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Young Sheldon

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  • Seasons : 3
  • Release Date : 25-09-2017

Young Sheldon is an American spin-off sitcom series to The Big Bang Theory created by Chuck Lorre and Steven Molaro. The exemplary star cast includes Iain Armitage, Zoe Perry, Lance Barber, Annie Potts, Montana Jordan, and Raegan Revord. The 9-year-old Sheldon Cooper has dodged four grades to begin secondary school alongside his elder brother with a low IQ. It happens in the last part of the 1980s and mid-1990s where Sheldon attempts to find a way to work out with his surroundings while his loved ones endeavor to manage his abilities just as hi...

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Young Sheldon: What Should You Know?

  • ?What is the release date of Young Sheldon?
  • aThis TV show was first released on 25-09-2017.
  • ?How many seasons does the Young Sheldon TV show consists of?
  • aThis TV show is aired over 3 seasons.
  • ?How many episodes does the Young Sheldon TV show consists of?
  • aAll 3 seasons include 65 episodes.

Young Sheldon

  • Episode 1 : Pilot

    9-year-old Sheldon Cooper is a once-in-a-generation mind capable of advanced mathematics and science but learns that isnt always helpful growing up in East Texas, a land where church and football are king.

    Release Date - 25-09-2017

  • Episode 2 : Rockets, Communists, and the Dewey Decimal System

    To appease his worried mother, Sheldon employs the techniques of a self-help book to try and make a friend.

    Release Date - 02-11-2017

  • Episode 3 : Poker, Faith, and Eggs

    When George Sr. is rushed to the emergency room, Meemaw comes to babysit, and the kids have an adventure getting to the hospital on their own.

    Release Date - 09-11-2017

  • Episode 4 : A Therapist, a Comic Book, and a Breakfast Sausage

    After choking on a breakfast sausage, Sheldon wrestles with his fear of solid foods and discovers comic books for the first time.

    Release Date - 16-11-2017

  • Episode 5 : A Solar Calculator, a Game Ball, and a Cheerleader's Bosom

    Sheldon struggles with newfound popularity after utilizing statistics to help the football team.

    Release Date - 23-11-2017

  • Episode 6 : A Patch, a Modem, and a Zantac®

    When a NASA representative visits Sheldons school and dismisses his science, Sheldon is set on a mission to prove him wrong

    Release Date - 30-11-2017

  • Episode 7 : A Brisket, Voodoo, and Cannonball Run

    The kids brainstorm ways to resolve a family feud when Meemaw refuses to give George Sr. her brisket recipe.

    Release Date - 07-12-2017

  • Episode 8 : Cape Canaveral, Schrodinger's Cat and Cyndi Lauper's Hair

    While Mary, Memaw and Missy have their girls night at the salon, the three Cooper men plan their road trip to see the space launcher, but it doesn't go as well as they plan.

    Release Date - 14-12-2017

  • Episode 9 : Spock, Kirk, and Testicular Hernia

    George Sr. strikes a deal with Sheldon to tutor Georgie when poor grades threaten to keep him from playing football

    Release Date - 21-12-2017

  • Episode 10 : An Eagle Feather, A String Bean, And An Eskimo

    When Sheldon moves to Dallas to attend a school for gifted children, the family struggles to cope with his absence.

    Release Date - 04-01-2018

  • Episode 11 : Demons, Sunday School, and Prime Numbers

    A worried Mary sends Sheldon to Sunday school after she finds him playing Dungeons and Dragons with his friends, Tam and Billy.

    Release Date - 11-01-2018

  • Episode 12 : A Computer, a Plastic Pony, and a Case of Beer

    Sheldon asks for a computer and unknowingly sparks a heated argument between Mary and George Sr. over the familys finances.

    Release Date - 18-01-2018

  • Episode 13 : A Sneeze, Detention, and Sissy Spacek

    When flu season hits Medford, Sheldon takes extreme measures to remain healthy.

    Release Date - 01-02-2018

  • Episode 14 : Potato Salad, a Broomstick, and Dad's Whiskey

    When Mary takes a job as church secretary, she finds herself becoming Pastor Jeff's marriage counselor. Also, Sheldon and Missy spend their first afternoon home alone.

