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  • Show
  • Drama, Comedy, Action, Adventure
  • English
  • Seasons : 6
  • Release Date : 07-12-2008

A five-person team comprised of a thief, a grifter, a hacker, and a retrieval specialist, led by former insurance investigator Nathan Ford, use their skills to fight corporate and governmental injustices inflicted on ordinary citizens.

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Leverage: What Should You Know?

  • ?What is the release date of Leverage?
  • aThis TV show was first released on 07-12-2008.
  • ?How many seasons does the Leverage TV show consists of?
  • aThis TV show is aired over 6 seasons.
  • ?How many episodes does the Leverage TV show consists of?
  • aAll 6 seasons include 82 episodes.


  • Episode 1 : The Nigerian Job

    Deleted Scenes

    Release Date - 07-12-2008

  • Episode 2 : The Homecoming Job

    Deleted Scenes

    Release Date - 09-12-2008

  • Episode 3 : The Snow Job

    Deleted Scenes

    Release Date - 27-01-2009

  • Episode 4 : The Mile High Job

    Deleted Scenes

    Release Date - 20-01-2009

  • Episode 5 : The Miracle Job

    Deleted Scenes

    Release Date - 23-12-2008

  • Episode 1 : The Nigerian Job

    A desperate aerospace CEO asks Nate Ford - an insurance investigator who once specialized in recovering stolen goods worth millions - to lead a team of expert thieves to recover airplane designs from the rival company that took them.

    Release Date - 07-12-2008

  • Episode 2 : The Homecoming Job

    Leverage Consulting & Associates opens for business as the crew reunites to help a Reservist who's been wounded in Iraq by private military contractors.

    Release Date - 09-12-2008

  • Episode 3 : The Two-Horse Job

    After a Wall Street broker sets fire to his stablekilling his underachieving racehorses in the process, the team visits Kentucky to help the heartsick trainer, Eliots high school love.

    Release Date - 16-12-2008

  • Episode 4 : The Miracle Job

    Nate's childhood best friend seeks the help of Leverage Consulting & Associates in preventing the demolition of his church... by stealing a miracle.

    Release Date - 23-12-2008

  • Episode 5 : The Bank Shot Job

    Sophie and Nate find themselves taken hostage during a bank robbery. They soon learn they are trapped inside with their latest target: a corrupt judge.

    Release Date - 30-12-2008

  • Episode 6 : The Stork Job

    The Leverage team works to take down an adoption agency that has been stealing money from American couples.

    Release Date - 06-01-2009

  • Episode 7 : The Wedding Job

    To pull of a heist, the team poses as wedding planners in order to get money promised to a family after they took the fall for a Mafia boss.

    Release Date - 13-01-2009

  • Episode 8 : The Mile High Job

    The Leverage team attempts to expose a conglomerates cover-up of their toxic fertilizer, which has resulted in the death of a young girl. But the CEO has put all of the damning evidence on a plane to the Cayman Islands. The team races to catch the flight but, once airborne, they discover that the CEOs intentions are far more sinister and that to avenge one life theyll have to save their own.

    Release Date - 20-01-2009

  • Episode 9 : The Snow Job

    While helping a National Guardsman, Nate puts his team on the line when he slips back into his alcoholic ways.

    Release Date - 27-01-2009

  • Episode 10 : The 12-Step Job

    When the team cons an addicted embezzler into entering rehab, Nate confronts some of his own issues regarding alcoholism.

    Release Date - 03-02-2009

  • Episode 11 : The Juror #6 Job

    When one of Parker's aliases receives jury duty, Nate forces her to go, resulting in a showdown between the team and a corporation tampering with the jury.

    Release Date - 10-02-2009

  • Episode 12 : The First David Job

    The team puts together a plan to steal Nate's former boss's prized Michelangelo Maquette and sell it back to him.

    Release Date - 17-02-2009

  • Episode 13 : The Second David Job

    Nate tries to piece together his team after coming out of hiding. However, the high stakes involved in his latest con could spell disaster for him and his friends.

    Release Date - 24-02-2009

  • Episode 1 : The Beantown Bailout Job

    Nate, now sober, grudgingly reassembles the team to pit the local Irish mob against a banker who is gaming a government bailout. If they live, Nate has four thieves to deal with who believe he needs them in his life, whether he likes it or not.

    Release Date - 15-07-2009

  • Episode 2 : The Tap Out Job

    The crew work to get a corrupt mixed martial arts promoter to invest all he has into a phony cable network, but their con is discovered. Now it is Elliot's job to throw a fight.

