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Pirate Islands

  • Show
  • Action, Adventure, Fantasy
  • English
  • Seasons : 1
  • Release Date : 08-03-2003

A rip-roaring fantasy adventure, Pirate Islands sees 15-year old Kate and her younger brother and sister trapped inside a computer game set on an island controlled by swashbuckling pirates. They soon discover that the only way home is to finish the game-by beating the pirates and the castaway children to the hidden pirate treasure.

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    Pirate Islands: What Should You Know?

    • ?What is the release date of Pirate Islands?
    • aThis TV show was first released on 08-03-2003.
    • ?How many seasons does the Pirate Islands TV show consists of?
    • aThis TV show is aired over 1 seasons.
    • ?How many episodes does the Pirate Islands TV show consists of?
    • aAll 1 seasons include 26 episodes.

    Pirate Islands

    • Episode 1 : The Game

      Kate, Nicholas and Sarah are zapped into Pirate Islands, the ultimate adventure computer game where Kate has to pit her electronic wizardry against the Pirate's swashbuckling skills.

      Release Date - 08-03-2003

    • Episode 2 : Sanctuary

      Chased by the cruel Captain Blackheart, Kate must find a safe haven for her family to survive.

      Release Date - 15-03-2003

    • Episode 3 : Close Call

      Kate is in trouble when her attempts to steal the scanner off the Pirate Ship go horribly wrong.

      Release Date - 22-03-2003

    • Episode 4 : Blackmail

      After stealing Blackheart's treasure map, Kate must devise a plan to save Nicholas from walking the plank.

      Release Date - 29-03-2003

    • Episode 5 : The Great Escape

      Kate and Nicholas are trapped on the shiponly Mars can save them now.

      Release Date - 05-04-2003

    • Episode 6 : Haunted Island

      Kate must break her own rule when Mars is injured by Blackheart.

      Release Date - 12-04-2003

    • Episode 7 : Talking Plants

      Kate and Mars join forces to outwit Carmen, who has betrayed them.

      Release Date - 19-04-2003

    • Episode 8 : Perry the Kid

      Kate discovers the ghastly secret behind Captain Quade's death on Haunted Island.

      Release Date - 26-04-2003

    • Episode 9 : The Second Power-Up

      Nicholas discovers a jet-pack that enables him to fly. Perry decides to join the Pirates after Carmen expels him from the tribe.

      Release Date - 03-05-2003

    • Episode 10 : Nightmare

      Carmen is ordered to use her medical skills to cure Blackheart's nightmares.

      Release Date - 10-05-2003

    • Episode 11 : Plantspeak

      Blackheart sets a trap, determined to eliminate Kate from Pirate Islands.

      Release Date - 17-05-2003

    • Episode 12 : Ghost Attack

      Kate must get help from Captain Quade after Blackheart calls her bluff.

      Release Date - 31-05-2003

    • Episode 13 : The Showdown

      Kate struggles to farewell Mars before she leaves the island.

      Release Date - 07-06-2003

    • Episode 14 : The Riddle

      Kate is forced into a deal with the blood thirsty Cutthroat Jack.

      Release Date - 12-06-2003

    • Episode 15 : Kate Finds a Sword

      Kate is determined to get the best sword on the island, even if it belongs to Blackheart.

      Release Date - 13-06-2003

    • Episode 16 : Training

      Carmen leads a movement to vote Mars out of leadership, after he spends too much time with Kate.

      Release Date - 16-06-2003

    • Episode 17 : Mars Restored

      Carmen and the tribe search for Kate's hideout, whilst the tribe decide who they really want as their leader.

      Release Date - 17-06-2003

    • Episode 18 : The White Room

      Kate and Nicholas must escape into an unprogrammed area of the game, whilst Mars is convinced Kate has betrayed him.

      Release Date - 18-06-2003

    • Episode 19 : Kate vs Mars

      Mars and Kate declare a temporary truce when Blackheart confronts them with Carmen.

      Release Date - 19-06-2003

    • Episode 20 : Sarah Kidnapped

      Blackheart captures Sarah and devises a cunning plan to find Kate's hideout.

      Release Date - 20-06-2003

    • Episode 21 : The Storm

      Blackheart faces mutiny and sends Pirate Islands into digital chaos.

      Release Date - 23-06-2003

    • Episode 22 : Behind the waterfall

      Kate and Mars must resolve their differences in a network of perilous tunnels.

      Release Date - 24-06-2003

    • Episode 23 : Carmen's Betrayal

      Kate and Mars grow closer, whilst Carmen joins forces with Blackheart.

      Release Date - 25-06-2003

    • Episode 24 : Defeating Quade

      Kate discovers the way to Secret Island.

      Release Date - 26-06-2003

    • Episode 25 : Secret Island

      There is a desperate race to the Golden Idol when Carmen betrays Kate again.

      Release Date - 27-06-2003

    • Episode 26 : Going Home

      Kate draws on all her gaming instinct in her last chance to leave the island and defeat Blackheart forever.

      Release Date - 30-06-2003

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    Pirate Islands - Cast

    Eliza Taylor

    Sarah Redding

    Oliver Ackland


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  • Pirate Islands Full Details

    S. No.Show NamePirate Islands
    2Release Date08-03-2003
    4Number of Seasons1
    5Total Episodes26