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Untold Stories Of The Er

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  • Action, Adventure, Drama
  • English
  • Seasons : 9
  • Release Date : 12-04-2004

Doctors recount the most memorable cases theyve ever encountered. Unusual, touching, humorous or life-changing no story is too big or too small when it comes to the ER.

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    Untold Stories of the ER: What Should You Know?

    • ?What is the release date of Untold Stories of the ER?
    • aThis TV show was first released on 12-04-2004.
    • ?How many seasons does the Untold Stories of the ER TV show consists of?
    • aThis TV show is aired over 9 seasons.
    • ?How many episodes does the Untold Stories of the ER TV show consists of?
    • aAll 9 seasons include 114 episodes.

    Untold Stories of the ER

    • Episode 1 : My Job Is Mayhem

      In order to get a snakebite victim the correct anti-venom, a doctor has to find the type of snake that he has been bitten by.

      Release Date - 26-04-2004

    • Episode 2 : The Big Save

      The doctors treat patients with various problems. Two patients have internal bleeding, one passes out after drinking cold water, and a man who cut off his own hand with a meat cleaver because he was tired of the problems it was giving him.

      Release Date - 03-05-2004

    • Episode 3 : We Have a Heartbeat

      An artist has to have his hand reattached after accidentally cutting it off while working on a new project.

      Release Date - 21-06-2004

    • Episode 9 : How Can This Happen

      None Available

      Release Date - 30-05-2005

    • Episode 10 : Call the Code

      Victims of a plane crash bring reporters when they come to the small E.R. Meanwhile, a doctor faces a difficult decision about a teen patient.

      Release Date - 06-06-2005

    • Episode 11 : What a Day


      Release Date - 13-06-2005

    • Episode 13 : We Need Further Tests

      Cops arrive at the E.R. with a suspected criminal. Meanwhile, the doctors try their best to save a boy with severe head injuries.

      Release Date - 27-06-2005

    • Episode 15 : Surgery Won't Help

      None Available

      Release Date - 11-07-2005

    • Episode 1 : No Time to Think

      Whe a man's religion keeps him from getting the proper treatment for a snake bite, the doctors try to find some way to help him.

      Release Date - 04-04-2005

    • Episode 2 : Red Blanket

      Comprised of three stories:Mother and Fetus ShotFrozen from FijiTraveling Bullet

      Release Date - 11-04-2005

    • Episode 3 : Season 2, Episode 3

      None Available

      Release Date - 07-11-2005

    • Episode 4 : Season 2, Episode 4

      None Available

      Release Date - 14-11-2005

    • Episode 5 : Season 2, Episode 5

      None Available

      Release Date - 21-11-2005

    • Episode 8 : I Need Some Help Here

      None Available

      Release Date - 23-05-2005

    • Episode 11 : Schizo And Ninja Sword


      Release Date - 28-01-2005

    • Episode 16 : Jaws of Life

      A group of teenage girls are rushed to the E.R. after their car crashes into a chain link fence sending a pole flying through several passengers.

      Release Date - 14-06-2006

    • Episode 17 : Code Green In the E.R.

      Doctors must perform an extremely dangerous operation to save a young man that has been stabbed repeatedly in the chest. Meanwhile, a pet iguana is brought to the hospital for treatment after it was involved in a car accident.

      Release Date - 21-06-2006

    • Episode 1 : Jaws of Life

      The doctors face one of their toughest cases ever when a patient that has been attacked by a mountain lion comes to the E.R. with the most severe injuries that the doctors have ever encountered. Meanwhile, one woman complains of being dizzy but ends up actually being high. Also, a young girl is stuck by thousands of needles after roling down the side of a cliff.

      Release Date - 10-10-2005

    • Episode 2 : A Day at the Beach

      A man is shot through the heart while his store is being robbed.

      Release Date - 17-10-2005

    • Episode 3 : Hidden Danger

      A 15-year-old boy suffers a severe head injury that he got while playing baseball. Meanwhile, a doctor tries to help a patient claiming to have bugs crawling inside of her scalp.

