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House Of Cards

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  • Drama
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  • Seasons : 7
  • Release Date : 01-02-2013

Set in present day Washington, D.C., House of Cards is the story of Frank Underwood, a ruthless and cunning politician, and his wife Claire who will stop at nothing to conquer everything. This wicked political drama penetrates the shadowy world of greed, sex and corruption in modern D.C.

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  • House of Cards is currently streaming online on Netflix.

House of Cards: What Should You Know?

  • ?What is the release date of House of Cards?
  • aThis TV show was first released on 01-02-2013.
  • ?How many seasons does the House of Cards TV show consists of?
  • aThis TV show is aired over 7 seasons.
  • ?How many episodes does the House of Cards TV show consists of?
  • aAll 7 seasons include 78 episodes.

House of Cards

  • Episode 1 : The Direct Address

    Addressing the viewer directly is an important element in House of Cards. In this video, the protagonists tell more background information about the use of direct addressing in House of Cards.

  • Episode 2 : Backstage Politics on the set of House of Cards

    A look behind of House of Cards.

  • Episode 3 : A Death In New Mexico

    House of Cards was mainly filmed in the Baltimore's film studios. The location was only relocated to New Mexico once. This video shows which special challenges of the location had to be overcome.

  • Episode 4 : Table Read of Episodes 12 & 13

    This video shows how the producer, the director, the actors and other guys prepare for the shooting of episodes 12 & 13 of House of Cards in a joint lecture.

  • Episode 5 : Two Houses

    In this video, the makers of the US version of House of Cards tell how they followed the British model and where and why they deviated from the model.

  • Episode 1 : Chapter 1

    When the newly elected President reneges on a promise, Francis and Claire decide to sever all allegiances and toss the rules out the window.

    Release Date - 01-02-2013

  • Episode 2 : Chapter 2

    Francis and Doug plan to frame Secretary of State nominee, Michael Kern. Meanwhile, Zoe's popularity at the Washington Herald continues to grow.

    Release Date - 01-02-2013

  • Episode 3 : Chapter 3

    Francis heads for his hometown to deal with a crisis. Zoe negotiates the politics of being a journalist on the rise. Claire finds herself a new business partner.

    Release Date - 01-02-2013

  • Episode 4 : Chapter 4

    Francis shakes down the Congressional leadership. Zoe is offered the promotion of White House Correspondent and doesn't know if she should take it or not.

    Release Date - 01-02-2013

  • Episode 5 : Chapter 5

    A feud starts between Francis and Marty Spinella. Russo goes into depression about the job losses at the shipyards.

    Release Date - 01-02-2013

  • Episode 6 : Chapter 6

    The strike between Frank and Marty starts to get out of hand. Russo has decided to run for Governor of Pennsylvania.

    Release Date - 01-02-2013

  • Episode 7 : Chapter 7

    Frank helps Peter get ready for his governor race, but Peter is starting to have second thoughts. Doug tries to help a young hooker in trouble.

    Release Date - 01-02-2013

  • Episode 8 : Chapter 8

    Frank has a library named after him at his old military school. Peter tries to win back the support of his hometown.

    Release Date - 01-02-2013

  • Episode 9 : Chapter 9

    Frank tries to do whatever it takes to get the new bill passed in Congress. Russo goes on a bus campaign with the Vice President, but the VP is not making it an easy trip for him. Zoe's relationship with Frank gets a little bumpy.

    Release Date - 01-02-2013

  • Episode 10 : Chapter 10

    Claire fuels an old flame. Peter wrestles with his demons. Francis crosses the point of no return.

    Release Date - 01-02-2013

  • Episode 11 : Chapter 11

    Zoe extends her time away from The Hill while Francis tracks down Russo and engages in damage control.

    Release Date - 01-02-2013

  • Episode 12 : Chapter 12

    The President sends Frank to St. Louis to persuade Raymond Tusk into becoming the new Vice President. Zoe and Janine investigate Peter Russo's death.