    Release Date - 22-07-2009

  • Episode 3 : The Order 23 Job

    The team must commandeer a full hospital floor in order to quarantine a convicted felon and get him to reveal the location of the stolen money, or die.

    Release Date - 29-07-2009

  • Episode 4 : The Fairy Godparents Job

    Nate and his team continue to remove greed by focusing in on a avaricious investment banker. They'll pose as fairy godparents to the awkward son of the white collar crook.

    Release Date - 05-08-2009

  • Episode 5 : The Three Days of the Hunter Job

    The crew uses the world of government conspiracies to raise paranoia and expose a callous tabloid newscaster as a fraud.

    Release Date - 12-08-2009

  • Episode 6 : The Top Hat Job

    The crew takes on a corrupt corporation which is marketing tainted foods. The scheme team needs to be tricky: they will put on a fake magic show so they can slip by the tight security.

    Release Date - 19-08-2009

  • Episode 7 : The Two Live Crew Job

    Nate and his crew square off against a band of thieves in order to retrieve priceless stolen artwork.

    Release Date - 26-08-2009

  • Episode 8 : The Ice Man Job

    Hardison fills in for Sophie as the inside man when the team sets their sights on an unscrupulous diamond merchant.

    Release Date - 02-09-2009

  • Episode 9 : The Lost Heir Job

    The Leverage team targets a shady lawyer looking to usurp his client's estate, with Parker playing the client's long-lost daughter. With Sophie still out of the picture, the team works with an uptight lawyer as a chaperone, but there may be more to her than meets the eye. Summer season finale.

    Release Date - 09-09-2009

  • Episode 10 : The Runway Job

    The Leverage team cons the owners of a clothing company after their employees are mistreated.

    Release Date - 13-01-2010

  • Episode 11 : The Bottle Job

    The LEVERAGE team runs a high-tech version of a classic con on a predatory loan shark in order to save McRorys bar.

    Release Date - 20-01-2010

  • Episode 12 : The Zanzibar Marketplace Job

    The team is forced to work with their old enemy Sterling in order to free Nates ex-wife, Maggie from a Ukrainian jail and clear her name.

    Release Date - 27-01-2010

  • Episode 13 : The Future Job

    The team goes after a con man masquerading as a psychic medium in order to drain the life savings of his bereaved clients.

    Release Date - 03-02-2010

  • Episode 14 : The Three Strikes Job

    While trying to take down a corrupt local mayor exploiting his love of baseball, the Leverage team runs into an unexpected complication.

    Release Date - 10-02-2010

  • Episode 15 : The Maltese Falcon Job

    Surrounded by FBI, the team decides to hide in plain sight, while continuing to take down the corrupt mayor and his gunrunning partner. Little do they suspect that Nate has a different endgame in mind for them all.

    Release Date - 17-02-2010

  • Episode 1 : The Jailhouse Job

    In order to save the life of an innocent inmate, Nate must bring down the corrupt warden of the Super-Max prison where hes currently incarcerated and escape whether he wants to or not.

    Release Date - 20-06-2010

  • Episode 2 : The Reunion Job

    To uncover a password, the team infiltrates the high school reunion of an amoral software magnate whos the IT department for the Axis of Evil.

    Release Date - 20-06-2010

  • Episode 3 : The Inside Job

    When Parker is trapped in an unknown location while working a theft for her mentor, the LEVERAGE team must race the clock to find her and free her.

    Release Date - 27-06-2010

  • Episode 4 : The Scheherazade Job

    To rob an African kleptocrat's Boston vault, the LEVERAGE team has to time their heist to a symphony concert nearby, where amateur violinist Hardison must play a solo for a sell-out crowd.

    Release Date - 27-06-2010

  • Episode 5 : The Double-Blind Job

    Nate and the team infiltrate the world of Big Pharma to take down a corrupt CEO before he can release a drug that will kill thousands.

    Release Date - 11-07-2010

  • Episode 6 : The Studio Job

    To take down a corrupt record executive, the LEVERAGE crew infiltrates the world of country & western music, inadvertently turning Eliot into a genuine country music star.

    Release Date - 18-07-2010

  • Episode 7 : The Gone Fishin' Job

    The LEVERAGE crew aims to turn the tables on a greedy debt collector stealing from innocent taxpayers, but finds themselves in over their heads when they discover that their target is also a domestic terrorist funding an armed militia.

    Release Date - 25-07-2010

  • Episode 8 : The Boost Job

    The LEVERAGE team dives into the high-octane world of master car thieves in order to take down a crooked car dealer.

    Release Date - 01-08-2010

  • Episode 9 : The Three-Card Monte Job

    When innocent small businessmen are blackmailed into committing crimes, the team's investigation reveals an unlikely foe behind the scheme: Jimmy Ford, Nates father.

