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Hard Rock Medical

  • Show
  • Drama
  • English
  • Seasons : 4
  • Release Date : 09-06-2013

Follows a diverse group of students navigating their way through a four-year adventure in the most challenging medical training program in the world.

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    Hard Rock Medical: What Should You Know?

    • ?What is the release date of Hard Rock Medical?
    • aThis TV show was first released on 09-06-2013.
    • ?How many seasons does the Hard Rock Medical TV show consists of?
    • aThis TV show is aired over 4 seasons.
    • ?How many episodes does the Hard Rock Medical TV show consists of?
    • aAll 4 seasons include 39 episodes.

    Hard Rock Medical

    • Episode 1 : Q and Eh?

      What do medical schools look for in a prospective doctor? Youd think it would be book smarts, high marks, and a basic type-A personality. Then why the crazy interview questions? Most of the candidates are baffled by the process. All they can do is hope to find the right answersand that who and what they are will get them over the bar and on their way to being a doctor.

      Release Date - 09-06-2013

    • Episode 2 : Baptism by Fire

      The first day of anatomy class has everyones undivided attention, except for Charlieshe has pressing family business to attend to. Gina almost becomes the early first victim of medical schools high attrition rates until an unlikely rescuer talks her off the ledge and back into class.

      Release Date - 09-06-2013

    • Episode 3 : The Hunt

      The students are introduced to one of their constituenciesa First Nations communityby participating in a moose hunt complete with ritual preparations, the dispatching of the animal, and the enjoyment of the spoils. Gary and Faridas beliefs clash, and, back in town, Gina walks in on a pharmacy robbery.

      Release Date - 16-06-2013

    • Episode 4 : Clinic in Motion

      A clinic is set up in a former construction trailer in a remote community. Melanie oversteps her authority and confronts a miner she believes is abusing his wife. Eva is surprised when one of the clinics patients is her ex-lover and band mate, and a goat is Charlies reward for a job well done. Strapped for cash, Gina takes a job modeling for a life-drawing class.

      Release Date - 23-06-2013

    • Episode 5 : Lifeline

      Students have their first encounter with difficult medical conditions dementia and terminal cancer. While caring for an elderly dementia patient, Gina and Melanie have an argument over Melanies apparent reporting of a wife abuser. Charlie and Farida have different ideas about how to help a single mom with cancer deal with her kids.

      Release Date - 30-06-2013

    • Episode 6 : Love, Labour, Loss

      Dr. Helvis sister is in prolonged labour, and Gary and Cameron are brought in to assist. Eva and Nancy are on rotation in the maternity ward at the Sudbury hospital, where Eva helps a couple of young Aboriginal teens through their ordeal. Nancy comes face to face with her past, while Gina gets a reminder from the registrar that her tuition is overdue.

      Release Date - 07-07-2013

    • Episode 7 : Down Under

      The students head 5,000 feet underground to understand what it means to be a miner. Charlie witnesses a death and Melanie comes face to face with the man she falsely accused of spousal abuse. Gina gets a shock when some unexpected visitors turn up at her life modeling class.

      Release Date - 14-07-2013

    • Episode 8 : Rock and a Hard Place

      Gina receives a surprise letter from the registrar: her tuition has been paid in full and she has no idea by whom. Charlies failure to save a dying miner sends him into a deep depression. Dr. Healy and Nancy attend to a famous Aboriginal artist, while Dr. Helvi deals with a miner who might (or might not) have swallowed some precious gemstones.

      Release Date - 21-07-2013

    • Episode 9 : Gratitude

      At Thanksgiving, Eva brings Gary to the reserve to meet her family and share some moose meat. Eva gets an unpleasant surprise when she finds her ex high on bath salts and her cousin Trevor dealing the deadly substance. Nancy hosts a Thanksgiving dinner and opens up to Faridaafter being introduced to medical marijuana. Cameron receives an unexpected visitor at his studio, and Charlie gets an avian prescription for his depression.

      Release Date - 02-08-2013

    • Episode 10 : Woop Woop

      Healy and his students head into the Northern bush to learn survival skills. Nancy and Healy find some common ground, and Charlie gets an unpleasant surprise when hes forced at gunpoint by a trappers wife to perform some delicate surgery. Gary returns to Australia to attend his grandmothers funeral. There, he runs into his ex-fianc and her husband and discovers hes been misled by his parents.

      Release Date - 04-08-2013

    • Episode 11 : Other Side of the Fence

      The students get a firsthand look at their future as they spend a day in a seniors home. Gary returns to the place of his birth and is introduced to his Aboriginal family for the first time. Nancy has Healy look at her plumbing, and Eva makes a trip to the Sudbury correctional facility.

      Release Date - 11-08-2013

    • Episode 12 : Face Off

      Prepping for the final anatomy exam is Ginas worst nightmareshell have to see Juliets face and to dissect and extract her brainand she doesnt know if she can handle it. Plus shes at her wits end wondering what to do with her gift .Charlies wife presses him to get a vasectomy. Rumours swirl about Healy and Nancy, while Gary and Eva get a lot closer than they ever would have imagined.