    Release Date - 01-03-2018

  • Episode 15 : Dolomite, Apple Slices, and a Mystery Woman

    Sheldon makes friends with an upperclassman who introduces him to a new field of science. Also, Mary and George disagree on how to handle Sheldon's blossoming social life.

    Release Date - 08-03-2018

  • Episode 16 : Killer Asteroids, Oklahoma, and a Frizzy Hair Machine

    A disappointing loss at the science fair sends Sheldons life in a new direction.

    Release Date - 29-03-2018

  • Episode 17 : Jiu-Jitsu, Bubble Wrap, and Yoo-hoo

    Sheldon is bullied by an unlikely character, and Mary and George disagree on how to handle the situation.

    Release Date - 05-04-2018

  • Episode 18 : A Mother, A Child, and a Blue Man's Backside

    Mary bans Sheldon from reading a mature comic book. Sheldon decides it's time to stop living under Mary's thumb.

    Release Date - 12-04-2018

  • Episode 19 : Gluons, Guacamole, and the Color Purple

    When Sheldon is no longer academically challenged at Medford High, he audits a college class taught by Dr. John Sturgis.

    Release Date - 19-04-2018

  • Episode 20 : A Dog, a Squirrel, and a Fish Named Fish

    A battle erupts between the Coopers and Sparks when the Sparks' new dog terrorizes Sheldon.

    Release Date - 26-04-2018

  • Episode 21 : Summer Sausage, a Pocket Poncho, and Tony Danza

    While Sheldon is busy keeping tabs on Meemaws budding relationship with Dr. Sturgis, George Sr. and Mary attempt to bond with their other children.

    Release Date - 03-05-2018

  • Episode 22 : Vanilla Ice Cream, Gentleman Callers, and A Dinette Set

    When Meemaw is pursued by two gentlemen callers, Sheldon interferes, forcing her to set some ground rules.

    Release Date - 10-05-2018

  • Episode 1 : A High-Pitched Buzz and Training Wheels

    After Sheldon dismantles the refrigerator to stop an annoying hum, he gets a paper route to pay for the repairs.

    Release Date - 24-09-2018

  • Episode 2 : A Rival Prodigy and Sir Isaac Neutron

    When Dr. Sturgis bonds with Paige, another 10-year-old genius, Sheldons jealousy leads Meemaw to intervene. Mary invites Paiges family over for a play date.

    Release Date - 27-09-2018

  • Episode 3 : A Crisis of Faith and Octopus Aliens

    When Marys faith is shaken by a tragedy in the community, Sheldon becomes an unlikely ally.

    Release Date - 04-10-2018

  • Episode 4 : A Financial Secret and Fish Sauce

    When George Sr. asks Sheldon to keep a secret from Mary, the stress of not being honest drives Sheldon to hideout at Tams for his first sleepover.

    Release Date - 11-10-2018

  • Episode 5 : A Research Study and Czechoslovakian Wedding Pastries

    When Dr. Sturgis recommends Sheldon and Missy for a university research study on twins, Mary is unhappy when the test results go to Sheldon's head.

    Release Date - 18-10-2018

  • Episode 6 : Seven Deadly Sins and a Small Carl Sagan

    Mary clashes with Sheldon's drama teacher over plans for a Halloween fundraiser for the church. Georgie falls for a rebellious teenage girl whom Sheldon is tutoring.

    Release Date - 25-10-2018

  • Episode 7 : Carbon Dating and a Stuffed Raccoon

    Sheldon gets into trouble with fellow child genius, Paige at the science museum. George Sr. is forced to play therapist to Paiges bickering parents. Mary, Georgie and Missy help Meemaw with a garage sale.

    Release Date - 01-11-2018

  • Episode 8 : An 8-Bit Princess and a Flat Tire Genius

    A video game takes over Sheldon and Meemaws life. George Sr. is jealous when Georgie bonds with Herschel at the auto shop.

    Release Date - 08-11-2018

  • Episode 9 : Family Dynamics and a Red Fiero

    Sheldon studies his family for a psychology project. Thanksgiving dinner turns into a family fight when George Sr. is offered a job in Oklahoma.

    Release Date - 15-11-2018

  • Episode 10 : A Stunted Childhood and a Can of Fancy Mixed Nuts

    When Sheldon learns that people with stunted childhoods can turn into social outcasts, he tries to act. Meemaw and Dr. Sturgis' relationship is tested when she teaches him how to drive.

