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Mr. Show With Bob And David

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  • Seasons : 5
  • Release Date : 03-11-1995

Mr. Show with Bob and David is an American sketch comedy series starring and hosted by Saturday Night Live writer/actor Bob Odenkirk and stand up comedian/actor David Cross. It aired on HBO from November 3, 1995 to December 28, 1998. Cross and Odenkirk introduced most episodes as heightened versions of themselves, before transitioning to a mixture of live sketches and pre-taped segments. The show featured a number of alternative comedians as both cast members and writers, including Sarah Silverman, Paul F. Tompkins, Jack Black, Tom Kenny, Mary...

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Mr. Show with Bob and David: What Should You Know?

  • ?What is the release date of Mr. Show with Bob and David?
  • aThis TV show was first released on 03-11-1995.
  • ?How many seasons does the Mr. Show with Bob and David TV show consists of?
  • aThis TV show is aired over 5 seasons.
  • ?How many episodes does the Mr. Show with Bob and David TV show consists of?
  • aAll 5 seasons include 65 episodes.

Mr. Show with Bob and David

  • Episode 1 : The Best of Mr. Show: Fantastic Newness

    Used as a preview/promo for season 2.Tom plays host Carlin McCree, who hosts Fantastic Newness. He introduces a product that can be used in the living room, kitchen, and even the bedroom. It's called Mr. Show, and we get to meet the inventors, Bob Odenkirk and David Cross. Carlin says he had no clue that they had, so they show him the Change for A Dollar Sketch. We then meet Nancy Gumphrey, played by Jill, burning a pot of milk. They show another sketch to the pot. Then they show a sketch that shows why HBO, because they swear alot. Officer Mahoney, played by John, comes down and the boys try to show his police car a sketch to help clean it up. The audience threatens to kill Carlin if they don't get more, so Bob and David show a minute-long preview of Season 2. This doesn't satisfy the crowd, and Carlin is killed.

    Release Date - 01-10-1996

  • Episode 2 : The Best of Mr. Show: The Incredible, Fantastical News Report

    Another compilation episode, featuring some of the best skits of season 3, including Cockring Warehouse, Tittannica, and America Will Blow Up the Moon. The sketches are strung together by footage from a 70's News Show, with voices dubbed by Bob, David, John, Jay, Jill and Brian.

    Release Date - 01-10-1998

  • Episode 3 : The Naked Improv - 1998 Comic Relief Appearance

  • Episode 4 : Crack Me Ups! Bloopers Reel

  • Episode 5 : Before it Was a TV Show

  • Episode 6 : Bob and David at the 1997 US Comedy Arts Festival: 1

  • Episode 7 : Bob and David at the 1997 US Comedy Arts Festival: 2

  • Episode 8 : Druggachusettes

  • Episode 9 : Fuzz The Musical

  • Episode 10 : Original TV Spots

  • Episode 11 : The Grand Reunion

  • Episode 12 : Run Ronnie Run

  • Episode 13 : 1997 US Comedy Arts Festival - Promo 1

  • Episode 14 : 1997 US Comedy Arts Festival - Promo 2

  • Episode 15 : 1997 US Comedy Arts Festival - Onstage

  • Episode 16 : Original TV Spots - Bite Out Of Herpes

  • Episode 17 : Original TV Spots - Bob Vs. David

  • Episode 18 : Original TV Spots - Balance

  • Episode 19 : Original TV Spots - Backwards

  • Episode 20 : Original TV Spots - Elephant

  • Episode 21 : Original TV Spots - Secret Superstar

  • Episode 22 : Original TV Spots - Calendar

  • Episode 23 : Original TV Spots - Chalkboard

  • Episode 24 : Original TV Spots - Who's Better?