    Release Date - 01-02-2013

  • Episode 13 : Chapter 13

    Frank scrambles to keep his plan on track. Gillian is planning to sue Claire. Zoe, Janine, and Lucas investigate Rachel Posner and her relationship with Peter Russo.

    Release Date - 01-02-2013

  • Episode 1 : Chapter 14

    The Underwoods tackle two threats that could bring their plans to ruin. Francis grooms his replacement as Whip. Claire goes on the offensive.

    Release Date - 14-02-2014

  • Episode 2 : Chapter 15

    Amid turmoil in the home, Frank takes office. Foreign relations become entangled as Durant's team bungles a meeting. As foes negotiate to thwart her, Jackie maneuvers to strengthen her position. Lucas acquires new skills in order to pursue his secret investigation.

    Release Date - 14-02-2014

  • Episode 3 : Chapter 16

    Tension rises between Francis and Raymond Tusk as the situation with China deteriorates. A battle in the Senate pits Francis against the Republicans.

    Release Date - 14-02-2014

  • Episode 4 : Chapter 17

    A terror scare at the Capitol traps Francis with a resentful Donald Blythe. Claire gives a live interview that rocks the media.

    Release Date - 14-02-2014

  • Episode 5 : Chapter 18

    Francis back-channels with a Chinese billionaire. Lucas uses extreme measures to expose the Vice President. A shadowy figure joins Team Underwood.

    Release Date - 14-02-2014

  • Episode 6 : Chapter 19

    Amidst an energy crisis, Francis and Tusk end their shaky alliance. Lucas must make a difficult choice. Stamper grows closer to Rachel.

    Release Date - 14-02-2014

  • Episode 7 : Chapter 20

    Despite some friction, the Walkers deepen their friendship with the Underwoods. But it's all-out war between Francis and Tusk.

    Release Date - 14-02-2014

  • Episode 8 : Chapter 21

    The war with Tusk intensifies. Claire influences Tricia Walker politically and domestically. Francis has a show-down with Linda Vasquez.

    Release Date - 14-02-2014

  • Episode 9 : Chapter 22

    Things get personal when Tusk blindsides the Underwoods with a scandal. Freddy and his BBQ joint get caught up in the mix.

    Release Date - 14-02-2014

  • Episode 10 : Chapter 23

    With a military stand-off overseas and potential violence at home, Francis wants to finish off Tusk for good. Claire and Jackie Sharp collide.

    Release Date - 14-02-2014

  • Episode 11 : Chapter 24

    A Special Prosecutor interrogates Francis. Remy Danton tries to keep his options open. Stamper wrestles with his demons.

    Release Date - 14-02-2014

  • Episode 12 : Chapter 25

    Francis finds himself shut out and Claire makes a difficult sacrifice. Stamper tries to regain control.

    Release Date - 14-02-2014

  • Episode 13 : Chapter 26

    Francis faces annihilation while the nation is in an uproar. Stamper must tie up loose ends. Claire feels the cost of ruthlessness.

    Release Date - 14-02-2014

  • Episode 1 : Chapter 27

    A rocky start for the Underwood Presidency. Frank wants to introduce an ambitious jobs program, while Claire sets her sights on the United Nations.

    Release Date - 27-02-2015

  • Episode 2 : Chapter 28

    Claire's U.N. bid runs into trouble. Frank fights off mutiny with a bold address to the country.

    Release Date - 27-02-2015

  • Episode 3 : Chapter 29

    The Russian president's state visit becomes a cold war of wills, and some punks heat things up.

    Release Date - 27-02-2015

  • Episode 4 : Chapter 30

    Claire bypasses Russia at the U.N. Frank tries to outmaneuver a potential challenger and ends up face to face with a higher power.

    Release Date - 27-02-2015

  • Episode 5 : Chapter 31

    Frank declares war on Congress to jump-start his jobs program. Claire spars with the Russian Ambassador.

    Release Date - 27-02-2015

  • Episode 6 : Chapter 32

    Frank and Claire travel to Moscow to negotiate the return of an imprisoned U.S. citizen. Claire takes a stand that jeopardizes their plans.