    Release Date - 06-12-2018

  • Episode 11 : A Race of Superhumans and a Letter to Alf

    Sheldon experiments on Missy, and Georgie joins Marys bible study to spend more time with his crush, Veronica.

    Release Date - 03-01-2019

  • Episode 12 : A Tummy Ache and a Whale of a Metaphor

    When Sheldon has to spend a few days in the hospital, he turns into the worlds worst patient. Also, Missy gets a taste of what life would be like without her twin.

    Release Date - 10-01-2019

  • Episode 13 : A Nuclear Reactor and a Boy Called Lovely

    Sheldon attempts to build a nuclear reactor. Also, a university cocktail party gets heated when Dr. Sturgis colleague, Dr. Linkletter, flirts with Meemaw, and Georgie is heartbroken when he learns Veronica has a boyfriend.

    Release Date - 17-01-2019

  • Episode 14 : David, Goliath and a Yoo-hoo from the Back

    Sheldon uses his new friendship with the school bully to boss Georgie around. Also, Missy steals Meemaws makeup for picture day.

    Release Date - 31-01-2019

  • Episode 15 : A Math Emergency and Perky Palms

    Sheldon and Dr. Sturgis have their first fight when Dr. Sturgis marks a question wrong on Sheldon's test. Also, Mary takes over for Pastor Jeff when he's out sick.

    Release Date - 07-02-2019

  • Episode 16 : A Loaf of Bread and a Grand Old Flag

    Things spiral out of control when Sheldon boycotts his favorite bread company. Also, Georgie offers Veronica a shoulder to cry on when she's dumped by her boyfriend.

    Release Date - 21-02-2019

  • Episode 17 : Albert Einstein and the Story of Another Mary

    Inspired by his hero, Albert Einstein, Sheldon tries his hand at the violin. Also, Mary and Meemaw secretly buy a pregnancy test when Mary thinks she's pregnant

    Release Date - 07-03-2019

  • Episode 18 : A Perfect Score and a Bunsen Burner Marshmallow

    Sheldon moves in with Dr. Sturgis for the weekend to see what his life will be like in college. Also, a lonely Mary tries to bond with the other Coopers during Sheldon's absence.

    Release Date - 04-04-2019

  • Episode 19 : A Political Campaign and a Candy Land Cheater

    Unhappy that school funds are going towards football rather than academics, Sheldon decides to run for class president.

    Release Date - 25-04-2019

  • Episode 20 : A Proposal and a Popsicle Stick Cross

    Georgie is thrilled when Veronica stays at the Coopers' house for a few days. Also, Meemaw and Dr. Sturgis celebrate their one-year anniversary.

    Release Date - 02-05-2019

  • Episode 21 : A Broken Heart and a Crock Monster

    The Coopers help Pastor Jeff through a rough patch in his marriage. Also, Sheldon pressures church members for donations when Mary takes him to work for a day.

    Release Date - 09-05-2019

  • Episode 22 : A Swedish Science Thing and the Equation for Toast

    Sheldon invites the entire school to a party for the Nobel Prize announcements. Also, Meemaw learns more about Dr. Sturgis' past, and Georgie's desire for cable TV leads to a standoff between him and George Sr.

    Release Date - 16-05-2019

  • Episode 1 : Quirky Eggheads and Texas Snow Globes

    After Dr. Sturgis experiences a nervous breakdown, Mary worries Sheldon is headed down a similar path. Also, Georgie discovers he has a knack for sales.

    Release Date - 26-09-2019

  • Episode 2 : A Broom Closet and Satan's Monopoly Board

    Without Dr. Sturgis university class, Sheldon must find a new way to stay academically challenged. Also, Mary helps Pastor Jeff avoid temptation with his girlfriend.

    Release Date - 03-10-2019

  • Episode 3 : An Entrepreneurialist and a Swat on the Bottom

    Sheldon takes matters into his own hands when Meemaw refuses to drive him to a lecture with Dr. Linkletter. Also, Georgie tries to impress Veronica with his new business venture

    Release Date - 10-10-2019

  • Episode 4 : Hobbitses, Physicses and a Ball with Zip

    Sheldon is forced to take a break from science when his new obsession with The Lord of the Rings leads to an unhealthy habit. Also, Missy asks George Sr. to teach her how to play catch.