  • Episode 25 : Original TV Spots - Jumping

  • Episode 26 : Original TV Spots - Peanut Butter and Egg and Dice

  • Episode 27 : Original TV Spots - Fuzzy Bears

  • Episode 28 : Original TV Spots - Run In Place

  • Episode 29 : Original TV Spots - Big Day

  • Episode 30 : Original TV Spots - Fork In It

  • Episode 31 : Original TV Spots - Bondage

  • Episode 32 : Original TV Spots - Microwave

  • Episode 33 : Original TV Spots - Fun-A-Bration

  • Episode 34 : Original TV Spots - Behind the Scenes With Mr. Show

  • Episode 35 : Season 4 Blooper Reel

  • Episode 1 : The Cry of a Hungry Baby

    The premiere episode of HBO's cutting-edge sketch comedy Mr. Show introduces recurring character Ronnie Dobbs. Dobbs, a Southern redneck character, does a PSA for the National Entitilitus Foundation, claiming that he's dying of the mysterious disease. Then the show begins with Bob Odenkirk and Cross onstage. Well, America, Bob explains, You asked for it. You told HBO, 'We want to see a sketch show hosted by two people we've never seen before.' And that's us, adds David. They begin by taking suggestions from the audience, but things get ugly when one simple-minded audience member and his friend are thrown out for suggesting Bob and David play different characters, and perform scripted material. The centerpiece of the show is a sketch in which Terry reminisces about his discovery of Ronnie Dobbs. Terry was a cameraman for the reality TV show Fuzz, and noticed that in nearly every city where they filmed, the police would arrest the same violent drunken redneck -- Ronnie -- usual

    Release Date - 03-11-1995

  • Episode 2 : What to Think

    The second episode of Mr. Show opens with Senator Tankerbell at the podium railing against government funding of the arts. The conservative Southern senator makes a bizarre analogy to an obscene joke involving a traveling salesman and a milking machine. Then, the show proper opens with Bob alone onstage. He explains that David Cross is not doing the show because certain artists are being supervised by U.S. senators, and David is being forced to wear a tracking collar that gives him a shock every time he steps on a stage. Bob convinces David to do the show, and he's in agonizing pain until Tankerbell turns the collar off. There's also a sketch about The Book of Marshall with the lost apostle who speaks like a late-night infomercial host (Jesus, what if I told you the meek could inherit something a whole lot better than the earth?). In another sketch, Odenkirk portrays a voice-over actor laying down a string of promotions and disclaimers, including the infamous Mr. Pickles Fun-Time

    Release Date - 10-11-1995

  • Episode 3 : We Regret to Inform You

    The third episode of HBO's Mr. Show, We Regret to Inform You, features a guest appearance by former O.J. Simpson hanger-on, demi-celebrity Kato Kaelin! This episode is also chock-full of reflexive commentary on its gay content. In one sketch, David Cross complains about Bob Odenkirk replacing him in the kissing sketch with the comely Sarah Silverman. Bob claims he didn't think David found the character's voice. David indignantly points out that Silverman is playing me, and reassures Bob, Men can kiss. Men can get married. They even have a pill nowadays that lets them make love to each other. There's also a sketch in which Bob profiles actor Borden Grote, who takes method acting to absurd extremes. Grote studied crowds before appearing as an extra in a crowd scene. He attended medical school before doing a 15-second cameo as a doctor in Mel Brooks' flop, Badman Whatever. As Bob catches up with Grote, he's had his frontal lobe removed in preparation for playing the lead in a

    Release Date - 17-11-1995

  • Episode 4 : Who Let You In?

    On the fourth episode of Mr. Show, Bob Odenkirk and David Cross add another fatal disease (in addition to the recurring Entitilitus) to their repertoire -- Imminent Death Syndrome. The show opens with Bob and David distractedly introducing the show while watching TV. When Bob notices that the audience is watching the same thing, he decides they'll just put the image up on the big screen for everyone. They're all watching a live transmission of the LAPD chasing -- not O.J. Simpson's white Bronco -- but the Pope-mobile. The newscasters explain that a local bishop was found brutally excommunicated, and, because they found a Pope-like staff and conical hat at the bloody scene, the Pope is a prime suspect. The anchors later report that polls show 85 percent of the public believes the Pope didn't do it, even if he did. In another sketch, a young man named Larry goes for his first guitar lesson. Nils, the teacher, responds to his tuneless strumming by proclaiming him a guitar god. It tu

    Release Date - 24-11-1995

  • Episode 1 : Now, Who Wants Ice Cream?

    Mr. Show is now a sovereign nation, Mountain Dougie, Peterson Family Newscast, Thrilling Miracles, Mountain Dougie Part 2, Take Back the Streets with F.F. Woodycooks, The 1st Annual Independent Nations Games

    Release Date - 15-11-1996

  • Episode 2 : A Talking Junkie

    This episode opens with Bob Odenkirk and David Cross introducing the show, as usual, when Bob interrupts to complain about the fake-y British accent that David is using. When the rest of the cast comes out to complain, David drops the accent and admits that he's just trying to have some personality. He gets upset and tells them he only has one friend. They scoff like they know who he means, and Jill Talley tells him, There's no such thing as a talking junkie. David runs out of the studio, and meets his junkie friend, whose voice is badly dubbed and sounds startlingly similar to the voice of the dog on the old children's show Davey and Goliath. There's also a sketch about a Mom and Pop porn shop, where Mr. and Mrs. Appleway treat their patrons like family. In another sketch, Bob and David play an R&B group, Three Times One Minus One, who appear on WPCBCN -- the White People Co-Opting Black Culture Network -- where they complain about being hassled by the cops for jaywalking. The

    Release Date - 22-11-1996

  • Episode 3 : The Biggest Failure in Broadway History

    David shows up late, but the two reunite over beating up a hippie. Bob, Brett Paesal, and John host No Adults Allowed. Promos awards feature the New Ku Klux Klan, and the North American Man Boy Love Association. A spoof of Drunk Cops, and David plays a guy who adopts pets. Jack Black guest stars in Jeepers Creepers: Semi-Star The Musical.