      Release Date - 13-07-2006

    • Episode 4 : A Life in Their Hands

      When an 11-year-old comes down with a severe ailment that has a track record of killing almost all of its victims, the doctors are forced to try an untested treatment.

      Release Date - 31-10-2005

    • Episode 5 : Code Green in the E.R.

      After a tornado strikes Oklahoma, a woman comes to the E.R. with a fence picket impaled through her head.

      Release Date - 07-11-2005

    • Episode 6 : Exorcism in the E.R.

      The E.R. doctors have to reattach a 7-year-old boy's arm after he is involved in a truck accident. Meanwhile, a teenage boy comes to the hospital unable to move his ankles and feet. Also, a man has a serious skin rash that is stumping the doctors and collapsing his lungs.

      Release Date - 28-11-2005

    • Episode 7 : The Golden Hour

      A young boy is rushed to the emergency room immediately after a football game.

      Release Date - 05-12-2005

    • Episode 8 : Toilet Paper Eating Patient

      A skier runs into bad luck after hitting a tree at 50 miles per hour when his blood will not clot and the power goes out at the emergency room.

      Release Date - 12-12-2005

    • Episode 9 : Long Live the King

      Doctors have to not only worry about a patient's severed arm, but also the amount of damage that his liver and splein have suffered.

      Release Date - 19-12-2005

    • Episode 10 : Coma Woman Surprise

      A boy that has been crushed under a heavy stack of drywall is brought in with a possibilty of multiple organ failure.

      Release Date - 09-01-2006

    • Episode 11 : Under Seige

      A very unexpected gunman takes hostages and guns down the ER.

      Release Date - 01-11-2006

    • Episode 12 : Hooked Alive

      A trauma surgeon attempts removing a four pound hook from a construction worker's skull without putting his life in any more danger.

      Release Date - 08-11-2006

    • Episode 13 : An ER Miracle

      A young boy is brought in that has been ejected from a car during an accident and he doesn't look good at all.

      Release Date - 30-01-2006

    • Episode 14 : A Real Pain in the Neck

      Doctors must fight to save an injured police officer's legs. While this happens, a royal prinncess has a hangover and a boy gets a blood clot and could die.

      Release Date - 06-02-2006

    • Episode 15 : From ER to Rushing River

      A snakebite specialist finds it difficult to treat his own son. Also, a young boy who broke his leg was drugged up with weed and a golfer got a golf club through his head.

      Release Date - 27-02-2006

    • Episode 1 : Mountain Lion Attack

      A mountain lion attacks a young woman.

      Release Date - 28-06-2006

    • Episode 2 : Shot Through the Heart

      A jewelry shop owner undergoes open-heart surgery after being shot during a robbery.

      Release Date - 05-07-2006

    • Episode 3 : Hidden Dangers

      Dr. Keller thinks a boy struck by a baseball bat has a concussion, but a CT scan reveals massive brain bleeding, and he suffers kidney failure.

      Release Date - 12-07-2006

    • Episode 4 : Deadly Diagnosis

      An 11-year-old girl has streptococcal pneumonia, which has a high fatality rate.

      Release Date - 19-07-2006

    • Episode 5 : Code Black

      A tornado slams a fence picket into a woman's head.

      Release Date - 26-07-2006

    • Episode 6 : Life and Limb

      A 7-year-old boy undergoes surgery to reattach his left arm after it was severed in a truck accident.

      Release Date - 02-08-2006

    • Episode 7 : Liver Die

      A teenager rushes to the ER after a football game.

      Release Date - 27-09-2006

    • Episode 8 : Elements of Danger

      A skier hits a tree at 50 mph.

      Release Date - 04-10-2006

    • Episode 9 : Deadly Impact

      An automobile accident critically injures a driver.

      Release Date - 11-10-2006

    • Episode 10 : Crushed

      A stack of drywall collapses on a young boy.

      Release Date - 18-10-2006

    • Episode 11 : Under Siege

      A crazed gunman storms a large metropolitan hospital and opens fire in the ER.

      Release Date - 01-11-2006

    • Episode 12 : Family Tragedy

      A car accident ejects a young boy from a vehicle.

      Release Date - 08-11-2006

    • Episode 13 : Officer Down

      A team of doctors tries to save a patrol officer's life.

