeks advice from the Beverly Hills Bordello's on-line service and gets some friendly advice.

      Release Date - 09-04-1998

    • Episode 11 : The Witness

      When a former Beverly Hills Bordello employee, now a federal agent, sequesters a witness at the bordello, with an unlimited account, undercover takes on a whole new meaning.

      Release Date - 16-04-1998

    • Episode 12 : Divine Inspiration

      Veronica's new assistant is in reality an investigative reporter for a religious publication who is writing an expose on the Beverly Hills Bordello until Veronica helps him to see the light from a different direction.

      Release Date - 23-04-1998

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  • Beverly Hills Bordello Full Details

    S. No.Show NameBeverly Hills Bordello
    2Release Date01-02-1996
    4Number of Seasons2
    5Total Episodes29