      Release Date - 18-08-2013

    • Episode 13 : Diamonds and Dust

      A memorial for cadavers Romeo and Juliet is set for a cold and snowy spring day. Gina has a plan for her memory diamondsto send them back to the earth at the memorial service. Charlies goat has other ideas. Cameron realizes that hes been tricked from beyond the grave, and Gina gets a nasty shock when she meets Juliets living, breathing twin sister.

      Release Date - 25-08-2013

    • Episode 1 : Trouble

      With school on hiatus, the students pursue personal interests - but the break is anything but quiet. Trouble lurks as Charlie and Gina search for the missing diamonds, Farida tries to shake off her past, and Dr. Healy and Nancy appear to be on a self-destructive journey.

      Release Date - 15-02-2015

    • Episode 2 : Tent City

      Half the class visits a, tent city, on the outskirts of Sudbury where they endeavour to help a host of people living in a makeshift shanty town. From a pregnant intravenous drug-user to a man stuck with porcupine quills, the students do what they can to help. Charlie finds financial relief (or so he thinks), and Melanie comes face-to-face with the man she wrongfully accused. Dr. Helvi tries to prevent Dr. Healy from descending further into a personal hell.

      Release Date - 15-02-2015

    • Episode 3 : Prison Confidential

      Charlie's unauthorized prescription to a prisoner puts both he and Farida in jeopardy, Melanie is intrigued by an inmate's cannabis cure for White Hand Syndrome; Eva and Gary have a confrontation with a racist police officer and Dr. Cardinal rekindles an old friendship, all while trying to talk Dr. Healy through a recurring nightmare.

      Release Date - 22-02-2015

    • Episode 4 : Big Fish

      Gary and Cameron find themselves trapped at a fly-in only camp with television fishing show icon, Sam Pisano. Charlie tries to make good on a promise to a prison inmate, while Melanie tries to patch things up with a miner she wrongly accused, and Gina learns something about Dr. Dallaire's personal history with Dr. Healy.

      Release Date - 01-03-2015

    • Episode 5 : Tree of Life

      During a Tornado disaster simulation in an isolated campground, Dr. Helvi's patience is tested by both the students, the role playing actor's and a real casualty that turns up with unusual symptoms. Charlie and Farida help out a victim of a roadside accident, and while attending to her ex-husband who is in a coma, Nancy gets a surprise visitor.

      Release Date - 08-03-2015

    • Episode 6 : Knockin' on Heaven's Door

      Melanie and Gina try to help a wheelchair-bound octogenarian through a suicidal crisis. Charlie tries to make good on a promise to an inmate but gets inadvertently drawn into a financial mess. Nancy learns some unsettling news from Warren's fiance while Gary tries to help out a junkie, inspiration strikes Cameron and Dr. Healy's isolation takes its toll.

      Release Date - 15-03-2015

    • Episode 7 : True Nature

      Gary and Charlie attend an autopsy conducted by Dr. Helvi and learn some unsettling news. With Warren out of his coma, he and Nancy have a heart-to-heart and Dr. Healy nurses a shotgun victim back to health. Farida tries to help Erica find a good home for her two boys, and Gina and Eva find Charlie's missing goat.

      Release Date - 22-03-2015

    • Episode 8 : Change is Gonna Come

      A seemingly healthy Dr. Healy tries to get his job back and Farida tries to atone for her sins. Cameron tries to build bridges with his father and Charlie gets caught in a lie to Tara; Gary has a crisis of faith and Eva's cousin, Trevor, gets much more than he bargained for when his girlfriend Amanda gives birth.

      Release Date - 29-03-2015

    • Episode 1 : Dark Side of The Moon

      Sent out in pairs, the students shadow an emergency medical team, do shifts in a hospital ER, attend to a street kid with frostbite, and keep a watchful eye on Mylo, a teenage cancer patient who has a steroid induced vision during a First Nations Full Moon Ceremony.

      Release Date - 08-01-2017

    • Episode 2 : Five for Fighting

      While on patrol with a law officer, Gary gets a taste of northern justice and a heaping helping of racism. Cameron and Gina discover that drug addiction isnt just for the young. Eva and Melanie try to talk Mylo into resuming chemotherapy, and Charlies marital counseling session goes off the rails.

      Release Date - 15-01-2017

    • Episode 3 : Digitus Anularis

      Charlie and Gary perform a snowmobile rescue of a lumberjack with severed fingers. Gina and Cameron come face to face with an elderly, over-prescribing doctor, and Farida deals with the death of a patient and close friend. Nancy suspects two monks of having AIDS.

      Release Date - 22-01-2017

    • Episode 4 : Missed Diagnoses

      Cameron and Gina look in on a patient with a broken leg only to discover a couple of junkies dealing drugs and running a surprising illegal enterprise. Charlie is forced to move in with his father and Farida struggles with grief, while Camerons secret sideline as an art forger is threatened. Nancy gets schooled by Helvi for jumping to conclusions.

      Release Date - 29-01-2017

    • Episode 5 : Shortsighted

      Faridas surprisingly poor performance assessment puts her on the facultys radar. Nancy deals with a former cup winning hockey enforcer who comes into the ER with signs of PTSD. Charlie steps in between Gary and a racist cop, Eva mishandles confidential information, and Ginas animal rescue project is outed to Cameron.