    Release Date - 08-08-2010

  • Episode 10 : The Underground Job

    In the aftermath of a deadly mine explosion, the team infiltrates the coal mines of West Virginia to put an end to the dangerous practices of the mines owner. But what the team digs up will threaten the livelihood of everyone in this tight-knit community.

    Release Date - 15-08-2010

  • Episode 11 : The Rashomon Job

    The team discover that viewpoints differ, when they compare notes and find out that five years ago, each of them tried to steal the same rare artifact.

    Release Date - 22-08-2010

  • Episode 12 : The King George Job

    When the team finds out that an antiquities trafficker working for Moreau is using refugee children as mules to smuggle artifacts, they travel to London to lure him into an Auction House scam. While there, Sophie confronts the consequences of her past. James Frain guest-stars.

    Release Date - 29-08-2010

  • Episode 13 : The Morning After Job

    To get a violent hedge fund manager to reveal information that could lead to Damien Moreau, the Leverage team convinces the man that he has murdered Parker, not knowing that their con has made the rogue financier the target of assassins.

    Release Date - 05-09-2010

  • Episode 14 : The Ho, Ho, Ho Job

    The team takes over a mall on Christmas Eve and uncovers a scheme perpetrated by an old nemesis; Eliot goes undercover as Santa Claus; Parker and Hardison are Santa's helpers.

    Release Date - 12-12-2010

  • Episode 15 : The Big Bang Job

    The team infiltrates a government research lab to stop Damien Moreau from auctioning information to international terrorists.

    Release Date - 19-12-2010

  • Episode 16 : The San Lorenzo Job

    After following Moreau to San Lorenzo, the team discovers that he is chief advisor to the current President.

    Release Date - 19-12-2010

  • Episode 1 : The Long Way Down Job

    To take down a corrupt financier, the LEVERAGE team must recover lost evidence high up on a mountain, racing hired guns and killer weather.

    Release Date - 26-06-2011

  • Episode 2 : The 10 Li'l Grifters Job

    When a mark is killed suddenly in the middle of a sting, the team must scramble to complete the con and find the killerbefore Nate goes down for murder.

    Release Date - 03-07-2011

  • Episode 3 : The 15 Minutes Job

    To take down a corrupt PR consultant, the LEVERAGE team must build him up as a hero, then use his own methods against him.

    Release Date - 10-07-2011

  • Episode 4 : The Van Gogh Job

    On the trail of a lost Van Gogh, the team learns the painting was the center of a World War II love story between a black soldier and the white heiress he was forced to leave behind.

    Release Date - 17-07-2011

  • Episode 5 : The Hot Potato Job

    The LEVERAGE team infiltrates the corrupt world of corporate agriculture to recover a stolen object worth millions: a one-of-a-kind potato.

    Release Date - 24-07-2011

  • Episode 6 : The Carnival Job

    The LEVERAGE team infiltrates a high-tech home to steal a revolutionary computer chip, only to have the familys child abducted from a carnival during the heist.

    Release Date - 31-07-2011

  • Episode 7 : The Grave Danger Job

    The LEVERAGE crew aims their sights on a charming funeral director who embezzles money from her grieving mourners, then discovers she is also selling the identities of the recently deceased to a deadly Mexican drug cartel.

    Release Date - 14-08-2011

  • Episode 8 : The Boiler Room Job

    When the LEVERAGE team goes up against a conman from a long lineage of greats, they must pull off the biggest con of their careers.

    Release Date - 14-08-2011

  • Episode 9 : The Cross My Heart Job

    The team goes after an ailing defense contractor who steals a 15-year-old boy's intended heart for his own. With time running out before the boy dies, the team has to run the con at an airport while they're stuck on a layover.

    Release Date - 21-08-2011

  • Episode 10 : The Queen's Gambit Job

    Jim Sterling asks Nate for help taking down a researcher who has designed a nuclear weight that will allow a terrorist nation to manufacture enriched uranium. However, it soon becomes clear that the Interpol agent has an ulterior motive, one which isolates Nate, gets Sophie arrested, and takes Eliot out of commission.

    Release Date - 28-08-2011

  • Episode 11 : The Experimental Job

    When homeless veterans in the Boston area begin disappearing, the team must go back to college and infiltrate the world of Skull & Bones secret societies

    Release Date - 27-11-2011

  • Episode 12 : The Office Job

    Uncovering a simple embezzlement scam becomes anything but simple when the team becomes part of a documentary shooting at the company theyre trying to save.