    Release Date - 17-10-2019

  • Episode 5 : A Pineapple and the Bosom of Male Friendship

    After being released from the mental hospital, Dr. Sturgis unexpectedly breaks up with Meemaw.

    Release Date - 24-10-2019

  • Episode 6 : A Parasol and a Hell of an Arm

    A church carnival leads Missy to try out for the baseball team. Also, Meemaw struggles after her breakup with Dr. Sturgis.

    Release Date - 07-11-2019

  • Episode 7 : Pongo Pygmaeus and a Culture that Encourages Spitting

    Sheldon starts an internet flame war, and Missy stands up to the boys on her baseball team. Also, Meemaw is unhappy when George Sr. spends time with her new boyfriend.

    Release Date - 14-11-2019

  • Episode 8 : The Sin of Greed and a Chimichanga from Chi-chi's

    The University makes George Sr. a lucrative job offer in the hopes of recruiting Sheldon. Also, Georgie gets a job working for Meemaw's new boyfriend, and Mary is determined to rid her home of greed.

    Release Date - 21-11-2019

  • Episode 9 : A Party Invitation, Football Grapes And An Earth Chicken

    Mary gets Pastor Jeff involved when Sheldon isn't invited to Billy's birthday party. Also, George Sr. has male-bonding time with Dr. Sturgis.

    Release Date - 05-12-2019

  • Episode 10 : Teenager Soup And A Little Ball Of Fib

    Sheldon fakes being sick to avoid a swim test at school. Also, Dr. Sturgis spies on Meemaw's new boyfriend.

    Release Date - 12-12-2019

  • Episode 11 : A Live Chicken, a Fried Chicken and Holy Matrimony

    George Sr. and Meemaw struggle to manage the Cooper household while Mary plans Pastor Jeffs wedding.

    Release Date - 09-01-2020

  • Episode 12 : Body Glitter and a Mall Safety Kit

    Release Date - 16-01-2020

  • Episode 13 : Contracts, Rules and a Little Bit of Pig Brains

    George Sr. and Georgie go camping with Meemaw's new boyfriend, Dale, but things get complicated when her ex-boyfriend, Dr. Sturgis, tags along. Also, Sheldon and Missy invent a super-game.

    Release Date - 30-01-2020

  • Episode 14 : A Slump, a Cross and Roadside Gravel

    Sheldon and Georgie mine for platinum in roadside gravel. Mary is concerned when Missy misuses religion to help with a batting slump.

    Release Date - 06-02-2020

  • Episode 15 : A Boyfriend's Ex-Wife and a Good Luck Head Rub

    Meemaw meets Dales ex-wife, June. Sheldon is forced to work on a group project with reluctant college students.

    Release Date - 13-02-2020

  • Episode 16 : Pasadena

    Sheldon visits CalTech for the very first time. Also, Georgie is furious when Mary listens in on a phone call with his girlfriend, and Meemaw tries to cheer up a jealous Missy.

    Release Date - 20-02-2020

  • Episode 17 : An Academic Crime and a More Romantic Taco Bell

    Release Date - 05-03-2020

  • Episode 18 : A Couple Bruised Ribs and a Cereal Box Ghost Detector

    When George Sr. accidentally lands the school librarian in the hospital, the Cooper family must nurse her back to health. Meemaw gives Georgie relationship advice.

    Release Date - 12-03-2020

  • Episode 19 : A House for Sale and Serious Woman Stuff

    When Sheldon learns the house next door is for sale, he takes it upon himself to find the perfect neighbors. Missy is torn when shes forced to pitch against her boyfriend at the baseball game.

    Release Date - 02-04-2020

  • Episode 20 : A Baby Tooth and the Egyptian God of Knowledge

    Sheldon has a scientific breakthrough at the dentist's office. Also, Dale (Craig T. Nelson) and Meemaw go to the casino, and Georgie makes a big mistake when Dale leaves him in charge of the store

    Release Date - 16-04-2020

  • Episode 21 : A Secret Letter and a Lowly Disc of Processed Meat

    Sheldon discovers that Mary's been keeping a secret about his future. Also, Meemaw is furious when she learns Dale fired Georgie.

    Release Date - 30-04-2020

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