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  • Action, Adventure, Crime, Drama
  • English
  • Seasons : 1
  • Release Date : 03-10-2013

The Covert Investigations Unit (CIU) risks going undercover to infiltrate and bring down criminal organizations. In this new style of short-term, high-intensity undercover work, each covert play is crafted quickly and executed at an even faster pace. Placed into various worlds of crime without a safety net, the cops are in constant danger, as they repeatedly go off the grid. Wearing wires, coaxing confessions, and setting up stings, the cops of the CIU must think quickly, talk smoothly, and rely on pure instinct. They slip in and out of charact...

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  • ?What is the release date of Played?
  • aThis TV show was first released on 03-10-2013.
  • ?How many seasons does the Played TV show consists of?
  • aThis TV show is aired over 1 seasons.
  • ?How many episodes does the Played TV show consists of?
  • aAll 1 seasons include 13 episodes.


  • Episode 1 : Drugs

    The Covert Investigations Unit takes on its first case: a murderous drug kingpin.

    Release Date - 03-10-2013

  • Episode 2 : Girls

    To bring down an underage prostitution ring, Maria must confront her traumatic past.

    Release Date - 10-10-2013

  • Episode 3 : Money

    Masked bank robbers have upped the stakes from stealing money to killing guards so Daniel goes undercover and gets entangled with the leader's girlfriend.

    Release Date - 17-10-2013

  • Episode 4 : Lawyers

    The unexplained disappearance of a litigator sends the team into a toxic law firm.

    Release Date - 24-10-2013

  • Episode 5 : Guns

    Deadly assault rifles are flooding the streets and Jesse infiltrates his old neighbourhood gang to locate the source of the weapons.

    Release Date - 31-10-2013

  • Episode 6 : Fights

    To bust racketeers running a vicious fight club and the dirty cop protecting them, Jesse gets into the ring and Moreland plays a guy looking to hire a contract killer.

    Release Date - 07-11-2013

  • Episode 7 : Cars

    Maria must trust a young thief to help bring down an auto-theft ring specializing in brutality and luxury cars.

    Release Date - 14-11-2013

  • Episode 8 : Poison

    Hip, young men who spend their nights at an illegal after-hours club start turning up dead. Khali and Jesse go clubbing, looking for a murderer.

    Release Date - 21-11-2013

  • Episode 9 : Cops

    The C.I.U. is handed a bitter assignment investigate police corruption in Daniels old Guns and Gangs unit.

    Release Date - 28-11-2013

  • Episode 10 : Secrets

    In the pursuit of justice, Rebecca steps way over the line.

    Release Date - 05-12-2013

  • Episode 11 : Untouchables

    The C.I.U. investigation of a murder at an Eastern European consulate reveals a sordid trafficking network operating with diplomatic immunity.

    Release Date - 12-12-2013

  • Episode 12 : Hitmen

    A notorious biker gang is killing innocent people. Moreland goes undercover as a hitman to bring the gang down.

    Release Date - 19-12-2013

  • Episode 13 : Revenge

    An old play that put a vicious criminal away years ago returns to haunt Moreland. Now out on parole, the convicted armed robber is bent on revenge.

    Release Date - 19-12-2013

Played - Cast

Lisa Marcos

Detective Constable Maria Cortez

Vincent Walsh

Detective John Moreland

Adam Butcher

Officer Jesse Calvert

Dwain Murphy

Detective Constable Daniel Price

Agam Darshi

Officer Khali Bhatt

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