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  • Show
  • Fantasy, Mystery, Drama
  • English
  • Seasons : 1
  • Release Date : 17-07-2020

When a group of teenagers are trapped in a lodge by a mask wearing madman, they realise their only chance at escape might be a quiet eight year old girl from another dimension with a dark and troubled past.

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    Dollface: What Should You Know?

    • ?What is the release date of Dollface?
    • aThis TV show was first released on 17-07-2020.
    • ?How many seasons does the Dollface TV show consists of?
    • aThis TV show is aired over 1 seasons.
    • ?How many episodes does the Dollface TV show consists of?
    • aAll 1 seasons include 9 episodes.


    • Episode 1 : Chapter one: The beginning of the end

      The first few days the teenagers spend isolated in the mysterious Salem lodge go smoothly, but Aega's strange new illness grows worse.

      Release Date - 17-07-2020

    • Episode 2 : Chapter two: Normal is an illusion

      While unconscious, Aega meets a strange girl. Armani and Calum try to cure her, and Sofi reveals a strange text she got from a guy the day prior.

      Release Date - 17-07-2020

    • Episode 3 : Chapter three: Ripple

      Out of her dream state, Aega is unsure if what she experienced is true. An ultimatum from a masked man raises tensions, and the only option is to believe in the impossible.

      Release Date - 17-07-2020

    • Episode 4 : Chapter four: I will be calm

      Aega tries to convince Gio to follow her to the real world, the jester attacks Calum and Sofi and Armani try to find a way to enhance Aega's alleged powers.

      Release Date - 17-07-2020

    • Episode 5 : Chapter five: To cut through

      Now in the real world, the three must treat Gio after the injury she sustained from the monster. The jester sends another threat, and Sofi struggles to deal with her parents divorce.

      Release Date - 17-07-2020

    • Episode 6 : Chapter six: The Robinson's were here

      As Gio is slowly nursed back to health, the four try to question her about the jester and his new ultimatum.

      Release Date - 17-07-2020

    • Episode 7 : Chapter seven: Something wicked this way comes

      The new plan to find the weapons room is underway as Aega and Gio bond. A flashback shows more insight into Gio's mysterious past.

      Release Date - 17-07-2020

    • Episode 8 : Chapter eight: Welcome to my nightmare

      Calum wakes in a strange alternate dimension, and while avoiding dangerous beasts, slowly begins to piece together the truth behind Gio's mysterious past and the Jester's true identity.

      Release Date - 17-07-2020

    • Episode 9 : Chapter nine: The bombing of McQuoid carnival

      Calum finds a way to communicate with the group, and with time up and the jester on their tail, its a race against the clock for Sofi to get to the weapons room and back--and also a bargain as to whether Gio is strong enough to face off against him.

      Release Date - 17-07-2020

    Dollface - Cast

    Thelma Ashibuogwu

    Armani Hadley

    Ladii Adebayo

    Aega Storm

    Dei Abbey

    Calum Ohara

    Tore Abbey

    Sofia Smith

    Kitan Adebayo

    Giordan Robinson

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  • Dollface Full Details

    S. No.Show NameDollface
    2Release Date17-07-2020
    4Number of Seasons1
    5Total Episodes9