    Release Date - 29-11-1996

  • Episode 4 : If You're Going to Write a Comedy Scene, You're Going to Have Some Rat Feces in There

    The show takes questions from it's shareholders, and John does a news story on child labor script writers. Bob plays Van Hammersly, host of a series of How-to Billiards tapes. John and Jill are convinced their son is gay, only to have the scene cut short by Greg Sniper, principal stockholder of Mr. Show. Promos for San Fransisco: The Theme Park.

    Release Date - 06-12-1996

  • Episode 5 : Operation Hell on Earth

    Bob & David introduce their daughter, yes their daughter, Superstar, who flashes forward as an adult played by Jill to talk about her deprived childhood. David plays a man deadset on returning America to it's purebread white roots. The Recruiters stars Bob & David as people who recruit younger stars. Superstar (Adult) hosts the blame-a-thon which features a man who does nothing but fart. Superstar commands the cast to dance.

    Release Date - 13-12-1996

  • Episode 6 : The Velveteen Touch of a Dandy Fop

    David plays a blind man who discusses how the handicapped help out the non-handicapped. Tom plays a man troubled by 4 voices- Old Lady, Gay Guy, Biker, and Japaneese Man. Droopy decides his last donut, Bob plays Dickie Crickets: Megaphone Crooner, and they try to decide who gave Coupon: The Movie the greenlight. They then put the entire country on trial and the American Public are sentenced to one viewing.

    Release Date - 20-12-1996

  • Episode 1 : Heaven's Chimney

    The Bob and David attempt to go up Heaven's Chimney. Spoof TV Bloopers using religious beliefs. David and Karen Kilgarif ask Bob and Brett Paesal to watch them have sex. A violent roller coaster destroys hundreds of people. Tom introducers the world's oldest educational film. Tom & Jill host a TV show on the Hail Satan Network.

    Release Date - 12-09-1997

  • Episode 2 : Peanut Butter, Eggs, and Dice

    David makes a brave choice. The boys make a trip to The ratings man who doubles as Santa. We meet the Tatiana, the weather hermaphrodite, and see a promo for cock ring warehouse. When Bob gets married, Paul, John, David, and Jay respond by beating him up. Terry Twilstein gives Ronnie Dobbs a chance to make a soundtrack album for the TV Show Fuzz along with Ronnie's wife and John and Ken Daly as two cops. At the Cyrus Dewey Awards, David plays Bob Lamonta, who made a movie about himself in which his parents, played by Bob and Jill, are retarded.

    Release Date - 19-09-1997

  • Episode 3 : Oh, You Men

    Bob and David tape their Lost Episode. Jill plays Candy Addams, who promotes entertainers like Wally P. Doyle, a ventriloquist played by Tom, who is killed in the East Coast-West Coast ventriloquist war. Bob reunites with a man whom he tried to kill for stealing newspapers. Bob thinks he's a pregnant teen, and David thinks he's a 7 ft. tall psychiatrist on The Delongpre Dannon Show. David, Jay, Brian and Paul interview Bob for a job using a lie detector. Bob & Dave play Sam and Criminy Craft who play the lost episode of their 1960s childrens' program Druggachusets. The cast says goodbye to the lost episode.

    Release Date - 03-10-1997

  • Episode 4 : Flat Top Tony and the Purple Canoes

    The Mid-Morning Show;Bob and David and the Womyn's Solidarity Collective;Smoosh on the Moon;Young People and their Companions; Wee-Time Toddler Care; Nostradamus and his ever present pal;Indomitable Spirit;Apocalypse Drill.

    Release Date - 10-10-1997

  • Episode 5 : Please Don't Kill Me

    The Mr. Show Swear Jar;Landlords; The Fad 3; Pugazi's Hunger Strike; Mayostard and Mustardayonaise; The Dr. X Annual Save the Earth Telethon; Mayomustardayonaise.