    Release Date - 04-12-2011

  • Episode 13 : The Girls' Night Out Job

    When a James-Bond-like thief targets Parker's friend Peggy, Parker recruits Sophie and Tara to help her and, together, the women of Leverage follow the thief to the Venezuelan Consulate, where they discover an international conspiracy.

    Release Date - 11-12-2011

  • Episode 14 : The Boys' Night Out Job

    Nate, Eliot and Hardison are forced to intervene when Hurley returns, embroiled with the best of intentions in a three-way drug deal.

    Release Date - 18-12-2011

  • Episode 15 : The Lonely Hearts Job

    While searching for a philanthropists missing wife, the team comes up against a grifter ring running a web of sophisticated Sweetheart Scams. Now, Nate must learn how to steal hearts or risk losing Sophies for good.

    Release Date - 25-12-2011

  • Episode 16 : The Gold Job

    The Leverage team hits the recession-driven Cash-for-Gold industry by targeting a corrupt brother-sister team and steering them through an elaborate treasure hunt.

    Release Date - 01-01-2012

  • Episode 17 : The Radio Job

    When Latimer hires Nates father to pull off a heist in an ultra-secure government office, the Leverage team must stage a fake hostage stand-off when theyre trapped inside and the feds lay siege to the building.

    Release Date - 08-01-2012

  • Episode 18 : The Last Dam Job

    The Leverage team must recruit old friends and rivals in order to take down Latimer and a foe from their past.

    Release Date - 15-01-2012

  • Episode 1 : The (Very) Big Bird Job

    When a shipping CEOs cost-cutting measures result in a plane crash, the Leverage team cons him into buying the largest plane ever built the Spruce Goose in order to expose him before a merger is completed that would put more lives at risk.

    Release Date - 15-07-2012

  • Episode 2 : The Blue Line Job

    While trying to save a stubborn hockey enforcer from sustaining permanent injury in the playoffs, the Leverage crew discovers that someone has nefarious designs on the team.

    Release Date - 22-07-2012

  • Episode 3 : The First Contact Job

    The Leverage team takes down a wealthy scientist who stole his former research partner's discovery and ruined his reputation. Their tactic is to convince him he's made first contact with aliens..

    Release Date - 05-08-2012

  • Episode 4 : The French Connection Job

    The Leverage team goes inside the world of culinary schools and celebrity chefs to bring down a corrupt restaurateur who destroys lives in his pursuit of fame and money.

    Release Date - 12-08-2012

  • Episode 5 : The Gimme a K Street Job

    To take down a competitive cheerleading company that profits by putting teenage girls at risk, the team must tackle its most corrupt foe yet: Congress.

    Release Date - 19-08-2012

  • Episode 6 : The D. B. Cooper Job

    A dying FBI Agent's greatest failure allowing skyjacker D.B. Cooper to escape justice becomes Nate's obsession as he looks back to the '70s to solve one of America's great mysteries.

    Release Date - 26-08-2012

  • Episode 7 : The Real Fake Car Job

    The Leverage team fakes the discovery of a legendary antique car in order to convince a Wall Street fraud to break the immunity deal that protects him from prosecution.

    Release Date - 02-09-2012

  • Episode 8 : The Broken Wing Job

    When a broken leg leaves Parker behind on the crews latest job, she spies on the Brew Pubs customers for fun and discovers a group of thieves planning a heist.

    Release Date - 09-09-2012

  • Episode 9 : The Rundown Job

    Eliot, Hardison and Parker join Colonel Vance in a race to stop a terrorist from launching a biological attack on Washington, D.C.

    Release Date - 16-09-2012

  • Episode 10 : The Frame-Up Job

    When Sophie is implicated in the theft of a valuable painting, Nate must use all his skills as an investigator to find the real culprit and clear her name.

    Release Date - 16-09-2012

  • Episode 11 : The Low Low Price Job

    To take out a crooked super-store owner who threatens a small town, the Leverage team must sabotage his operation.

    Release Date - 27-11-2012

  • Episode 12 : The White Rabbit Job

    To stop a businessman from selling off his company and ruining the town that survives because of it, the Leverage team must pull off the most difficult con ever.

    Release Date - 04-12-2012

  • Episode 13 : The Corkscrew Job

    The team travels into Oregon wine country to steal a rare bottle of wine as part of their current con.

    Release Date - 11-12-2012

  • Episode 14 : The Toy Job

    To stop a crooked CEO who is going to release a dangerous toy onto the market, the Leverage team creates a global toy craze.

    Release Date - 18-12-2012

  • Episode 15 : The Long Goodbye Job

    Nate puts everything on the line for himself and his team when he takes on a case that is connected to his son's death.

    Release Date - 25-12-2012

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