      Release Date - 05-02-2017

    • Episode 6 : Bad Day at the Office

      Eva eases Amandas return to the Rez to meet the baby she ran out on. Melanie helps Mylo find her way back to treatment for her leukemia and Healy confronts Farida about her drug use, while Ginas animal rescue operation is busted.

      Release Date - 12-02-2017

    • Episode 7 : Playing with Matches

      A cancer free Kyle comes through town and has Eva questioning her choices. Charlie takes the kids for the day but double books himself and drops them off with his dad - which gets him into hot water with his wife. A complaint is laid against Cameron and Gina that leads them to a new understanding of ethical medical standards.

      Release Date - 19-02-2017

    • Episode 8 : Tainted Blood

      An altercation with racist cop Sid puts Gary's med career in jeopardy. Nancy thinks up a unique idea to help her concussion patient get over his depression. A rift between Eva and Bonnie erupts at Melanie's bone marrow drive on the Rez.

      Release Date - 26-03-2017

    • Episode 9 : Urn to Let Go

      Dallaire confronts Gary about his assault of a police officer. Eva and Bonnies acrimonious relationship is laid bare for the entire community to see. Ginas apology to a patient goes terribly awry and Charlie gets news that may put an end to his dream of a medical career.

      Release Date - 05-03-2017

    • Episode 1 : Dreaming the Life

      In the season premiere, Farida treats a child with a superficial injury, and gets a front-row seat to a custody battle. Charlie comes clean to Dallaire about the encounter between Gary and a dirty cop. Following a bone-marrow donation, Eva asks for a transfer out. Dawn arrests on Camerons watch, Gina is wheeled into the ER after her assault, and Nancy deals with the aftermath of a patients suicide.

      Release Date - 03-01-2018

    • Episode 2 : Quo Vadis

      Charlie wants to keep things as normal as possible while Tara begins chemo treatment. A judge orders Gary into reconciliation classes with a racist cop. Farida crosses the line with Ericas ex-husband, Nick. Recovering from a bone-marrow donation, Eva ends up doing more caregiving than self-care, and Cameron checks in with Gina, who is suffering retrograde amnesia after her assault.

      Release Date - 03-01-2018

    • Episode 3 : Too Close for Comfort

      Mel and Gina begin their placement with the disorganized, addicted and cranky Dr. Kesler. Mylo boomerangs back into Evas care as Bonnie begins treatment for her hepatitis C. Farida skips therapy and chooses to unburden herself to a long-suffering Dr. Healy. Mould in Charlies house has him turning up with his family on his fathers doorstep moments after Eddy shows a home invader the business end of his shotgun.

      Release Date - 14-01-2018

    • Episode 4 : Irrashional

      Farida tries to care for a little girl while fending off her warring parents. Dr. Kesler reveals his Achilles heel to Gina. Charlie and Gary respond to a distress call at a hoarders apartment. Nancy receives a special delivery from Sergio from beyond the grave. Mel suspects a case of elder abuse, and Cameron makes a questionable diagnosis.

      Release Date - 14-01-2018

    • Episode 5 : His Name is Mud

      Gina and Cameron get a shock after treating a gunshot victim. Nancy receives a surprise visit and request from her eldest son, Sean. Marleys biological grandmother shows up on Evas doorstep, sending Amanda and Trevor into a tailspin. Mylo learns the truth behind her fathers death.

      Release Date - 16-01-2018

    • Episode 6 : Stuff

      Nancys finds herself at odds with Dr. Helvi over her handling of a teenage girls case. Farida discovers the reason behind Kristas mysterious rash. Dr. Kesler brings Gina on a house call with disastrous consequences. Eddy finds yet another way to get into trouble with the cops and Charlie. Camerons multiple missteps land him in disciplinary trouble with Dean Dallaire, and Melanie rescues an elderly patient abandoned in the ER.

      Release Date - 16-01-2018

    • Episode 7 : Breaking Point

      Gina and Melanie find Dr. Kesler going through withdrawal, forcing Gina to step in and make a tough call. Garys unorthodox approach to a reconciliation session backfires. Charlies discovery of Eddys and Taras collusion ends up very badly for an avian dream home. Helvis and Nancys relationship reaches a breaking point. Farida lays down the law with Kristas parents, and Melanie helps her elderly abuse patient regain some personal autonomy.

      Release Date - 23-01-2018

    • Episode 8 : Three Chords and the Truth

      Good news about Taras progress is dampened by Charlies bad news about the house. Eva tries to deal with Marleys grandmother while trying to protect Amanda and Trevor. Nancys attempt to send Sergio off into space brings her face to face with a life-and-death situation. Gina sees Dr. Kesler through rehab with some tough love. On an EMS ride-along with the dirty cop, Gary and Charlie save a life and learn the cops secret. Farida deals with heartbreak.

      Release Date - 23-01-2018

    • Episode 9 : White Coats

      After four long years, will the students get their coveted white coats?

      Release Date - 30-01-2018

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