    Release Date - 24-10-1997

  • Episode 6 : Goin' On a Holiday

    Our Families Are Here Tonight, The Coming Age War, The Hanged Man, 'Ol Fisherman Sticky Pads; Lie Detector; Seventies Movie Channel:Streakers and Streak-Dome 97, The New Mr. Show.

    Release Date - 31-10-1997

  • Episode 7 : Bush is a Pussy

    Kedzie Matthews replaces Bob for the night, Kedzie is a hit, The Value of Human Worth, The Ex-Siamese Twins, The Bad News Breakers, 24 is the Highest Number, Philouza, Mediocrity, Kedzie on Dr. Katz's Couch.

    Release Date - 07-11-1997

  • Episode 8 : It's a No Brainer

    Puny Devil Knee High Socks;Protesters;On The Spot News;Lineup Room/VTV Link;Culture Hunt;Frankly Anne;;Jack Webber;Dream Of A Lifetime;Kiddie Massage Cream;Christians and Satanists Unite;Lets Get Sloppy; Fishing.

    Release Date - 14-11-1997

  • Episode 9 : A White Man Set Them Free

    Mr. Show Viewer Hate Mail; Mr. Show Cracker Barrel, The Misunderstood Letters of Sharwood Lish, Marriage-Con and Boat Show '97; The Last Indian; Dying Asshole in Vietnam, Senator Tankerbell on Late Night with the Senate Sub-Comittee, All-Star Tribute to the Last Indian; Les Balloons Sportif.

    Release Date - 28-11-1997

  • Episode 10 : The Return of the Curse of the Creature's Ghost

    Guidance Counselor Moe Phelps, Gus Kryzinski:Night Janitor/Entertainer, Local World News, B***job, Tittanica, The Pre-Taped Call-in Show, The Return of the Curse of the Creature's Ghost, The Chip on the Shoulder Club, A Trip Up My Mother's Ass, A Tribute to Mr. Phelps, We Are a Collection of Screaming Jackasses.

    Release Date - 05-12-1997

  • Episode 1 : Life Is Precious and God and the Bible

    David's High Pharmacy, Welcome to Law School, Hitlers, The Todd Linderfloman Show Goes Out to Sea, Scams & Flams, Talkin' Bout The Weather Report.

    Release Date - 26-10-1998

  • Episode 2 : Show Me Your Weenis!

    Swingin' Show, The Mr. Show Boys Clubs, Get Your Own News, Fucked Up Kidnapper, Underground Tapes, Wycked Sceptre Party Tape, Menocu Buttplugs, House of the Future, and Racist in the Year 3000.

    Release Date - 02-11-1998

  • Episode 3 : Rudy Will Await Your Foundation

    The Mr. Show Bloopers, Superstar Machine, Phone Sex, Audition, Dad and You, The Pre-Natal Pageant, and the Burgandy Loaf 6-Star Resturant.

    Release Date - 09-11-1998

  • Episode 4 : The Story of Everest

    Lethal Injeksion Production, Sweetie Pie Jonus-New Executive Producer, Larry Cleest:Rapist, Pallies, The Story of Everest, The Movie: The Story of Everest.

    Release Date - 16-11-1998

  • Episode 5 : It's Perfectly Understandishable

    Rehersal Tape, In the Cage, Trainers to the Stars, Blind Love, Emergency Psychic Hotline, 18 Dalai Lama, Camp Monk Academy, and an In the Cage reprieve.

    Release Date - 23-11-1998

  • Episode 6 : It's Insane, This Guy's Taint

    Tribute, Fat Intervention, Interventionist Intervention, Car Wash Change Thief Action Squad, The Men's Club of Allah, Kalunda, Taint Magazine.

    Release Date - 30-11-1998

  • Episode 7 : Eat Rotten Fruit From a Shitty Tree

    The Mr.Show Watercooler, Smarty Pants, International News Report: The President has Farted, God's biography My Life in the Fastlane, Probings

    Release Date - 07-12-1998

  • Episode 8 : Like Chickens...Delicious Chickens

    David waits for his reparations from the Swiss Government, Edmund Premmington addresses the Gentleman's Hunt Club, Plane Crash, The Civil War:The Re-enactments.

    Release Date - 14-12-1998

  • Episode 9 : Sad Songs are Nature's Onions

    David decides to run away, The Reason Behind the Content Warnings, Inside The Actor with Cyrus, Land of the Lost Parody, The Teardrop Awards.

    Release Date - 21-12-1998

  • Episode 10 : Patriotism, Pepper, and Professionalism

    Globo-Chem Corporate Retreat, Honesty in Motion, Fenderman Documentary, The Week Apart, Marilyn Monster Fun-Ployees Training Video,

    Release Date - 28-12-1998

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