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  • Drama, Mystery
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  • Seasons : 3
  • Release Date : 21-12-2003

BlackJack is a series of Australian television movies created by Shaun Micallef and Gary McCaffrie, and starring Colin Friels. The movies began airing on Network Ten in 2003 and concluded in 2007. They were shown in the United Kingdom on the BBC and UKTV Drama.After testifying against his former colleagues in a corruption trial Sydney detective Jack Kempson is reassigned to a unit charged with entering the details of old cases into a police database. He unofficially begins to investigate unsolved crimes dating back many years.

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    BlackJack: What Should You Know?

    • ?What is the release date of BlackJack?
    • aThis TV show was first released on 21-12-2003.
    • ?How many seasons does the BlackJack TV show consists of?
    • aThis TV show is aired over 3 seasons.
    • ?How many episodes does the BlackJack TV show consists of?
    • aAll 3 seasons include 19 episodes.


    • Episode 1 : Murder Archive

      Kempson is sent to the police department archives to rot - there he tracks down the perpetrators of long unsolved crimes.

      Release Date - 16-03-2003

    • Episode 2 : Sweet Science

      Release Date - 07-11-2004

    • Episode 3 : In the Money

      Release Date - 11-09-2005

    • Episode 4 : Ace Point Game

      A father is kidnapped and held captive by two sisters who want revenge for their double-rape a decade previously. But what if they have the wrong man?

    • Episode 5 : Dead Memory

      A young woman goes missing when her car breaks down one night. Her body is found in a national park. When similarities are found with a previous disappearance, Jack picks up the pursuit of both cases.

      Release Date - 27-08-2006

    • Episode 6 : At the Gates

      Release Date - 24-09-2006

    • Episode 7 : Ghosts

      Release Date - 02-12-2007

    • Episode 1 : Murder Archive

      Justice means more than punishing those who commit crimes.It means never giving up in the search for the truth.Justice is Detective Jack Kempsons creed.Jack Kempson started out as an idealistic cop. Thirty years on, he remains relentless in tracking down villains, but has lost confidence in his moral barometer. He turns a blind eye to the dubious methods employed by some of his contemporaries prepared to let dodgy means be justified by the noble end.The police brotherhood has allowed him to survive all the crap that happens to him in his private life.But something is shifting in Jack and, when a quantity of drugs signed out in his name goes missing, Jack smells a rat and becomes a whistle blower he just cant accept the corruption anymore.This is his first big mistake, because the department turns its back on him, banishing him to the purgatory of supervising data entry into a new computerised crime tracking system. He is sent to rot in the basement.The system being established uses new technology to solve old cases. The data base is not yet complete, but allows Jack to work at what he loves best solving crimes.Jack works outside the system unauthorised work but the crimes he digs up are still crying out to be solved. Jack is driven by the despair of the parents of a boy kidnapped and never found 30 years ago, and the memory of the loss of his wife.As he seeks to find answers from long ago, his journey into the past teaches him that he is not the man he thought he was.

      Release Date - 21-12-2003

    • Episode 2 : Sweet Science

      In 1992 a loving father was gunned down in front of his kids at their Saturday morning football game. The murder led to a series of underworld murders in what police assumed was a pay back killing.12 years later, is it that the victims young sons witnessed their father's brutal death that they turn to crime themselves, or was it that the police did nothing to solve his murder?Jack is faced with a dilemma when he suspects the boys are involved in a string of daring robberies. He races to close the unsolved killing before the boys seek their own retribution.

      Release Date - 21-12-1993

    • Episode 3 : In The Money

      Years ago, an innocent mother was brutally murdered. Now her husband has just survived what appears to be an attempt on his life. Is someone really trying to kill him and if so why? Jack must investigate this latest crime is it connected to the secrets flowing from Julia's death many years before? Jack battles with these issues and the possible involvement of his own father-in-law in the murder.Jack has an inkling the wrong man is in jail. Using the new Crimetrace photogrammetry technology for blood spatter analysis and advanced DNA testing, he sets out to right the wrong of the past and in the process makes himself very unpopular indeed.Set against the seedy background of the Greyhound racing industry, BlackJack - In the Money probes the secrets of a family torn apart many years ago. In doing so, Jack's daughter encourages him to reconnect with his own troubled family.

    • Episode 4 : Ace Point Game

      Two sisters kidnap the man they believe raped them years ago with the intention of taking revenge. As police pursue the women and their hostage, Kempson re-examines the old evidence to determine if the man they're holding prisoner really is the attackerbut also considers leaving him to his fate should he prove guilty. Alongside this Jack is forced to contend with the distancing relationship between himself and his daughter, and the repurcussions of sleeping with a work colleague. Will he finally get rid of his miserable and deviant boss, and be reinstated, or has he finally bitten off more than he can chew?

    • Episode 5 : Dead Memory

      A young woman goes missing when her car breaks down one rainy night. Her body is later discovered in a national park and for Detective Jack Kempson's offsider Sam, details of the crime mirror the disappearance of her friend Hannah, who vanished without trace some years ago. In Kempson's pursuit of the truth Sam is forced to face the sordid secrets of her past.Notes: Elizabeth Friels is Colin Friels' niece. Yvonne Strzechowski is the same actress who stars in the 2007 NBC series Chuck (but now named Yvonne Strahovski)

    • Episode 6 : At The Gates

      Ten years ago, a baby was killed in a house arson fire after a violent home invasion. The parents used the tragedy as a motivation to help build an evangelical community church but now the mother has comes to Jack for help. Jack agrees to look into the still unsolved crime but in looking for the truth Jack will have to fight the system and his own conscience to uncover a tangled web of lies and deception. In the end, Jack must decide if the truth should prevail over the interests of the innocent.

    • Episode 7 : Ghosts

      Nearly 20 years ago a young mother was shot during an apparent kidnapping and subsequent police chase. Now after all that time, the man in jail for the murder is about to be paroled. Jack has two missions - to bring the father and his daughter back together and to find out if any justice has been done by the conviction.Notes: Filmed in 2005 along with other two movies in the second trilogy, Network Ten kept Ghosts on the shelf until late 2007 before quietly slipping it in on a Sunday once the official ratings period was over.Liz's boyfriend Ian is played by Shaun Micallef, the co-creator of the Blackjack franchise and the writer of this movie.

    • Episode 8 : Clinical Chart 8: Thoughts For Green

    • Episode 9 : Clinical Chart 9: The Carbuncle

    • Episode 10 : Clinical Chart 10: Sinking Woman

    • Episode 1 : Clinical Chart 11: Visited Memories

      Black Jack's latest patient holds a link to Pinoko's past.

      Release Date - 16-12-2011

    • Episode 2 : Clinical Chart 12: The Beautiful Avenger

      Black Jack is kidnapped by the government of a war-torn country.

      Release Date - 16-12-2011

    BlackJack - Cast

    David Field

    Colin Friels

    Kate Beahan

    Kikuko Inoue

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    S. No.Show NameBlackJack
    2Release Date21-12-2003
    4Number of Seasons3
    5Total Episodes19