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I Am Frankie

  • Show
  • Comedy, Drama, Fantasy
  • English
  • Seasons : 2
  • Release Date : 04-09-2017

Frankie Gaines looks like a typical teenager, but she's actually a cutting edge, experimental android who must hide her true identity to avoid being tracked down by the evil tech company EGG Labs.

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I Am Frankie: What Should You Know?

  • ?What is the release date of I Am Frankie?
  • aThis TV show was first released on 04-09-2017.
  • ?How many seasons does the I Am Frankie TV show consists of?
  • aThis TV show is aired over 2 seasons.
  • ?How many episodes does the I Am Frankie TV show consists of?
  • aAll 2 seasons include 42 episodes.

I Am Frankie

  • Episode 1 : I am...a Gaines

    After escaping from EGG labs, Frankie must adjust to life in a new high school while hiding her identity as an android.

    Release Date - 04-09-2017

  • Episode 2 : I am...in Danger

    Release Date - 11-09-2017

  • Episode 3 : I am...a Rom-Com Fan

    Release Date - 12-09-2017

  • Episode 4 : I am...a Radio?

    Release Date - 13-09-2017

  • Episode 5 : I am...My Enemy's Friend?

    Release Date - 14-09-2017

  • Episode 6 : I am...Battery Operated

    Release Date - 15-09-2017

  • Episode 7 : I am...Heartbroken

    Release Date - 18-09-2017

  • Episode 8 : I am...Lost

    Release Date - 19-09-2017

  • Episode 9 : I am...Disconnected

    Release Date - 20-09-2017

  • Episode 10 : I am...Crashing

    Release Date - 21-09-2017

  • Episode 11 : I am...Speechless

    Release Date - 22-09-2017

  • Episode 12 : I am...Hungry

    Release Date - 25-09-2017

  • Episode 13 : I am...Remote Controlled

    Release Date - 26-09-2017

  • Episode 14 : I am...Suspended

    Release Date - 27-09-2017

  • Episode 15 : I am...Not Alone

    Release Date - 28-09-2017

  • Episode 16 : I am...Hot on the Trail

    Andrew begs Frankie to keep his secret; Cole asks Frankie to hang out, prompting Tammy to share her suspicions with him; Robbie fights for justice.

    Release Date - 02-10-2017

  • Episode 17 : I am...Hanging Out With a Boy!

    Dayton becomes increasingly suspicious about Andrew's true intentions; Cole and Frankie hang out; James decides to turn Frankie in to Kingston.

    Release Date - 03-10-2017

  • Episode 18 : I am...Bound for Glory

    Release Date - 04-10-2017

  • Episode 19 : I Am ... Caught

    Dayton frantically tries to warn Frankie that WARPA is closing in on her; Sigourney decides that a move is the only way to keep her family safe.

    Release Date - 05-10-2017

  • Episode 20 : I Am ... a Sitting Duck

    At the Brain Squad State finals, Kingston and WARPA advance on their plot to take Frankie; Andrew's true allegiances are revealed.

    Release Date - 06-10-2017

  • Episode 1 : I Am ... Eliza Part 1

    Part 1 of 2. While Frankie and Cole hide out from WARPA, Eliza holds the Gaines family hostage. Frankie then finally comes face-to-face with Eliza and attempts to defeat her in order to save her family.

    Release Date - 11-08-2018

  • Episode 2 : I Am ... Eliza Part 2

    Frankie finally comes face to face with Eliza.

    Release Date - 11-08-2018

  • Episode 3 : I Am ... Planning an Escape

    Frankie is determined to rescue Andrew, and the gang turns to Tammy for help; Andrew pays the price for refusing to cooperate with WARPA; two new students start at Sepulveda High.

    Release Date - 10-09-2018

  • Episode 4 : I Am ... Taking a Break

    Frankie, Dayton and Cole are at a loss when they realize their plan to free Andrew has a fatal flaw; Andrew attempts to escape.

    Release Date - 11-09-2018

  • Episode 5 : I Am ... Buggin

    Andrew's new roommate is an android named Simone; Frankie, Dayton and Cole test out the robo-roaches at Sepulveda High; Zane announces auditions for the new school play.