      Release Date - 15-11-2006

    • Episode 14 : Too Close to Home

      A rattlesnake bites the 2-year-old son of a snakebite expert.

      Release Date - 29-11-2006

    • Episode 15 : Director Down

      A ruptured brain-aneurysm threatens the life of the ER's medical director.

      Release Date - 13-12-2006

    • Episode 16 : A Shot in the Dark

      A surgical resident puts her training to the test when a mugging survivor arrives with two bullet wounds.

      Release Date - 20-12-2006

    • Episode 17 : Baby Blues

      A seemingly healthy baby suddenly develops an oxygen deficiency.

      Release Date - 27-12-2006

    • Episode 1 : Life and Limb Too

      A woman's leg pain turns out to be flesh-eating virus; a veteran swallows razor blades on a dare; a bride-to-be collapses at the alter.

      Release Date - 10-11-2010

    • Episode 2 : Ice Cold Mom

      A man screams incessantly for no reason; a mother is alert but ice cold; a young boy seems to have overdosed on drugs but denies it.

      Release Date - 17-11-2010

    • Episode 3 : Grandma's Back

      A college student collapses in the ER; a man is caught between his wife and mistress; a grandmother wakes up after being pronounced dead.

      Release Date - 24-11-2010

    • Episode 4 : Short Circuited Heart

      A nurse collapses in the ER; a father thinks there are maggots in his daughters hands; a patient says her liver is cursed.

      Release Date - 01-12-2010

    • Episode 5 : Minutes to Live

      A woman is bleeding internally; doctors must convince a surgeon to take a case; a woman with a knife in her chest.

      Release Date - 08-12-2010

    • Episode 6 : Man with Two Faces

      A woman has a heart attack in the ER after being dragged from a house fire; a patient believes he has someone else's face; an untrained medical student must deliver a baby.

      Release Date - 15-12-2010

    • Episode 7 : Death Breath

      An ER nurse discovers her delirious husband's breath smells like mothballs; a young mother goes into convulsions; identical doctors in the ER.

      Release Date - 22-12-2010

    • Episode 8 : Heart in Hand

      A doctor takes a nurse's heart in his hands in an effort to save her life; the ER goes nuts during a Greek festival.

      Release Date - 22-12-2010

    • Episode 1 : Pipe in Head

      Two inch pipe in a man's head; a bride's prolonged bleeding; two prisoners from rival gangs.

      Release Date - 07-01-2012

    • Episode 2 : Campstove Stuffing

      A woman with undiagnosed rectal bleeding; body part stuck in a camp stove; a rare massive stroke.

      Release Date - 14-01-2012

    • Episode 3 : Radioactive Rocks

      A dialysis patient bleeds; a naked man falls into a cactus; radioactive rocks in the ER.

      Release Date - 21-01-2012

    • Episode 4 : Stabbed in the Heart

      A victim's heart has a hole; a woman possessed by demons; an unusual predicament.

      Release Date - 28-01-2012

    • Episode 5 : Halloween in the ER

      A mysterious white dog; an unconscious motorcyclist; a young boy's broken leg.

      Release Date - 04-02-2012

    • Episode 6 : Rottweiler in the ER

      A Rottweiler gets loose in the ER; a deadly heart failure; a mysterious rash.

      Release Date - 11-02-2012

    • Episode 7 : Girlfriend, Wife, Stroke!

      A stroke patient's wife and two girlfriends fight over him; soldiers who lost limbs in an IED explosion; a child's play bite.

      Release Date - 18-02-2012

    • Episode 8 : Never Say Die

      An older patient with prolonged CPR; a stabbing victim on the street; a doctor's dream job becomes a nightmare.

      Release Date - 25-02-2012

    • Episode 1 : Frat Boy Blues

      A fraternity plagued with blue urine; a pregnant woman may lose her baby; a man's trip abroad nearly costs him his life.

      Release Date - 20-10-2012

    • Episode 2 : I Can't Remember

      A patient forgets the past 20 years; reviving a cardiac arrest victim; an asthma patient runs away.