    Release Date - 27-02-2015

  • Episode 7 : Chapter 33

    The damage is done and the Underwoods must repair it. But deep wounds don't heal fast, and sometimes not at all.

    Release Date - 27-02-2015

  • Episode 8 : Chapter 34

    A hurricane endangers more than just the entire East Coast and Frank must make a difficult choice.

    Release Date - 27-02-2015

  • Episode 9 : Chapter 35

    The Jordan Valley erupts in chaos as Frank's campaign is picking up steam. Claire gets distrubing intel and counsels him.

    Release Date - 27-02-2015

  • Episode 10 : Chapter 36

    Frank needs to deal with Petrov one on one while Claire tries to preserve the peace-keeping mission. Sacrifices must be made.

    Release Date - 27-02-2015

  • Episode 11 : Chapter 37

    Things turn ugly when Frank, Jackie, and Heather square off during their first debate. Tom joins Claire on the campaign trail.

    Release Date - 27-02-2015

  • Episode 12 : Chapter 38

    Heather Dunbar goes for the jugular, forcing Claire to confront her worst fears. The rift between Frank and Claire widens.

    Release Date - 27-02-2015

  • Episode 13 : Chapter 39

    In the midst of the Iowa caucuses, Frank and Claire must confront hard truths about each other.

    Release Date - 27-02-2015

  • Episode 1 : Chapter 40

    Claire's absence causes problems for Frank on the campaign trail amid rumors of a marital rift. Claire tries to strike out on her own.

    Release Date - 04-03-2016

  • Episode 2 : Chapter 41

    As Claire begins exploring a campaign of her own, she and Frank engage in backdoor political maneuvering. But this time they're not on the same side.

    Release Date - 04-03-2016

  • Episode 3 : Chapter 42

    Claire joins Frank as he stumps in South Carolina, but he doesn't trust her. A disastrous scandal blindsides Frank's campaign on primary day.

    Release Date - 04-03-2016

  • Episode 4 : Chapter 43

    Claire threatens Frank. Frank makes a politically bold move that may provoke Russia. An event at a campaign stop changes everything.

    Release Date - 04-03-2016

  • Episode 5 : Chapter 44

    Claire advises Donald Blythe on dealing with Petrov. Further investigations of Lucas Goodwin dredges up his accusations against Frank.

    Release Date - 04-03-2016

  • Episode 6 : Chapter 45

    Claire clashes with the Secretary of State over her involvement in negotiations with Russia. Dunbar must choose between her campaign and her ethics.

    Release Date - 04-03-2016

  • Episode 7 : Chapter 46

    Frank and Claire adjust to their new reality. The search for Frank's running mate begins. Frank starts a campaign to weaken Conway's strong support.

    Release Date - 04-03-2016

  • Episode 8 : Chapter 47

    Formidable as ever, both Underwoods have their eyes on the big picture as they manipulate a potential running mate and push the gun bill.

    Release Date - 04-03-2016

  • Episode 9 : Chapter 48

    At the convention, Frank and his team publicly push for Catherine Durant to be chosen as his running mate, but privately pursue a different agenda.

    Release Date - 04-03-2016

  • Episode 10 : Chapter 49

    As Frank deals with a new threat to his candidacy, Claire has doubts about their plan. Claire faces a difficult decision concerning her mother.

    Release Date - 04-03-2016

  • Episode 11 : Chapter 50

    Frank ups the ante on the war on terror to counter Conway's public show of strength. Tom joins Claire on the campaign trail.

    Release Date - 04-03-2016

  • Episode 12 : Chapter 51

    Frank asks Will to help deal with extremists threatening to murder hostages. Hammerschmidt digs deeper into the allegations against Frank.

    Release Date - 04-03-2016

  • Episode 13 : Chapter 52

    As the hostage situation continues, Claire secretly negotiates with Yusuf al Ahmadi. Frank confronts Hammerschmidt.

    Release Date - 04-03-2016

  • Episode 1 : Chapter 53

    As Congress debates investigating Frank, he and Claire attempt to stoke fear of terrorism. Tom Yates continues his stay in the White House.

