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The Cyanide & Happiness Show

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  • Comedy, Animation
  • English
  • Seasons : 4
  • Release Date : 12-11-2014

Following the success of its webcomic and occasional animated shorts, Cyanide & Happiness has debuted its animated show. After a very successful Kickstarter campaign, the creators of the popular comic (Kris Wilson, Rob DenBleyker, Matt Melvin, Dave McElfatrick) have released a much longer show thats essentially a collection of animated sketches with some recurring themes throughout.

Unfortunately the show is not available to stream online on your favorite apps like Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, Hulu or HBO Max.

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    The Cyanide & Happiness Show: What Should You Know?

    • ?What is the release date of The Cyanide & Happiness Show?
    • aThis TV show was first released on 12-11-2014.
    • ?How many seasons does the The Cyanide & Happiness Show TV show consists of?
    • aThis TV show is aired over 4 seasons.
    • ?How many episodes does the The Cyanide & Happiness Show TV show consists of?
    • aAll 4 seasons include 41 episodes.

    The Cyanide & Happiness Show

    • Episode 1 : A Day At The Beach

      Release Date - 12-11-2014

    • Episode 2 : Why I Hate Summer Camp

      Release Date - 19-11-2014

    • Episode 3 : Grandpa's War Stories

      Release Date - 26-11-2014

    • Episode 4 : The Meaning of Love

      Release Date - 03-12-2014

    • Episode 5 : Dirty Dealings

      Release Date - 10-12-2014

    • Episode 6 : San Diego Breakfast

      Release Date - 17-12-2014

    • Episode 7 : The Elusive Mr Wimbley

      Release Date - 24-12-2014

    • Episode 8 : The Depressing Episode

      Release Date - 31-12-2014

    • Episode 9 : Tub Boys

      Release Date - 07-01-2015

    • Episode 10 : Episode Schmepisode

      You're a hero!

      Release Date - 14-01-2015

    • Episode 11 : The Christmas Episode

      Happy holidays!

      Release Date - 20-01-2015

    • Episode 1 : Too Many Trains

      Tommy endangers his entire class when he cannot solve a simple math problem. The Old Codger tells the tale of the Railroad Man while on an airplane flight, and news anchor Chip Chapley reports with the daily news while the apocalypse draws near.

      Release Date - 09-12-2015

    • Episode 2 : Episode Too

      Truck driver Monster Chuck decides to give wrestling a try. Carl applies to Humperdink University to keep his family tradition alive by becoming a porn star. Marcy ends up on a blind date with a horse, and the Constrictor contemplates his life choices as his career takes him down a dark path.

      Release Date - 07-01-2016

    • Episode 3 : Too Tall a Tale

      A cop on a bicycle chases down Douchey McGee. A ninja clan tries to steal an ancient dagger, but is intercepted by Hunk Fu. A janitor tells the tale of Coach Murphy who helped push a junior league baseball team all the way to nationals with his motivational letters.

      Release Date - 14-01-2016

    • Episode 4 : Too Much Time

      Portal Potties, Time Tourists, and Tolerance.

      Release Date - 26-01-2016

    • Episode 5 : World War Too

      Two former friends are pitted against each other amidst the throes of war; Hitler sets out to make a daring escape.

      Release Date - 28-01-2016

    • Episode 6 : Too Deep Too Furious

      Release Date - 04-02-2016

    • Episode 7 : Too Many Hats

      Hat Buddies and America's patriotic heroes, Star Stangled Bastard and Eagle.

      Release Date - 11-02-2016

    • Episode 8 : Too Many Cops

      Release Date - 18-02-2016

    • Episode 9 : Too Many Superheroes

      Release Date - 25-02-2016

    • Episode 10 : Too Much History

      Release Date - 04-03-2016

    • Episode 1 : Now That's What I Call Pain

      Ultrasoldier is back and he's more ultra than ever. Bullets fly and tears cry as we learn his tragic ultra-origins. The newest gadget on the market has taken the world by storm - a pain-storm, that is.

      Release Date - 01-02-2017

    • Episode 2 : Now That's What I Call a Good Space Time

      A mysterious number in a truck stop bathroom leads a scientist and a billionaire to the ends of the universe and back. Two online video pranksters explore the outer limits of embarrassment.

      Release Date - 01-02-2017

    • Episode 3 : Now That's What I Call a Story.

      Cory just wants to play video games. Cory's dad just wants him to clean the damn attic. Cory is mad lad. Dad is a tad sad. Lunk is rad, The Goblin Army is armor clad and fantastic adventures are ready to be had until things go bad.

      Release Date - 01-02-2017

    • Episode 4 : Now That's What I Call Spooky

      Turnbuckle terror taunts a troubled twosome as translucent, trophy-seeking toughs tussle off the top rope in a tournament of tortured-soul tenacity. Also, there's a haunted house.

      Release Date - 01-02-2017

    • Episode 5 : Now That's When I Call These Guys

      Release Date - 01-02-2017

    • Episode 6 : Now That's What I Call The News

      Tonight's Top Story: Chip Chapley cheerfully chugs along at NVM News, while an alienated Abbie Babble attempts to address PainTech's plotting ploys to profiteer from people's pain.

      Release Date - 01-02-2017

    • Episode 7 : Now That's What I Call A Musical

      The Lord gets on board with a smorgasbord of chords, but Satan is waiting to hasten his fall from grace and complicating God's plan for concentrating on creating by baiting him into dating and mating.

      Release Date - 01-02-2017

    • Episode 8 : Now That's What I Call Depressing

      This story is very, very sad. Please do not watch it.

      Release Date - 01-02-2017

    • Episode 9 : Now That's When I Call Those Guys

      You plan a break in, you do a break out, you go and join your buddies in the super hero house. An unhappy Abby Babble starts to scream and shout. Find out what it's all about.

      Release Date - 01-02-2017

    • Episode 10 : Now That's That

      A lonely milf is double-teamed by a naughty professor and a bad boy who's into pain. Hot asses, gaping holes and piles of sweaty bodies go wild, leading up to this season's explosive money shot.

      Release Date - 01-02-2017

    • Episode 1 : Yo-Ho-Ho and a Nautical Bum

      Release Date - 18-09-2019

    • Episode 2 : Strongbird

      Release Date - 25-09-2019

    • Episode 3 : Chip Chapley Unscripted

      Release Date - 02-10-2019

    • Episode 4 : The Man-Marryin' Candidate

      Release Date - 09-10-2019

    • Episode 5 : The Animator's Curse

      Release Date - 16-10-2019

    • Episode 6 : Lunk's Awakening

      Release Date - 23-10-2019

    • Episode 7 : The Nine Ryans

      Release Date - 30-10-2019

    • Episode 8 : The Good, the Butt and the Tumbling

      Release Date - 06-11-2019

    • Episode 9 : Mega Prom

      Release Date - 13-11-2019

    • Episode 10 : High, Robot

      Release Date - 20-11-2019

    The Cyanide & Happiness Show - Cast

    Rob DenBleyker

    Guard 2 / Craig Flaggerty / Doctor (Voice)

    The Cyanide & Happiness Show - Image Gallery

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  • The Cyanide & Happiness Show Full Details

    S. No.Show NameThe Cyanide & Happiness Show
    2Release Date12-11-2014
    4Number of Seasons4
    5Total Episodes41