      Release Date - 27-10-2012

    • Episode 3 : Bridesmade Meltdown

      A bridesmaid drinks herself into coma; a man's eyeballs pop out; a premature infant is abandoned.

      Release Date - 03-11-2012

    • Episode 4 : Delusional Bride

      A woman gives birth in her car; a bride feels possessed; a comatose heart attack patient.

      Release Date - 10-11-2012

    • Episode 5 : Deadly Sore Throat

      A wheezing woman; a grown man acts like a child; a whole family becomes deathly ill at a birthday party.

      Release Date - 17-11-2012

    • Episode 6 : Crowbar in Head

      A man impaled through the skull with a crowbar; a woman's cough; a bride is in pain.

      Release Date - 24-11-2012

    • Episode 7 : Holiday ER

      A man dressed as Santa is near death; a man swallows something strange at a party; a woman dressed as an elf passes out; a blue leg.

      Release Date - 01-12-2012

    • Episode 8 : My Head's Exploding

      A patient with a severe headache is seizing; a naked woman behaving badly; a wrestler vomits for days.

      Release Date - 08-12-2012

    • Episode 9 : Diagnose Me!

      A teen suffers from an ectopic pregnancy; a young mother goes in and out of flat-line; a healthy patient refuses to leave the ER.

      Release Date - 15-12-2012

    • Episode 1 : Cows & Stilettos

      A man crashes his car into a cow ending up covered in manure; a stiletto heel jammed into a woman's cheek; a patient dying of a broken heart.

      Release Date - 06-10-2013

    • Episode 2 : Escaping Diagnosis

      A disoriented woman in a bunny costume; a severed thumb; a man paralyzed from the waist down.

      Release Date - 13-10-2013

    • Episode 3 : Cowboy Chaos

      A deranged cowboy; a metal rod impaled into a woman's head; two teenage girls short of breath.

      Release Date - 20-10-2013

    • Episode 4 : Belly Dancer Mystery

      A belly dancer collapses while working; mending an elderly patient; a six year old girl has seizures.

      Release Date - 27-10-2013

    • Episode 5 : When It Rains

      A storms halts a life-saving surgery; two ladies end up breathless; a bewildered man brought to the ER.

      Release Date - 03-11-2013

    • Episode 6 : Chocolate Pudding

      An extreme love of chocolate pudding; a patient may be allergic to his girlfriend.

      Release Date - 10-11-2013

    • Episode 7 : Rattled

      A snake bite victim; a C-section surgery; a masturbating patient.

      Release Date - 17-11-2013

    • Episode 8 : Stuck in a Toilet

      A woman gets stuck in a toilet bowl; a man's leg is mangled by a stump grinder; a nurse collapses.

      Release Date - 24-11-2013

    • Episode 9 : Headaches & Zombies

      A violent patient that can't be sedated; an unexplained headache; a fencepost through a man's torso.

      Release Date - 01-12-2013

    • Episode 10 : Twists & Turns

      A convicted murder with paralysis; a father stabbed in the heart; a college cheerleader in cardiac arrest.

      Release Date - 08-12-2013

    • Episode 11 : Dumpster Smash

      A man smashed by a dumpster; an elderly nun and a drunken prostitute in the ER: a deadly rare virus.

      Release Date - 15-12-2013

    • Episode 12 : Deep Trouble

      A physician diagnoses his own illness; an ER doctor is threatened.

      Release Date - 22-12-2013

    • Episode 13 : Creepy Crawlies

      A woman bitten in the face by a dog; an ER doctors overcomes his fears; cardiac arrest.

      Release Date - 29-12-2013

    • Episode 14 : Frozen!

      A young man is frozen; a man gets deathly ill; a heart attack patient.

      Release Date - 05-01-2014

    • Episode 15 : Hit By a Train

      A mountain biker has multiple injuries; a man's legs are severed; a drunken bachelor.

      Release Date - 12-01-2014

    • Episode 1 : Turtle Trouble

      A snapping turtle bites a man's neck; a tree trimmer is impaled by a chainsaw.

      Release Date - 12-07-2014

    • Episode 2 : Skewered Skydivers

      Two skydivers are impaled by the same fence post; a bride-to-be gets her finger stuck in a makeup jar.