    Release Date - 12-09-2018

  • Episode 6 : I Am ... Compromised

    Andrew and Simone break out of their cell while Frankie, Dayton and Cole come up with a risky plan to rescue Andrew; Tammy continues to act strangely; Frankie discovers that WARPA has planted a chip in Tammy's neck.

    Release Date - 13-09-2018

  • Episode 7 : I Am ... Busting Out

    Frankie, Dayton and Cole break into WARPA, only to discover that Andrew is missing.

    Release Date - 14-09-2018

  • Episode 8 : I Am ... Under Suspicion

    When Frankie and Andrew are knocked unconscious, the rest of the gang must work to revive them in time and escape from the WARPA agents; the Gaines family meets Cynthia and prepares for Sigourney's trip to space.

    Release Date - 17-09-2018

  • Episode 9 : I Am ... Not Myself

    Simone adjusts to high school; Frankie and Dayton try to free Tammy from WARPA's control.

    Release Date - 18-09-2018

  • Episode 10 : I Am ... Next

    Andrew auditions for the school play and surprises everyone with his amazing voice, but James has a bigger surprise in store that threatens to change Andrew and Sepulveda High forever.

    Release Date - 19-09-2018

  • Episode 11 : I Am ... a Creature

    A new installation messes with Frankie's programming and changes her behavior; a new club at school proves that not everyone wants androids at Sepulveda High.

    Release Date - 20-09-2018

  • Episode 12 : I Am ... an Android

    Tammy tries to take control after Andrew is forced to defend himself against NAH; Frankie makes a shocking announcement.

    Release Date - 21-09-2018

  • Episode 13 : I Am ... Frankensteena

    Cole learns that Frankie and Andrew will share a kiss during the school play; James discovers something very surprising about Simone.

    Release Date - 24-09-2018

  • Episode 14 : I Am ... Part of a Plan

    With Rachel's help, Frankie and Dayton uncover more about WARPA's master plan; Cole and Andrew get into a fight; Simone glitches out.

    Release Date - 25-09-2018

  • Episode 15 : I Am ... in Trouble With Mom

    With Simone's memory wiped, the others must keep her android identity under wraps; Frankie faces a challenge when Sigourney finds out about the anti-android group at Sepulveda High.

    Release Date - 26-09-2018

  • Episode 16 : I Am ... an Android ... or Am I?

    Will and Jenny do everything they can to obey Sigourney's orders to protect Frankie, but when Frankie fails Tammy's android test, she and Dayton must find a way to keep Frankie's secret.

    Release Date - 27-09-2018

  • Episode 17 : I Am ... Jealous

    Rachel is determined to beat the final level of the game, but Frankie and Dayton worry they are putting her in danger; Simone believes she has a crush on Cole, which leads Frankie to feel jealousy for the first time.

    Release Date - 28-09-2018

  • Episode 18 : I Am ... in Need of a Plan

    Frankie and Dayton make a shocking discovery and must work to uncover the truth. Tammy tries to recruit Rachel and Andrew for the Brain Squad vs. Teachers match. And Frankie says goodbye to Cole.

    Release Date - 01-10-2018

  • Episode 19 : I Am ... a Puppet on a String

    When Frankie starts missing Cole, Dayton suggests they make a care package to send him. At WARPA, Cole and Kingston attempt to call Dayton for help. And James tries to exploit Andrew's abilities on TV.

    Release Date - 02-10-2018

  • Episode 20 : I Am ... Out of Options

    Frankie is faced with an impossible choice and agrees to give WARPA what they want. Dayton, Will and Jenny try to devise a plan to save Sigourney and help Frankie rescue Cole.

    Release Date - 03-10-2018

  • Episode 21 : I Am ... Being Blackmailed

    Frankie finally learns the truth about what WARPA has planned for Cole; while Dayton, Will and Jenny try to convince James to help, Rachel explains WARPA to Zane.

    Release Date - 04-10-2018

  • Episode 22 : I Am ... Changed

    While Frankie is prepped to work on Cole, Rachel uses Jenny's app to control Beto at WARPA; Andrew, Simone and Kingston team up to escape and save the others; Frankie and Cole share a special moment.

    Release Date - 04-10-2018

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    S. No.Show NameI Am Frankie
    2Release Date04-09-2017
    4Number of Seasons2
    5Total Episodes42
    6Streaming OnHoopladigital and Amazon