    Release Date - 30-05-2017

  • Episode 2 : Chapter 54

    Frank and his team work to leverage support in key states by any means necessary. Claire learns some upsetting news about one of Frank's friends.

    Release Date - 30-05-2017

  • Episode 3 : Chapter 55

    The day before the election, Conway holds a 24-hour Skype session with voters, while Frank and Claire stump in key states and try to discredit him.

    Release Date - 30-05-2017

  • Episode 4 : Chapter 56

    With a tight race and low voter turnout on Election Day, things look grim for Frank. But he's still got one more trick up his sleeve.

    Release Date - 30-05-2017

  • Episode 5 : Chapter 57

    Nine weeks after Election Day, the Underwoods work to consolidate their power. Leann tries to track down a missing Aidan Macallan.

    Release Date - 30-05-2017

  • Episode 6 : Chapter 58

    In the midst of uncertainty, suspected Russian forces take over an American station in Antarctica. Meanwhile, a damaging news leak could hurt Frank.

    Release Date - 30-05-2017

  • Episode 7 : Chapter 59

    When a crisis forces White House personnel to take shelter in a bunker, Commerce Department official Jane Davis negotiates through back channels.

    Release Date - 30-05-2017

  • Episode 8 : Chapter 60

    While Frank attends an elite men's weekend gathering to firm up support, Claire deals with a stranded Russian ship and threats from Petrov.

    Release Date - 30-05-2017

  • Episode 9 : Chapter 61

    Petrov tries to influence affairs in the U.S. Jane discusses her agenda with Claire. With her job at stake, Leann reaches out to a reporter for help.

    Release Date - 30-05-2017

  • Episode 10 : Chapter 62

    The Underwoods and their team angle to undermine the revived committee investigating Frank. Hammerschmidt's investigation heats up.

    Release Date - 30-05-2017

  • Episode 11 : Chapter 63

    As the team tries to control fallout from damaging testimony and leaks, everyone is under suspicion and tensions flare between Frank and Claire.

    Release Date - 30-05-2017

  • Episode 12 : Chapter 64

    Frank attempts to stop Cathy from testifying. With Hammerschmidt sniffing out the truth, the Underwoods throw someone close to them under the bus.

    Release Date - 30-05-2017

  • Episode 13 : Chapter 65

    In the wake of a surprising announcement, everything at the White House is shaken up. A decision must be made about whether to go to war.

    Release Date - 30-05-2017

  • Episode 1 : Chapter 66

    As the first woman president, Claire faces increased scrutiny and threats. Sibling power couple Annette and Bill Shepherd attempt to influence policy.

    Release Date - 02-11-2018

  • Episode 2 : Chapter 67

    Claire clashes with the Shepherds and Mark Usher, who pressure her to sign the Future Act. Doug makes an unexpected move.

    Release Date - 02-11-2018

  • Episode 3 : Chapter 68

    The Shepherds push Claire on a Supreme Court nomination. Doug works to find a new path for himself. Claire consults with Jane on Syria.

    Release Date - 02-11-2018

  • Episode 4 : Chapter 69

    As a crisis mounts in Syria, Russian President Viktor Petrov wants to make a deal with Claire. Questions arise about Tom Yates's whereabouts.

    Release Date - 02-11-2018

  • Episode 5 : Chapter 70

    Claire allows her enemies to think she's incapacitated as they plot to remove her from office. Doug's investigation leads him to uncover a secret.

    Release Date - 02-11-2018

  • Episode 6 : Chapter 71

    Claire makes staff changes. The Shepherds try to recruit Doug to their side. With Mark facing intense scrutiny, Jane offers advice.

    Release Date - 02-11-2018

  • Episode 7 : Chapter 72

    While the Shepherd family attempts to diminish Claire's power, Doug goes off the grid but continues angling to advance his agenda.

    Release Date - 02-11-2018

  • Episode 8 : Chapter 73

    Claire tries to tarnish Frank's legacy. Doug provokes Claire by releasing excerpts from Frank's diary. A rift develops between the Shepherds.

    Release Date - 02-11-2018

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