      Release Date - 18-07-2014

    • Episode 3 : Dr. Epi

      A boy is crushed by an ATV; a partygoer become paralyzed.

      Release Date - 25-07-2014

    • Episode 4 : I Hate Doctors

      A physician's son becomes her patient; a woman visits the ER after picking wild mushrooms.

      Release Date - 01-08-2014

    • Episode 5 : Shredded!

      A patient claims he was shot in the head; a doctor tries to save a brain-dead woman.

      Release Date - 08-08-2014

    • Episode 6 : Why Am I Blue?

      A man with blue skin is treated by doctors; a teenage girl experiences mysterious abdominal pains.

      Release Date - 15-08-2014

    • Episode 7 : Drama Mama

      A college student stops breathing; a teen experiences stomach pains.

      Release Date - 22-08-2014

    • Episode 8 : Clueless!

      A man thinks he's constipated, but realizes he has a life-threatening condition.

      Release Date - 29-08-2014

    • Episode 9 : Extra Dose: Turtle Trouble

      A snapping turtle bites a man's neck; a tree trimmer is impaled by a chainsaw.

      Release Date - 05-09-2014

    • Episode 10 : Dr. Bikini

      A man injured by a boat propeller; a deadly chain of events; the ER comes to a standstill.

      Release Date - 21-11-2014

    • Episode 11 : Don't Push It!

      Two gunshot victims; a jogger goes into a coma; the ER staff becomes detectives.

      Release Date - 28-11-2014

    • Episode 12 : Plastered!

      A college student's face covered in a plaster mask; a stroke patient's heart keeps stopping and restarting without intervention.

      Release Date - 05-12-2014

    • Episode 13 : Punched!

      A patient's violent outbursts; a man's heart fails; a patient with severe burns prays for a miracle.

      Release Date - 12-12-2014

    • Episode 14 : Over-Juiced

      A minor injury turns deadly; a health fanatic in a comatose state; multiple critical patients.

      Release Date - 26-12-2014

    • Episode 15 : Cop-Shocker

      A patient gets drunk to save his life; a patient is stiff after a fall; a patient tasered by the police; a boy impaled by a bottle rocket in the neck.

      Release Date - 02-01-2015

    • Episode 16 : Out of Control

      A golfer's life-saving surgery; three nearly naked adults in the ER; a patient accidentally shot by his brother.

      Release Date - 09-01-2015

    • Episode 17 : Drunk & Drunker

      Bizarre fishing injuries; deadly abdominal pains; teenage victims of a car crash.

      Release Date - 15-01-2015

    • Episode 18 : Twist & Shout

      A newlywed's hand gets stuck in a kitchen appliance; a student with an injury down under; a heavy drinker has complications.

      Release Date - 16-01-2015

    • Episode 25 : Extra Dose: Cop-Shocker

      An ER doctor gets his patient drunk to save his life; doctors are concerned when a patient is stiff after a fall; another is tasered by police; a boy is impaled in the neck by a bottle rocket.

      Release Date - 06-03-2015

    • Episode 26 : Extra Dose: Out of Control

      A golfer needs life-saving surgery; three near-naked adults wreak havoc in the ER; a marathon runner pushes his limits way too far; a patient accidentally shot by his brother.

      Release Date - 02-02-2015

    • Episode 27 : Extra Dose: Drunk & Drunker

      Two patients arrive at the ER with bizarre fishing injuries; a martial arts instructor suffers abdominal pains; teenage victims of a car crash fill a small ER.

      Release Date - 09-02-2015

    • Episode 28 : Celebration Stoppers

      Celebrations morph into medical mania after their special occasions land them in the ER.

      Release Date - 22-05-2015

    • Episode 29 : Didn't See It Coming

      Doctors join their impaled patients for a few rounds of How Did That Get There.

      Release Date - 22-05-2015

    • Episode 30 : Party Fails

      A night on the town quickly turns into a fiasco in the ER.

      Release Date - 22-05-2015

    • Episode 31 : Worst Day Ever

      A first hand look at individuals who didn't expect to become human shish kabobs.

      Release Date - 22-05-2015

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